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  1. sea squirts
    A Super-Rare Greek Delicacy Has Arrived in Astoria“This is the raw power of the sea since ancient days.”
  2. feasts
    Where to Celebrate Chuseok, the Harvest Festival of KoreaThis Friday, it’s time for a feast.
  3. stand-up
    Nimesh Patel Wants to Be on the Wrong Side of the JokeThe stand-up reflects on everything from leaving SNL to getting kicked out of a show at Columbia.
  4. slurp
    Tomato Ramen Is the Noodle Innovation We Need NowAdd a big fistful of grated cheese while you’re at it.
  5. talking to
    What Happened When We Started a Feminism Club at Our Catholic Boys School“We had a whole meeting about Kavanaugh. One day a student from Regis could be a Supreme Court nominee.”
  6. teamwork
    Wayan Is a Mom-and-Pop Joint — From Restaurant RoyaltyOchi and Cédric Vongerichten are behind the new Indonesian restaurant.
  7. going for it
    Embrace the February Crush“The only reason to withhold anything from yourself is the sheer delight of indulging in it later.”
  8. another round?
    What Dry January Is Like for Bartenders“There are definitely Monday nights or Tuesday nights where it’s dead, like, dead-dead.”
  9. openings
    Adda Could Be the Most Exciting New Indian Restaurant in New YorkIt’s impossible to believe you can get an entire meal for less than $20.
  10. cocktails
    The Dominican Republic’s National Cocktail Should Be a New York Staple“It’s fine that nobody knows about mamajuana. We just haven’t had our moment yet.”
  11. cocktails
    One Very Old Ingredient Makes Cocktails That Taste Very New“Imagine drinking Coca-Cola your whole childhood and not trying Pepsi until you’re 25 or 30. That’s Patxaran.”
  12. evolutions
    NYC Changes Forever As the Corner Bistro Debuts a Brand-new Veggie BurgerDon’t worry: You can still order it with bacon.
  13. closings
    How Franny’s Conquered BrooklynThe small, family-owned pizzeria embodied the values that would come to define an entire borough.
  14. grub guides
    Where to Become a Regular in New York Before It’s Too LateLow-key neighborhood spots are closing with alarming regularity — so go support these bars and restaurants right now.
  15. closings
    French Roast in Greenwich Village ClosesAnother beloved New York hangout will soon be no more.
  16. free agents
    Star Bartender Eben Freeman Will Leave AvroKOThe mixology star, who made his name at wd~50 and Tailor, says he’s now debating his next move.
  17. bars
    Why Do New York’s Cocktail Bars Feel Stuck in the Past?“I keep seeing the same cocktail with different names, because everyone’s making the same thing.”
  18. business
    Why Did a Midwestern Grocery Chain Buy New York’s Most Extravagant Cheese Shop?A sale to Kroger is a big boon for the owners of Murray’s Cheese — but what does it mean for New York’s cheese lovers?
  19. nightlife
    Can the Cocktail Industry Fix Its Sexual-Assault Problem?“There’s enormous pressure not to ruin the mood, not to ruin the party.”
  20. brain freeze
    This Frozen Drink Embraces Bartending’s Recent Past, As Well As Its FutureThe so-called Penichillin is the star drink at a casual Brooklyn bar run by a team of very serious cocktail experts.
  21. interviews
    Why NYC’s Most Acclaimed Sushi Bar Is Opening in Trump’s D.C. Hotel“Whatever’s going on with the White House or whatever’s going on with Donald Trump is not my focus.”
  22. on the road
    Inside the Havana Gin Bar That Specializes in Quietly Revolutionary Cocktails“You have never had your cocktail the way I make it.”
  23. the chain gang
    NYC’s First Cheesecake Factory Is the Slice of Suburban Bliss We’ve Been Missing“I think about it a lot — it was like I was a part of this thing I had only heard about.”
  24. openings
    How the Owner of Sushi Nakazawa Rebooted Manhattan’s Most Iconic SpeakeasyAfter being closed for nearly a decade, Chumley’s is open again, though at this point only the name is the same.
  25. Meet the Former Starbucks Barista Who Now Runs a Legendary NYC Bar“Coffee orders are like martini orders: Guests are very particular about both.”
  26. NYC’s Most Sophisticated New Drink Might Just Be This Rum-and-CokeChampagne and Fernet are involved.
  27. casting couch
    Hamilton Has Found Its Next Burr, ElizaThey’re alums of Shuffle Along and In the Heights.
  28. the hamiltonys
    Read Hamilton’s 2015 Off Broadway Award SpeechesLin-Manuel Miranda rapped a nice history of downtown New York City theater.
  29. hamilton
    Hamilton’s Out-of-Control Standby Line: Marriott Says No to ThisFor the first time since it debut, Hamilton has capped its standby line.
  30. Mysteries
    Why Doesn’t Lin-Manuel Miranda Have His Own Sardi’s Caricature Yet?Only one Broadway honor continues to elude the Hamilton creator and star: a portrait at the Times Square institution.
  31. Bartenders
    The Veteran Bartender Whose New Pub Is an Ode to New York Authenticity“He’s not looking to make millions. He’s looking to make impact.”
  32. What to Drink
    5 Things to Know Before Trying BaijiuNew York City now has a bar dedicated to the divisive, ancient Chinese spirit.
  33. Dinner and a Show
    Ariana’s Piano Prix-FixeDinner and a show (and vodka shots) at Ariana.
  34. know your leaders
    The Man Who Wants to Build a Haven for Gay Seniors in the BronxThe borough’s first-ever openly gay councilmember is trying to create a safe space in the “Bible Belt of New York City.”
  35. The (Robot) Creative ClassIt’s baby steps so far—no need to panic—but according to Moore’s Law, machines’ skills do double every two years.
  36. 65. Because the Guy Next to You At the Coffee Shop Might Be a 29-Year-Old Poetry Scholar From Beijing Translating the Works of Allen Ginsberg Into Mandarin.Ming Hui believes his country needs versions of “Howl” and “America” truer to their author’s original intent.
  37. Black Ops: ‘Post-Racial’ Comedy in the Age of ObamaIn 2010, former troupe-mates Donald Glover and DC Pierson returned from Los Angeles to perform at The Creek and The Cave, in New York City. […]
  38. What’s Wrong with Comedy Central?I have been writing about comedy for about seven years now — hi, 2005! — and, whenever I interview a comedian, almost without fail […]
  39. Messin’ with Texas: Why Doesn’t SXSW Pay its Comedians?Charlie Sotelo hasn’t gotten much sleep this year, but that’s true for him every January and February. Sotelo is the sole staffer handling the […]
  40. roundtable
    Due West: A Roundtable Discussion on New York’s Ongoing Comedy ExodusFeaturing Jason Mantzoukas, Eugene Mirman, Chris Gethard, and more.
  41. the most uplifting story you’ll hear all day
    The Legend of FeshFor 24 hours, both coasts of the Upright Citizens Brigade community and the cast of ‘Saturday Night Live’ teamed up to make this sad Ohio loner a hero.
  42. nyu poly tech
    Meet Joshua Washington, the Youngest Coach in College HoopsNYU Poly Tech has the youngest coach in college basketball.
  43. welcome to new york
    A Q&A With New Yankees Center-Fielder Curtis GrandersonCurtis Granderson is ready to hit the Bronx.
  44. The Dollar Slice Is BackThe last year has seen the debut of some half dozen budget-pie joints looking to undersell the Joes and Rays of the world.
  45. goodnight sweet princes
    We Lost Our Lacrosse Team. Yes, We Had One.New York lost an outstanding lacrosse team. Alas.
  46. yuks
    New York Comedy Incubator Finally Comes to … New YorkBoom Chicago, stalwart entertainers for Amsterdam’s stoner tourists, now performing on Governors Island.
  47. science
    Pilot Alcoholism-Treatment Program Targets GaysColumbia University researchers have been trying to figure out if gay men can avoid giving up the nightlife just because they have a drinking problem.
  48. the supremes
    The Supreme Court and New York: A Brief HistorySonia Sotomayor will be just the latest in a long line of New Yorkers to serve on the Supreme Court.
  49. Our Inflationary Snack TimesWheat, dairy, meat: It’s all getting more expensive. Why a bagel costs more.
  50. The BuildersThe sixteen people who’ve died this year in the building of a new New York.
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