Rachel Bashein

  1. award hoarders
    EGOT Watch: Who Will Be Next to Complete the Awards-Show Grand Slam?Trent Reznor, H.E.R., and Lin-Manuel Miranda are just one award away.
  2. the urbanist
    An Architect’s Guide to DakarInternational cuisine, contemporary art, and migratory-bird-watching.
  3. the urbanist
    A Fashion Designer’s Guide to LagosMiles of markets, haute couture cuisine, and a booming arts scene.
  4. look book
    The Look Book Goes to a Cher ConcertOn May 2, thousands of fans streamed into Barclays Center for Cher’s “Here We Go Again” tour to see her for the first — or the 30th — time.
  5. marriage: an investigation
    Former Times Correspondent and Editor Sheila Rule Married Her Prison Pen Pal“In some ways it didn’t seem real, because it was something we’d been yearning for and talking about for so long.”
  6. marriage: an investigation
    They Have Been Married for Seven Decades and They’re Still ‘Working on It’“We men think we’re always right, but we’re never always.”
  7. marriage: an investigation
    She Used to Joke Her Wife Was ‘Lesbian by Attrition’Cheryl and SueZie Hawkes met online in 1997 and carried on a transatlantic love affair until 2000.
  8. marriage: an investigation
    10 Pictures of What Marriage Is Really LikeCouples reflect on images that capture the most intimate moments in their relationships.
  9. marriage: an investigation
    They Told Their Three Sons to Stay Out of the Bedroom When the Blue Light Was On“As a kid, I didn’t know what was going on, but when I was about 15, I came home, and the front door is locked.”
  10. marriage: an investigation
    They Had Been Married 6 Months When He Lost His Legs in Iraq“A lot of people say at least he ‘came home,’ but when they’re injured, they don’t get to come home.”
  11. my favorite places
    74 of Our Favorite New Yorkers on Their Favorite Places in New YorkFrom a 24-hour Ukrainian restaurant to biking in the Rockaways.
  12. meme scheme
    Sex Is Cool But Have You Tried These Art Historical Memes?The @drugowl Instagram reminds us that long-dead people depicted in old oil pantings had the same preoccupations as now — love, lies, and insecurity.
  13. transit
    Tales From the Impending L-Train ApocalypseHow locals are preparing for April’s L-train shutdown.
  14. 2018 midterms
    12 Young People on Why They Probably Won’t VoteOnly a third of Americans ages 18 to 29 say they will cast a ballot next month. Here, we ask why.
  15. power
    17 Women Talk About Being Left Behind by #MeTooWe spoke with women from dozens of industries who remain unable to report sexual abuse and harassment.
  16. the birth of a nation
    A Timeline of the Nate Parker Rape ScandalThe Birth of a Nation filmmaker was accused of sexual assault in 1999.
  17. now streaming
    A Guide to Where You Can Watch Gene Wilder Movies on DemandYou won’t find any free streaming options, but many titles are available through VOD.
  18. Celebrities Share Their #fav7films on TwitterAt least two classics made before 1970 are required.
  19. rio olympics
    What’s on the Olympics Schedule Today: Friday, August 12Hour by hour.
  20. review roundup
    What Critics Are Saying About Suicide Squad“This botch job makes Fantastic Four look good” might just be the harshest sentence ever written.
  21. What Critics Are Saying About Harry Potter and the Cursed ChildYou could say it’s positively enchanting.
  22. review roundup
    What Critics Are Saying About Star Trek BeyondGo for the flash-bangs, stay for the heart. 
  23. review roundup
    Critics Are Split on the Ghostbusters Reboot’s Laughs, Story, OriginalityIt’s dogs and cats living together.
  24. playing with wildfire
    Natalie Dormer on Margaery’s FateBlame it on the High Sparrow.
  25. superpowers
    Red from OITNB Was Born With TeethYou knew Red was tough, but not this tough. 
  26. summer movie preview 2016
    Summer Movie Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Blockbusters?Even the sturdiest-seeming tentpoles sometimes topple.
  27. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Dear EleanorA road trip Thelma and Louise would be proud of.
  28. tribeca film festival 2016
    Tom Hanks and John Oliver in Conversation“The world is divided into two very distinctive groups: People who will always be self-conscious and will never be actors, and the people who have defeated their own self-consciousness and can be actors.”
  29. the industry
    Paul Rudd Lands Role of Multilingual Baseball-Playing Top Secret SpyMove over, 007.
  30. Celebrities React on Social Media to the Death of PrinceShonda Rhimes, Justin Timberlake, Carole King, and more pay their respects.
  31. abs buns and hot dudes
    Even Jane Fonda Stumbles in the Presence of a Fellow Hot Person “I fell on my fake hip!”
  32. tribeca film festival 2016
    M. Sheen Starts His Days on Set With BlessingsMakes sense.
  33. mistaken identity
    Mindy Kaling Thinks Conflating Her With Her Character Is Kind of SexistSame name, different people, people!
  34. quotables
    Mindy Kaling Sends People Cupcakes to Apologize for Being ‘Too Assertive’There’s an “entire cottage industry” of apology gifts you can send.
  35. triumphant returns
    Coach Returns to New Girl for Schmidt and Cece’s Big DayDamon Wayans Jr. will return to New Girl for a two-episode arc.
  36. sketchbook
    See Artists Interpret Stella McCartney’s Paris ShowSketches from the Palais Garnier.
  37. fame
    Why Celebrities Are Still Dying to Be on Magazine CoversTop editors on selling celebrity.