Phoebe Hoban

  1. art
    What Does It Mean for Basquiat to Be Back in the East Village?Not that he’d recognize the place if he were still alive.
  2. gallery
    Burying Secrets in Green-Wood Cemetery With Sophie Calle and Creative TimeA visit to her new Brooklyn art project.
  3. gallery
    A Multicultural Vision of Disco-Era FashionNobody could draw divas like Antonio Lopez.
  4. profile
    Artist Tracey Emin Explains Why She Married a Rock“I am passionate and I really love the stone, and the fact that there isn’t a speck of mutual love in my life doesn’t mean that I have to stop loving.”
  5. profile
    The 101-Year-Old Artist Finally Getting Her DueRejected in the ‘50s for her gender, she debuted at a major gallery this week.
  6. Douglas Gordon’s Not-So-Jolly Holiday WindowsBehind the Christmas candelabra at Gagosian.
  7. books
    If You Really Want to Know About J.D. Salinger, Read J.D. SalingerFrom his preference for young women to hints of unpublished writing, Salinger left attentive readers plenty of breadcrumbs.
  8. The Great Leap ForwardArtist Laurie Simmons finds her perfect subject.
  9. The Other J.D. SalingerJ. D. Salinger fans in need of a fix don’t have to wait to see what surfaces from his New Hampshire hideaway. These six libraries all hold uniqu […]
  10. Zen, Lawsuits, and PoetryWhy is Leonard Cohen so downright content these days?
  11. The Shock of the FamiliarFred Wilson has an uncommon touch with common things. His art—and the discomfort it provokes—is in the context. Could be why the
  12. The Artful DealerLarry Gagosian sits at the pinnacle of the art world, with his architect-designed galleries and an A-list roster of artists and clients. But his […]
  13. The Mod SquadBanished to the sidelines during the art world’s post-eighties hangover, painting is finally back in the picture. But the new generation of New […]
  14. feature
    The Story Behind American Psycho’s CancellationSimon & Schuster decided that Bret Easton Ellis’s slice-and-dice novel was too loathsome to print. Knopf thought otherwise.