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  1. How Angels in America Got Its WingsThe making of the revival’s “feral” spirit.
  2. Julie Taymor on Coming Back to Broadway With an Updated M. ButterflyIt’s one of four productions she’ll have running in New York this fall.
  3. dance
    For the World’s Best Male Ballet Dancer, Injury Led to Artistic RebirthDavid Hallberg spent a lifetime preparing to be an ABT principal. But he wasn’t prepared for his body to betray him.
  4. theater
    Marin Ireland, Theater’s Best-Kept Secret, May Not Be a Secret Much Longer“I try to look at people like Amy Ryan and Sarah Paulson and think, It’s okay that I’m not a 25-year-old skyrocketing to the cover of Vogue.”
  5. Attack of the Sugar Plum FairiesYes, the town’s overflowing with tulle. But mercifully, there’s a Nutcracker to satisfy every taste.
  6. where you lead
    Amy Sherman-Palladino Explains Her Cultural InfluencesJudy Garland, Buffy, KROQ, and more.
  7. men getting dressed
    Meet the Ex-Sneakerhead in the American Ballet TheaterJeffrey Cirio dresses like no one else in ballet.
  8. fall preview 2016
    Diane Lane Talks Returning to The Cherry OrchardThis fall, she returns to the play as tragedy-beset heroine Madame Ranevskaya.
  9. theater
    7 Former Cats Cast Members on Learning to Play FelineAndrew Lloyd Webber’s deathless crowd-pleaser is returning to Broadway.
  10. behind the scenes
    The Painstaking Process of Bringing The Little Prince to LifeWith computer-generated and stop-motion animation.
  11. swellness
    3 Ballerinas Tell the Truth About Dance WellnessWhat happens when a ballerina gains 40 pounds?
  12. backstage
    How Maddie Ziegler Became Our ‘First Digital Dance Star’“She has, fascinatingly, really created her own world of dance.”
  13. chat room
    Brandon Victor Dixon on Becoming Hamilton’s Burr“I’mma give them a straight Leslie Odom for a full week to create a false sense of security and then flip the script.”
  14. hamilton
    See the Original Sketches of Hamilton CostumesFrom costume designer Paul Tazewell.
  15. the urbanist
    9 Artists Who’ve Become Their Cities’ Unofficial MayorsFamous townies — like Wayne Coyne, George R.R. Martin, and Erykah Badu — who’ve become local mascots.
  16. life in pictures
    A Day With Ben Whishaw, From Diner Coffee to Onstage ScarsWhen he’s not acting on Broadway, the Crucible star leads a relatively quotidian New York existence
  17. Prince Used to Go Crazy for Broadway — and Broadway StarsHe was a longtime supporter of musical theater, especially shows that broke the mold.
  18. vulture cover story
    Rent: The Oral HistoryTwenty years after Jonathan Larson’s posthumous triumph arrived on Broadway, the cast and creative team relive the rise of a musical that changed theater.
  19. RENT: The Oral HistoryTwenty years after Jonathan Larson’s posthumous triumph arrived on Broadway, the cast relives the rise of a musical that changed theater.
  20. gallery
    New York City Ballet Dancers, Captured OffstageShot by Peter Lindbergh in stables, barns, and an oversize garage.
  21. culture cheats
    10 Tricks That Musicians and Actors Use in Live PerformancesFrom live pitch correction and in-ear cues to line feeding and hidden singers.
  22. mmmbop
    Hanson on the 20th Birthday of ‘MMMBop’“‘MMMBop’ was originally in the key of A, and we currently play it in F sharp. Sometimes in F.”
  23. cover story
    Saoirse Ronan on Brooklyn, Broadway, and Riding the Subway “When I came back, it instantly felt right.”
  24. fairy tale ballet
    See the Stunning Costumes for This New BalletJustin Peck and Marcel Dzama collaborated on The Most Incredible Thing.
  25. influences
    Lin-Manuel Miranda on Hamilton’s Influences“The amount of information Aaron Sorkin packs into a scene gave me this courage to trust the audience to keep up.”
  26. theater
    Inside Rehearsal for David Bowie’s New Alien MusicalHow he and director Ivo van Hove are bringing Lazarus to life.
  27. a short article
    How ‘Sanjay’s Super Team,’ Pixar’s First Indian-Themed Short, Was BornWriter-director Sanjay Patel’s dad had to convince him to make it.
  28. dance
    Twyla Tharp on Her Troupe’s 50th AnniversaryThe legendary choreographer  tells us how even the most seemingly non-dancelike things from her past — typing, baton-twirling, and working at a drive-in among them — have informed both her past and present.
  29. F&B Stars: How Male Dancers Are Stereotyped“A lot of us share stories of being harassed or teased growing up — there’s a certain deep camaraderie that’s formed through that shared struggle.”
  30. chat room
    Margo Martindale on Why People Think She Plays Evil Women“If I were a man, would you call me evil? No.”
  31. chat room
    George Takei on Making His Broadway Debut in Allegiance“I intend to give the ‘Live long and prosper’ salute at the curtain call, when we can break character.”
  32. portrait
    Broadway Rookies Bruce and Rumer Willis on Preparing for the StageAt ages 60 and 27, father and daughter find themselves, oddly, experiencing the same career first.
  33. portrait
    Judith Light Is Taking Cues From Keira KnightleyThe actresses star in an adaptation of Zola’s dark romantic novel Thérèse Raquin.
  34. dance
    Fashion Takes Center Stage at the NYCB GalaDesigners and choreographers talk about their collaboration.
  35. chat room
    Millepied on One Year at the Paris Opera BalletPlus: Watch a new short film starring Lil Buck.
  36. fall preview 2015
    Mark Strong on A View From the Bridge and the British Bad-Guy TraditionBrooklyn is a state of mind for the actor making his Broadway debut this November.
  37. fall preview 2015
    37 Classical Music and Dance Performances to See This FallFrom Otello at the Met to Williamsburg’s National Sawdust.
  38. fall preview 2015
    45 Plays Premiering This FallFeaturing Keira Knightley, Mark Strong, Jennifer Hudson, and more.
  39. life in pictures
    A Day in the Life of Gayle King: 2 Jobs, 5 Outfits, and an Army’s Worth of SpanxFor the latest edition of “Life in Pictures,” photographer Dina Litovsky followed King on June 10, through wardrobe changes, lunch in an elevator, and a panel at the Forbes Women’s Summit.
  40. music
    Is David Byrne Making Color Guard Cool?His “Contemporary Color” show will match musicians — including Byrne himself and erstwhile Beastie Boy Ad-Rock — with ten elite color-guard teams from across North America.
  41. out of the box
    Playing Dress-Up With Flamenco-Inspired Choreographer Blanca LiShe has collaborated with Pedro Almodóvar, Beyoncé, Daft Punk, Azzedine Alaïa, and now, in a performance at the Brooklyn Academy of Music, robots.
  42. Josh Groban on His New Album and Burgeoning Comedy Career“When you have the chance to present yourself vocally, you realize a kind of brand develops around that vocal, and you start to see the public consciousness of you is only about one half of your brain.”
  43. casting call
    See the Aspiring Extras for Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger’s 1970s HBO ShowCasting 1977 clubgoers.
  44. asmr
    Science Finally Starts to Explain ‘Whisper Porn’If you can’t stop watching videos of people folding towels or brushing their hair, this might be why.
  45. asmr
    Science Finally Starts to Explain ‘Whisper Porn’If you can’t stop watching videos of people folding towels or brushing their hair, this might be why.
  46. fandom
    The Most Successful Theater Kickstarter EverSmash’s Marilyn musical, Bombshell.
  47. vulture on broadway
    How Dancer Robert Fairchild Riffs on Gene Kelly Opening at the Palace Theatre this April.
  48. portrait
    See a Boyhood Mother-and-Child ReunionThey spent a dozen years filming together. But the onscreen family members are seeing a lot more of each other lately.
  49. dance
    How Boy Wonder Justin Peck Is Upturning Ballet“I’m not a very good dancer,” says the focus of the new documentary Ballet 422.
  50. explainers
    Everything You Need to Know Before Seeing Into the WoodsWe explain what all the fuss is about.
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