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  1. this thing’s incredible
    This Minty Body Scrub Is the Most Refreshing Post-Beach SensationIt’s cooling, delicious-smelling, and saves you in a pinch.
  2. this thing’s incredible
    I’ve Gifted This Funny Hedgehog Brush to More Than 20 FriendsIt’s German, costs $14, and is always a hit.
  3. this thing’s incredible
    This Prosciutto-like Jerky Is the Tastiest Snack I’ve Ever HadUnlike regular beef, it won’t break your jaw.
  4. weird things we love
    Strat Face-off: Battle of the Muscle MassagersIs the Tiger Tail or Thera Cane better for rolling out knots?
  5. The Daily GrindPosted January 9, 2009Salt and pepper cellars (those small bowls that sometimes come with teensy spoons but more often do not) are fine for thos […]
  6. Deacon of LightBritish designer Giles Deacon collaborated with Smythson for a limited-edition set of chic stationery.
  7. Vintage VinylPosted December 23, 2008The guys at Flight 001 seem sentimental for the days of yore when air travel was a civilized experience, not the cattle […]
  8. Coup d’EtatPosted December 19, 2008So you’re serving Spanish cavas instead of pricey Champagne at your holiday fête this year. Chances are your guests won’ […]
  9. Get DownPosted December 12, 2008It’s hard to know exactly how to dress your bed with the crazy warm-cold-warm-again weather that we’ve been dealing with […]
  10. A Clean SweepPosted December 9, 2008Hideaki Matsui designed these soaps for his senior thesis at Parsons School of Design. They’re purposely made to look lik […]
  11. Think ThinThis parka weighs only twenty ounces and is thin enough to easily fit in the most overstuffed closet.
  12. Bottle ServicePosted November 25, 2008We love the idea of a vanity table filled with bottles of lotions and potions. But vintage perfume containers can cost a […]
  13. Soap UpPosted November 18, 2008Pattern Body Wash is the latest product on the ecofriendly beauty-care scene. The washes have no parabens, artificial fr […]
  14. Grape ExpectationsPosted November 4, 2008Wine lovers hate when a great red is served at room temperature, or worse, warm. The ideal temperature for most reds is b […]
  15. Pump It UpPosted October 30, 2008What’s a fashion-conscious girl to do in these times of fiscal crisis? Fake it. Buy the best looking faux you can. Rafe’s […]
  16. Classic KicksPosted October 21, 2008Ben Walters moved to Shanghai five years ago. What struck him most? The shoes the laborers wore: tough, comfortable, and […]
  17. Lap DancePosted October 17, 2008While the paper-towel-as-napkin trick works just fine, it’s not very environmentally responsible or stylish. If you can a […]
  18. Border PatrolPosted October 10, 2008The change of seasons has us inspired to not only update our closets but our desks as well. Nothing as drastic as a new c […]
  19. Letter PressPosted October 7, 2008John Derian’s collection for Target is one of the best we’ve seen yet, which explains why it’s almost always sold out when […]
  20. Fly By NightPosted September 19, 2008Have you noticed that no matter how high up your apartment may be in a building, there will be times of the year when f […]
  21. Rock and RollSamsung’s new pebble-shaped player is so well designed it might make you add another gadget to your repertoire.
  22. Knit PickPosted September 2, 2008You probably know of Lutz & Patmos as the design duo that creates very beautiful, very expensive cashmere sweaters. But […]
  23. Bottle ServicePosted August 26, 2008With all the controversy over Bisphenol A (BPA) in plastics and people’s general discomfort with aluminum, it’s about time […]
  24. Tree HuggerPosted August 13, 2008A gift of flowers is nice, but let’s face it, flowers die. Trees, on the other hand, will outlive most of us (barring unfo […]
  25. Rosy ComplexionPosted August 8, 2008Lambrusco gets a bad rap in the sparkling-wine world—remember those Riunite commercials? Well, banish all that from your mi […]
  26. Baggage HandlerPosted August 5, 2008 Traveling light has become a major issue since airlines now charge to check baggage. Overpackers and avid shoppers alike […]
  27. Gold StandardPosted July 23, 2008You may have noticed the trend in going for the gold in home furnishings. For the most part, we’re over it. But every once i […]
  28. Wrist GuardPosted July 16, 2008It’s that time of year again, when crowded Jitneys and various ferries figure more into our lives than usual. For many of us […]
  29. Paper TrailMoleskine’s Memo Pocket has six pockets that can be packed with everything from business cards to digits on napkins.
  30. Bubble BathPosted July 2, 2008If you are into cheap good wines, then you’re likely a fan of Barefoot Wines. The label is known for very tasty bottles under […]
  31. Holding PatternPosted June 18, 2008You may have seen the double-walled glassware by Bodum or Alissa MT’s double-walled Champagne, martini, and cordial glasses. […]
  32. The Chocolate FactoryGodiva has just released 250 boxes of the limited-edition Pierre Draps Collection chocolates—available only while supplies last.
  33. Divide and ConquerParametre is a lightweight, easy to hang, expandable partition that looks like paper but is actually made of polyester.
  34. Towel OffPosted May 16, 2008The slowly rising temperatures mean beach season is finally approaching. You could gear up and shell out hundreds for a desig […]
  35. Hop to ItPosted May 9, describes this dish rack as a bunny in its hutch. We think it’s a wonderfully quirky update to a usually bor […]
  36. Contain YourselfPosted May 2, 2008Most canisters we’ve seen have been super sanitary—either everything inside is on display behind glass or hidden inside cold s […]
  37. Charmed, I’m SurePosted April 29, 2008Culture fans touring the Whitney Biennial or the recent PULSE art fair might find themselves inspired to fill their walls w […]
  38. Portion ControlPosted April 23, 2008The words sexy and scale were probably never meant to be used in the same sentence (unless you have some serious issues). B […]
  39. Upper CrustPosted April 15, 2008A perfectly toasted piece of bread, slathered with salted butter, is a beautiful thing. Getting that, however, can be much […]
  40. A Clean SweepThese lightly scented wipes by Giovanni are biodegradable, making our fixation with cleanliness more guilt-free.
  41. Stop, Drop, and RollPosted March 26, 2008Harry Allen may not yet be a household name, but to design insiders he’s a rock star. His projects include the original des […]
  42. Sole SearchingThese leather studded ones by Matt Bernson add just enough edge without going neck deep into gladiator territory.
  43. Slam DunkPosted March 19, 2008Nike’s latest basketball-shoe collaboration will surprise many. Not because of its player affiliation—in this case, Phoenix […]
  44. Time WarpThese clocks are bare enough to feel modern yet decorative enough to hold their own as a statement accessory.
  45. Walk on the Wild SideWild Turkey’s American Spirit—a 100-proof, fifteen-year-old bourbon—has a supersmooth taste with just a hint of spice.
  46. Radio HeadPosted Feb. 12, 2008Sure, you can easily stream radio stations the world over from your laptop. But those of us who crave the newest, latest, mo […]
  47. Carry OnPosted Feb. 5, 2008Too many bags are erroneously called eco-bags these days. Just because they’re reusable, doesn’t mean they’re ecofriendly, su […]
  48. Tea PartyPosted Jan. 16, 2008Anthropologie’s latest obsession is with artists and artisans from South Africa. Though the heavy hitters (at equally heavy […]
  49. Horsing AroundPosted Jan. 15, 2008We’re hoping this necklace is a sign that the overplayed bird trend has finally flown the coop, making room for other animal […]
  50. Alphabet CityPosted Jan. 8, 2008That New Year’s resolution to get more organized might be as simple as investing in the right materials. We’re not talking ab […]
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