Rebecca Flint Marx

  1. The Omnivore’s DisrupterTech start-up Hampton Creek takes on the lowly egg.
  2. Feature
    The Suicide of Williamsburg Restaurateur Colin DevlinColin Devlin’s death was a reminder of how much the neighborhood has changed since his restaurant first opened.
  3. Profiles
    Why Are New York’s Chefs Afraid of This Man?Maimon Kirschenbaum has sued more than 100 top New York restaurants, but are his tactics legit, or has he just identified a legal gray area that he can exploit for profit?
  4. Guacanomics
    Seeing Green: New York City’s Guacamole EconomyIt’s common wisdom that guacamole is a restaurant ripoff — a closer look reveals it actually might be one of the best bargains going.
  5. Truckin’
    Turnarounds: How Food Trucks Went From ‘Scourge’ toAs trucks raced to help out after the storm, their image makeover happened just as quickly.
  6. Flavortown
    To the Brim: Crazy Legs Conti Versus Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and BarWe dine with the only customer suited for the brazen excess of Guy Fieri’s Times Square restaurant: a competitive eater.
  7. What to Eat
    What to Eat at the Newly Expanded Café Katja, Reopening Next WeekExpect more veggies and, hopefully, schnitzel.
  8. Openings
    First Look at Tiberio Custom Meats, the Newest LES Butcher ShopAdam Tiberio has opened the shop inside Frank Prisinzano’s Sauce restaurant.
  9. Foodievents
    Txikito and Balaboosta Teaming Up for Nouveau Seder This SaturdaySome serious chefs are teaming up for a revisionist second-night Passover Seder that will reflect the chefs’ Israeli, Argentine, and Mexican heritages.
  10. Foodievents
    The Grind: Chefs Weigh In on the Demands of the Fall Event CircuitAs tasting events gain popularity, the city’s chefs are finding it more and more difficult to keep up.