Rachel Syme

  1. encounter
    Ani DiFranco on Her Memoir, Hadestown, and Reckoning With the 1990sIn her new book No Walls and the Recurring Dream, the folksinger grapples with her own history and the decade in which she was most famous.
  2. profile
    The Feminist Paradox of Cathy GuisewiteShe made a wildly successful comic strip by and for women. But to her critics, she’s just another example of compromised feminism.
  3. Lucy Dacus Is Writing Her Own HistoryHer new album, Historian, is the work of a hopeful person highly attuned to a weary world.
  4. eye candy
    This Show Has the Best Clothes on TV Right NowThank goodness for the wardrobe on Amazon’s latest hit.
  5. Rose Marie on Telling Off Sexual Harassers in the 1950s and Tweeting“I said, ‘You son of a bitch, you couldn’t get it up if the flag went by!’”
  6. this thing’s incredible
    I Nearly Screamed When I Rediscovered This Slightly Cheesy ’80s ScentIt’s called Cinnabar, and it’s seductive and boozy and a little trashy.
  7. high school tv showdown
    Better Show: My So-Called Life or Gossip Girl?It’s the gone-too-soon kids of Liberty High vs. the stayed-too-long students of Constance Billard School for Girls.
  8. overnights
    Girls Recap: A T-Shirt That Says Who You Are to the WorldGirls is growing up.
  9. chat room
    Andrew Rannells on Girls and His Love for Lena Dunham and Nancy Meyers“Nancy [Meyers] to me is the ultimate, and it did not disappoint. It’s like 50 Shades of Cream on that set.”
  10. overnights
    Girls Recap: A Very Culturally Specific StatementEveryone is unraveling.
  11. overnights
    Girls Recap: MFAches and PainsHannah’s adjusting to Iowa exactly how you’d expect her to.
  12. overnights
    Girls Season 4 Premiere Recap: It’s All Fluid“Iowa” is one of the strongest episodes the show has had yet.
  13. books
    10 of the Best ‘Dear Sugar’ Advice Columns by Wild Author Cheryl Strayed“I’ll never know and neither will you of the life you don’t choose.”
  14. radio
    ‘Serial’s Sarah Koenig on Her Hit Podcast“I don’t know that I’ll ever be at peace with what we find or that there will be a definitive verdict.”
  15. remembrances
    Gay Talese on Mad Men and the Sexual Revolution“Wife-swapping, key parties, bed hoppers, communes; that was all happening around that time.”
  16. harvey danger
    Will We Ever Get to See ‘Killshot’? Maybe Not!After five years of delays, Weinstein has pushed back the release date of ‘Killshot.’ Does this movie even exist?
  17. Beirut: The BandHow a 20-year-old blogosphere star is dealing with massive hype, brutal flops, and a suddenly awkward name.
  18. Last-Minute Planners, Students, Workaholics, and the Jitney-Averse THE AGENDA IF YOU ARE A… Take advantage of subway-accessible motorboat rental at Smitty’s Fishing Station on Jamaica Bay, […]
  19. The Norah Jones Nobody KnowsJazz chanteuse secretly punk.