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    Celebrating Over a Century of Era-Defining RestaurantsNew York’s anniversary issue spotlights the restaurants and people defining the most vibrant dining scene in America.
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    The Right of Anybody to Change Their SexChu argues that trans advocates have been afraid to talk about the relevance of biological sex, ceding ground to the anti-trans movement
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    Abdou, a 24-year-old from Senegal, waiting outside St. Brigid to renew his stay at a city shelter. Photograph by Philip-Daniel Ducasse for New York Magazine.
    On the Cover: New York Highlights the Experience of the City’s MigrantsThe photo portfolio, by Philip-Daniel Ducasse, and interviews, by Jay Bulger and Paula Aceves, spotlight migrants waiting for shelter at St. Brigid.
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    The Cut’s ‘Spring Fashion Issue’ with Julianne MooreJazmine Hughes profiles Julianne Moore for the Cut, Reeves Wiedeman interviews Ackman, the new face of an anxious billionaire class
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    Vulture and the Cut Returned to Sundance Film FestivalKristen Stewart, Lucy Liu, Glen Powell, Will Ferrell, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sebastian Stan, Normani, Richard Linklater, and more visited the Vulture Spot
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    On the Cover of New York: A Practical Guide to PolyamoryAn in-depth guide to the increasingly mainstream world of ethical non-monogamy
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    Gabriel Debenedetti Reports From Inside the Biden CampaignSince the summer, Debenedetti has been trying to answer the question “What, exactly, is the plan to get the president reelected?”
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    On the Cover: The Ripple Effect of the Israel-Hamas War in New York CityDocumenting grief, mourning, and conflicts within institutions, workplaces, friend groups, and families.
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    Vulture Wraps its 10th Annual Vulture Festival in Los AngelesSharon Stone, Henry Winkler, Billy Porter, Patrick Stewart, MUNA, Meg Stalter, Chelsea Peretti, Cord Jefferson, and more joined the star-studded event
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    The History of Erewhon, the Strategist’s Gift GuideKerry Howley writes on the evolution of cult-y grocer Erewhon, and Amy Sedaris serves as the Strategist’s first-ever holiday-gifting columnist
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    On the Cover: New York Magazine’s Power IssueWe ruled out everyone famous; nearly everyone whose title is CEO, or who was elected to office; everyone who suggested themselves.
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    Vulture Announces Initial Lineup for 10th Annual Vulture FestivalHenry Winkler, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Cord Jefferson, Amber Tamblyn, TJ Mack Live, and more, join initial lineup for 10th Annual Vulture Festival
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    On the Cover: Olivia Nuzzi on the Republican Campaign TrailThirteen weeks on the campaign trail with the Republicans hopelessly trying to wrest the nomination from Donald Trump.
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    On the Cover: New York’s ‘Fall Fashion’ Issue Flip CoverAllison P. Davis on how babies are a friendship killer, and Casey Gerald profiles Erykah Badu as she emerges for her biggest tour in decades.
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    For New York’s Fall Preview Issue: The Brains Behind the New Comedy, BottomsElsewhere in the issue, Frank Rich on the late Stephen Sondheim’s final work.
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    On the Cover of New York: How Trauma Became America’s Favorite DiagnosisPsychiatrist Bessel van der Kolk turned a controversial theory into a dominant way we make sense of our lives.
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    On the Cover: The Panic and Pivot of Manhattan’s Office MegalandlordsAndrew Rice on the crisis of historically high post-pandemic office vacancy rates.
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    How a Conspiracy-Spewing Literal Kennedy Posed as A Populist OutsiderRebecca Traister on the unmistakably Trumpian phenomenon in Kennedy’s emerging campaign
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    New York Magazine Announces Sara Holdren’s Return As Theater CriticExpands its commitment to outstanding theater coverage as she joins Jackson McHenry.
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    New York Magazine’s Cover Story Goes Inside the AI FactoryA collaboration with The Verge explores the “never-ending arms race between humans and machines.”
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    Save the Date: Vulture Festival Returns to Los Angeles November 11-12Save the Date
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    On the Cover: Drew Barrymore for New York Magazine’s Annual TV IssueElsewhere in the issue, an examination of Hollywood’s deeply broken streaming model, Taylor Sheridan’s Yellowstone, and more.
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    On the Cover of New York Magazine: The Republican ClassroomOn the Cover of New York Magazine: Jonathan Chait on Republican efforts to grab control of public education.
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    New York’s ‘Yesteryear’ Issue Examines a Century of the New York ‘It’ GirlOn New York’s 55th anniversary, debating and defining what it means to be a New York “It” girl through the ages
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    On the Cover: Stormy Daniels Profiled by Olivia NuzziOn the Cover: Stormy Daniels Profiled by Olivia Nuzzi. Daniels was photographed for the cover by her husband, R. Barrett
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    Let’s Have a Real Conversation About Barbara Walters17 of the most accomplished women in broadcast dish (respectfully!) about Barbara Walters
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    Bullet Train, Top Gun: Maverick, Nope among winnersBullet Train, Top Gun: Maverick, Nope among winners; Albert Pyun receives lifetime achievement award
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    Life After FoodA diabetes miracle drug has become an off-label appetite suppressant, changing the definition of being thin and what it takes to get there.
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    Vulture Announces Its Stunt Awards, an Annual Celebration of Stunts in HollywoodVulture Announces Its First-Ever Stunt Awards, an Annual Celebration of Stunts in Hollywood
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    GloRilla Graces the Cover of the Cut; New York’s Modern Etiquette GuideLaunching a celebration of 50 years of women in hip-hop; sharing rigid (but not entirely inflexible) rules on how to behave.
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    Extremely Overanalyzing Hollywood’s Nepo-Baby Boom“Everywhere you looked, there was another child of a famous person booking a role.”
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    New York Magazine’s 18th Annual ‘Reasons to Love New York’ issueNew York Magazine’s 18th Annual “Reasons to Love New York” issue
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    On the Cover: House of SpearsFor 13 years, Jamie Spears exercised near-total control over the life of his superstar daughter. Why?
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    Sheng Wang, Kyla Pratt, Kumail Nanjiani & More Join Vulture FestivalKali Uchis, Sheng Wang, Kyla Pratt, Cedric The Entertainer & More Join Vulture Festival
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    Jamie Lee Curtis, John Cameron Mitchell & More Join Vulture FestivalJamie Lee Curtis, John Cameron Mitchell, Kumail Nanjiani, Meghann Fahy, Andrea Savage, Dana Delaney & More Join Vulture Festival
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    On the Cover of New York Magazine: The Vulnerability of John FettermanOn the Cover of New York Magazine: The Vulnerability of John Fetterman
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    Vulture Announces Initial 2022 Vulture Festival LineupIn Los Angeles on Nov 12-13, the pop-culture extravaganza will feature actors in conversation, screenings, cast reunions, and unique surprises.
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    On the Cover of New York Magazine: The New Asian AmericaThe cover art, titled “I Am Not the Kung Flu,” by artist Susan Chen, is part of a series of paintings created over Zoom during the pandemic.
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    Dianne Feinstein Is American PoliticsShe has fought for gun control, civil rights, and abortion access for half a century. Where did it all go wrong?
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    This Magazine Can Help You Get an AbortionA state-by-state handbook for anyone in need.
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    Who Becomes a “Murderer” in Post-Roe America?For the latest cover of New York, artist Barbara Kruger reimagines her iconic 1989 silk-screen portrait Untitled (Your body is a battleground).
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    On the Cover of New York Magazine: Who’s Afraid of the Subway?A reflection on both the event and the broader uneasiness some New Yorkers feel about a vital organ of the city that is also in constant crisis.