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    Desiree Akhavan on Finding Slapstick Comedy in The Bisexual’s Awkward Sex Scenes“I don’t think there’s a big difference between the sex that you have as a straight woman and the sex you have with a gay woman.”
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    I Think About This a Lot: The Tracy Morgan Nigerian Prince Movie That Almost WasFreshman Roommates promised that if we paid for a ticket, it would repay us with Tracy Morgan as a Nigerian prince. In the end, it scammed us all.
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    The Carmichael Show Season-Finale Recap: Making Sitcoms Great AgainCarmichael wraps up a strong season by mixing the political with the personal.
  4. ‘Chelsea,’ Netflix’s Foray Into Late Night, Is Disappointingly Familiar “I’m finally getting to do the exact kind of show that I’ve always wanted to do,” Chelsea Handler says early in the first episode of her new […]
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: Dad’s MoneyMaxine has a complicated relationship with her father.
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: Gender Is OverMaxine isn’t just a cute, nice girl.
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: Talking Depression“The Blues” balances the serious with the funny, all while breaking down mental-health stigmas.
  8. ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Is Back in All of Its Fun, Flawed Glory It’s easy to love Kimmy Schmidt, but it’s sometimes hard to love Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. The comedy’s second season premiered early this […]
  9. ‘The Detour’ Is a Surprising, Fun, and Filthy Take on the Family Sitcom Recently in the sitcom world, there has been an influx of successful family comedies. It’s not that the family comedy ever really went out of […]
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: Out of PrisonThis week’s debate: When it is okay to cut ties with an old friend?
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: IslamophobiaJoe Carmichael is a walking “Old Man Yells at Cloud” gag.
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    Girls Recap: A Blast From Marnie’s Past“Everyone is an asshole when they’re 22 years old.”
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: EvictedThis episode has some trouble discussing gentrification, but it’s still entertaining.
  14. How Celebrating Female Friendship Helped TV Land’s ‘Younger’ Find Its […]Younger is a show with an improbable premise that has somehow become improbably good. When the series first premiered, I was less than […]
  15. Samantha Bee Has Quickly Made ‘Full Frontal’ a Vital Part of Late Night Perhaps the only thing that is more crowded than the GOP this election season is the late night crowd. From Stephen Colbert to Jimmy Fallon, […]
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    Girls Recap: Spring QueeningWhile Jessa and Adam quietly get serious, Hannah heads off to a feminist retreat with her mom.
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: Grandpa CarmichaelHow do we deal with the abusers in our own life? What do we do after they die?
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    Girls Recap: I Need SpaceMarnie 2.0 is kind, patient, and comforting. It’s weird.
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    The Carmichael Show Recap: The Cosby EpisodeJerrod Carmichael tackles one of the most controversial, horrifying, and complicated issues in popular culture.
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    The Carmichael Show Premiere Recap: Welcome Back, Jerrod!NBC has a sitcom gem on its hands.
  21. Netflix’s ‘The Characters’ Is All Over the Map, Just as Intended The beauty of Netflix is that there is something for everyone, even within the streaming site’s original series. Political thrillers, […]
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    Girls Recap: Goofy NudesShosh has a brand-new life in Japan.
  23. With ‘Those Who Can’t’ and ‘Teachers’, Two New Classroom Sitcoms Fall Short The classroom is a sitcom setting that is never utilized as well as it could be. There are countless tween and teen shows that use classrooms […]
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    Girls Recap: Destroying Each OtherIt’s hard not to keep thinking about the end of Girls.
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    Love and the History of TV’s Attractiveness GapThe “ugly guy” getting the “hot woman.”
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    Girls Recap: One Wedding, No FuneralsHannah and Co. return for Marnie’s big day.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: We All Have Our Blind SpotsThis episode felt too reliant on typical sitcom situations and broad stereotypes.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: All Hail Jessica HuangConstance Wu’s performance continues to be the highlight of the series.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Beastie Boys BondingFor such a funny sitcom, there is some real heaviness to this plot.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Sticking It to the ManWe learn more about Louis and Jessica, both as individuals and as a couple.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Mo’ Money, Same Problems“Fajita Man” puts a ‘90s relic at the center of the episode, but doesn’t fall back on cloying references; instead, it uses it as something tangential, a set piece in a much bigger story.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Let’s Talk About SexAnother strong episode in this already-strong season of classic sitcom fodder.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Rap vs. GrungeThe Huangs’ struggles to belong in their community are transferred to a smaller stage: their own family.
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    Fresh Off the Boat Recap: Shimmy Shimmy YaEddie and Jessica face similar challenges when it comes to adapting to their new peers.