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  1. Turn on the CharmTenthousandthings has created a necklace that’s not only cool and affordable, it benefits charity as well.
  2. Vanity FairPosted Dec. 18, 2007The trend to girlier fashions has led to more feminine home furnishings. And nothing is more ladylike than a vanity mirror. […]
  3. Take a BowPosted Dec. 11, 2007It’s a little bit biker, a little bit Liza, and definitely not for vegans. But this leather bow tie by Filius is perfect for […]
  4. Down UnderDutch designers Viktor & Rolf have put their topsy turvy spin on everyone’s favorite drink, champers.
  5. Queen of the Stone AgePosted Nov. 27, 2007We love the clink a stack of bangles makes. But we don’t love the wad of cash it takes to get enough of them for just the ri […]
  6. Quick-Change ArtistThis digital frame by Umbra, though not cheap, is a hundred times better-looking than any other frame we’ve seen.
  7. Wild ThingsIndulge in these chocolate animal heads, whose proceeds benefit the World Society for the Protection of Animals.
  8. Bag, Borrow, or StealPosted Nov. 9, 2007Men, we feel for you. Your bag choices are pretty limited and often nothing we’d want to permanently borrow. But this one fro […]
  9. Gilt TripPosted Nov. 2, 2007Not everyone wants to embrace the all-gold trend in home furnishings. It can, admittedly, be a bit much. But a little gilt no […]
  10. Not So Mad HatterPosted October 26, 2007The world certainly doesn’t need another aviator hat—they’re everywhere in every material. But Maria Cornejo’s take on th […]
  11. Chain GangPosted Oct. 23, 2007Patch New York’s latest jewelry collection is a fancy departure from their Mrs. Roper–esque designs of late. These chains ar […]
  12. Red-Light SpecialIkea’s Kulla lamp has the looks and features to stand next to more expensive Italian brands—at a fraction of the cost.
  13. Frequent FlierPosted Oct. 12, 2007Those of us who fly a lot have learned an important lesson: Always have a Dopp kit packed and ready to go with all the stuff […]
  14. Clock OutThis self-adhering wallclock is the perfect accessory for both commitment phobes and the hammer-challenged alike.
  15. Heart of GlassPosted Sept. 19, 2007 Brooklyn-based dynamic duo Klein Reid have broken out of their usual ceramic pottery mold and embraced a new medium: glass […]
  16. Editorial ControlSatina Turner has designed a clever solution to clutter: a coffee table that doubles as a magazine rack.
  17. Hog HeavenA new candy bar combines deep milk chocolate with crunchy bacon. And guess what? It’s delicious.
  18. All in the WristOrfeo Quagliata’s Rokki bangles come in a rainbow of colors and are better priced than European options.
  19. Sweet and ViciousJust in time for Brazilian Independence Day, a super-smooth cachaça for making killer caipirinhas.
  20. Blade RunnerPosted Aug. 28, 2007Just when we thought there was nothing new or exciting in the world of mini-choppers, we came upon Krups latest product. At […]
  21. Window DressingPosted Aug. 21, 2007Window shades are often drab, boring, and beige. But a company called Delia Shades is trying to change that with customized […]
  22. The Gold StandardPosted Aug. 15, 2007Finally, something designed by Arik Levy that we can actually afford. This Gold Bar was made to be a doorstop, but we have a […]
  23. Control FreakPosted Aug. 14, 2007If you exercise with an iPod you know how annoying it is to fast-forward while running on the treadmill. Yes, there’s a remo […]
  24. Heart SmartPosted Aug. 7, 2007Last year, Numetrex introduced a revolutionary new technology: clothing integrated with a heart-rate monitor. Their first pro […]
  25. Such a Turn-onPosted Aug. 2, 2007Many things don’t fit in tiny New York apartments, but a sconce isn’t one of them. Sure, you have to deal with anchors and dr […]
  26. Welcome to the DollhousePosted July 25, 2007Add these dessert plates by Thomas Paul to your hostess-gift list pronto. They just hit stores and feature the latest design […]
  27. Table MannersPosted July 24, 2007Almost everyone living in a tiny apartment could use an extra multipurpose surface—milk crates from your college years don’t […]
  28. Carry OnPosted July 17, 2007Unless you’re a cater-waiter, balancing a tray full of margaritas probably isn’t your specialty. Fear not. The problem isn’t […]
  29. Girls in the HoodPosted July 11, 2007A cashmere sweater in the middle of a heat wave may sound crazy, but it makes perfect sense when you’re freezing next to the […]
  30. Baby’s Got BackPosted July 10, 2007For those without the luxury of a beach house—and the lounge chairs that go with it—hitting the sand can be less than comfor […]
  31. Inside the BoxPosted July 3, 2007Mobos is an easy, DIY modular storage system that debuted at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair last year. Simply […]
  32. Pounding the PavementPosted June 29, 2007If you’re a casual runner, Newton’s new running shoes might be beyond your stride. Ten years in the making, the sneaks were […]
  33. Boiling PointAlessi’s new pasta pot, designed by Patrick Jouin and Alain Ducasse, is the closest thing to a rock-star kitchen implement as we’ll likely get.
  34. Glass HousePosted June 20, 2007Keep bubbly cool during this season of outdoor parties. This shapely flute, the first glass in a series by Dutch designer Al […]
  35. Precious MetalPosted June 13, 2007David Hayes’s family has been in the cotton business for over a century. One hundred percent grown and sewn in America, thes […]
  36. Tea TotalingPosted June 12, 2007Bodum’s new Bistro iced-tea jug will make brewing up leaves a lot easier. Simply place fresh loose tea in the colander, add […]
  37. Set the Bar HigherPosted June 6, 2007If you’re stuck giving your dad a traditional present this Father’s Day, make it a supremely stylized choice. A decanter is a […]
  38. Over a BarrelNadurra, a small-batch single-malt scotch aged for at least sixteen years, is the perfect gift for grads.
  39. Nose JobPosted May 25, 2007 Method Home’s new Aroma Ring is the anti-candle. It releases a very subtle fragrance and yet looks like a tiny sculpture. No […]
  40. Whole Grain GoodnessPosted May 23, 2007Outdoor entertaining usually means eating off of cringe-inducing, brightly colored melamine plates. Be a good houseguest and […]
  41. State of LacePosted May 17, 2007Lace isn’t just a fashion trend; it’s popping up in home design as well. And though some interpretations should be banished t […]
  42. Charge AheadPosted May 16, 2007Finally, you can charge all your gadgets with just one device. Solio—a beautifully designed solar charger—works with iPods, c […]
  43. Video on DemandPosted May 10, 2007Gadget minimalists may scoff at DVD players as being passé, but the Philips DCP750 will get even them psyched. Besides being […]
  44. Sitting PrettyPosted May 8, 2007Now that summer weather seems safely here, it’s time to think about decorating your outdoor space. Instead of wood–which weath […]
  45. Bowling PartyPosted May 4, 2007Brothers Jaime and Isaac Salm founded MioCulture with the belief that environmental could still be stylish. They’ve stayed tru […]
  46. A Touch of GlassPosted May 1, 2007Though he made a name for himself with his pottery—and that stint on Top Design—Jonathan Adler is also known for lighting. One […]
  47. Blade RunnerThis modern, clear knife rack is affordable and, more important, lets you see exactly where your blades are.
  48. A Cake WalkThese one-of-a-kind wedding cake toppers make better heirlooms than a dusty dress sealed in a plastic box.
  49. Respect Your EldersSt. Germain’s artisanal Elderflower liqueur is perfect for mixing with gin, wine, and even Champagne, and comes packaged in a gorgeous bottle.
  50. Check MateJunya Watanabe is the latest designer to do a high-low collaboration—his checked Converse have just hit stores.
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