Rebecca Alter

  1. vulture travel
    Start Making Your Reservations for The White Lotus Season 3One ticket to Thailand, please.
  2. sleuthing
    Let’s Look Way Too Hard for Clues in the Season-4 Succession Credits SequenceMaking like truffle pigs and snuffling out deets.
  3. cut my life into pieces
    Yellowjackets’ Warren Kole Is Activating Super Jeff“I had never heard Papa Roach.”
  4. buzz! buzz!
    Citizen Detectives, Get SleuthingYellowjackets is already leaving us with more questions than answers about our favorite not-not-cannibal girls.
  5. the law
    Rick and Morty’s Justin Roiland Cleared of Domestic Violence ChargesThe Rick and Morty creator released a statement calling the charges an attempt to have him “canceled” by “an embittered ex.”
  6. elder millennial bait
    It’s a Mighty Endorphin’ Power Rangers 30th-Anniversary-Reunion TrailerRita Repulsa is back, and she’s like a robot now or something?
  7. yes
    Anne Hathaway Enters Her Hyperpop Era for A24’s Mother MaryShe’ll be starring opposite Michaela Coel in a movie about the relationship between a musician and a fashion designer.
  8. poo crime
    What Crappened by Hillary Rodham Clinton?There were “two human turds in the aisle” near her and Chelsea Clinton at Broadway’s Some Like It Hot.
  9. rodeo rick
    Rick Ross’s Personal Herd of Buffalo Has Overtaken Georgia PoliceIf Rick Ross’s buffalo eat your lawn, say, “Thank you, Rick Ross’s buffaloes!”
  10. psst it’s expensive real estate
    All of Real-Estate Mogul Taylor Swift’s Homes, RankedShe’s been through so many housing eras.
  11. rip
    Lance Reddick, The Wire and John Wick Actor, Dead at 60Reddick was found dead of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles.
  12. keeping up with the fake royals
    The Crown Coronates Its Kate Middleton and Prince WilliamSo prep.
  13. trailer mix
    Stephanie Hsu Is a Soap-Opera Diva in Joy RideAshley Park is (searching for her birth) mother.
  14. scrummy
    Alison Hammond Joins The Great British Bake Off As Co-hostThe popular television personality replaces Matt Lucas.
  15. blabbermouths
    Is Brian Cox Allowed to Be Saying All This?L-to-the-O-G off, Brian.
  16. coming soon
    The Other Two Season Three Premieres May FourthTo put it in words that Carey and Brooke Dubek would Google: “Funny gay show new season when watch?”
  17. everything everywhere is all a24
    Stop Making Sense Is Returning to Theaters As an A24 MovieNot quite the same as it ever was, Jonathan Demme’s 1984 Talking Heads classic is getting a 4K remaster.
  18. transatlanticism
    Keira Knightley and Carrie Coon Were Banned From Doing Boston AccentsThe director of Boston Strangler put his stars on a gag order.
  19. coming soon
    Want a New Comedy Series? Pete Davidson’s Got Bupkis for YaIt’s an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion on Staten Island.
  20. ring ring
    The BlackBerry Trailer Is a Very Funny Geek TragedyBored of Silicon Valley success stories? Try a Canadian fail-tale.
  21. ketchup
    Who Is She? Bill Nighy’s Sylvanian Oscars Date Revealed.Everything we know about the Oscar nominee’s leporine plus-one.
  22. cronenbergian
    Grab a Bite With Two Rachel Weiszes in This Exclusive Dead Ringers ClipIf you thought you wanted to be murdered by ONE Rachel Weisz …
  23. f is for fungible
    Not You, Too, Cookie Monster!Cookie Monster is entering the half-baked world of NFTs.
  24. backstage
    Don’t Cancel Jamie Lee Curtis“Cancel me tomorrow! But not tonight.”
  25. oscars 2023
    Michelle Yeoh Calls Best Actress Oscar a ‘Beacon of Hope’Congratulations to a literal stunt queen.
  26. oscars 2023
    David Byrne and Stephanie Hsu’s Oscars Performance Paid Homage to RaccacoonieHot-dog fingers at the Oscars: ✔️
  27. oscars 2023
    Jimmy Kimmel Breaks the Slap Joke Seal in His Oscars Opening Monologue“L. Ron Hubba Hubba!”
  28. beige
    The 2023 Oscars Won’t Have a Red CarpetThe Academy Awards are doing a full gut reno on Hollywood’s most famous flooring.
  29. corncob tv
    I Think You Should Be-lieve ITYSL Has a Season 3 Premiere DateThe Netflix sketch-comedy show is how Tim Robinson buys his house. It keeps his house hot.
  30. the iger files
    Even Bob Iger Has Marvel and Star Wars Sequel BurnoutAnd he’s hinting at raising Disney+ prices.
  31. wahoo!
    It’s a-Here, Mario!Chris Pratt, look how you massacred our boy.
  32. creed is good
    Amazon Considers Creed Anime With Arms Wide OpenMichael B. Jordan to take a jock thing and make it a nerd thing.
  33. vanlife
    Make Reservations for Jeremy Renner’s Renovations Show RennervationsRenner unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.
  34. wildin’ out
    Kathryn Hahn to Play Wild Multiverse Cheryl StrayedNot Little Fires Everywhere. Not Big Little Lies. This is Tiny Beautiful Things.
  35. box office k.o.
    Creed III Sets a Major(s) Box-Office RecordCheckmate.
  36. no jost zone
    Seth Rogen’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer Is Turtally FunTurts out for the boys.
  37. huh
    TikTok’s Favorite Celebrity Couple Is Kim Kardashian and Michael CeraJust because it never happened doesn’t mean they can’t get back together.
  38. gojo plus
    Who’s on Whose Team in Succession Season 4?All long knives raised against Logan Roy shall falter.
  39. these guys
    Sam Levinson and the Weeknd Allegedly Turned The Idol Into a ‘Rape Fantasy’Reports from crew members say that the Euphoria creator and Canadian pop star have made “troubling” creative decisions.
  40. it’s called fashion
    Okay, TikTok, You Can Calm Down About Aubrey Plaza at the SAG Awards NowJon Gries walks one Eckhaus Latta show and suddenly he’s a stylist.
  41. american sniper
    What Were the RuPaul’s Drag Race Producers Thinking?Release the Spice rap!
  42. everybody loves puppets!
    Tom Cruise Crashed The Lion King to Play PumbaaOf course James Corden is involved in this somehow.
  43. adventures of davey zazz
    Warner Bros. and New Line to Forge More Lord of the RingsWhy not turn The Hobbit into five movies? or ten?
  44. mcu-sical
    Disney Is Making the Fake Captain America Musical a RealityHow annoyed is Julie Taymor right now on a scale of one to ten?
  45. doing something unholy
    And Just Like That … to Re-Reunite Carrie and AidanAnd it looks like Sam Smith will also make an appearance.
  46. she’s reba!
    Reba McEntire Is Joining The Voice, Y’allA single mom who works too hard, who loves her kids and never stops, with gentle hands and the heart of a fighter, she’s a … mentor?
  47. disney adults
    Bob Iger’s First Order of Business: Get Rebel Wilson MarriedThe prodigal Disney CEO is whipping the company into shape by facilitating celebrity Rebel Wilson’s engagement.
  48. podcasts
    This Month in Comedy Podcasts: Finally With Grace and JoeRounding up our favorite comedy-podcast episodes of the month.
  49. rebecca is a food critic now
    Cardi B and Offset’s McDonald’s Meal Made Me Glad to Be SingleFrom the top, make it drop, that’s some dry-ass burger.
  50. last night on late night
    Jack Whitehall Shares a Manscaper With His CavapooThe Clifford the Big Red Dog star found a small red pube.
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