Rachel Monroe

  1. toys
    The Navy SEAL–ification of NerfThe lucrative evolution of toy guns that are tricked out for war.
  2. from the archives
    Sexual Assault in the AmazonAs the ayahuasca tourism industry grows, so do accounts of abuse.
  3. true crime
    The Criminal Minds of Jim and TimThe Clemente brothers left the FBI to become Hollywood’s go-to murder consultants. Now they’re rebooting America’s Most Wanted.
  4. cut cover story
    From Pickup Artist to PariahJared Rutledge fancied himself a big man of the “manosphere.” But when his online musings about 46 women were exposed, his whole town turned against him.
  5. How Does a White Supremacist See America Today?Don Black, founder of the white-supremacist group Stormfront, talks about Donald Trump, the Charleston shooting, and the future of his movement. 
  6. books
    After 19 Books and a Presidential Bid, Eileen Myles Gets Her DueA punk poet, suddenly inside the canon.