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  1. from the archives
    A Serial Killer in CommonFive dead women turn up on a beach, and their families ask: Who murdered my daughter? Who was my sister — really?
  2. feature
    Two Lost DaughtersMari Gilbert’s life, transformed by the death of one daughter, was ended by another.
  3. mta
    One Day, 625 DelaysA mechanical failure at Union Square cascaded into hours of underground hell, revealing just how fragile the subway really is.
  4. subway week
    How a Single Mechanical Failure Sparked 625 MTA DelaysA problem at Union Square cascaded into hours of underground hell, revealing just how fragile the subway really is.
  5. feature
    ‘Do You Know How Your Daughter Died?’When Gloria Huang was declared dead in a Doha emergency room, her parents had no time to grieve before they were caught up in a legal nightmare.
  6. feature
    Is Bobby Shmurda a Gangster or Simply ‘Guilty for Where I Live’? How an Empire-like rise plays out in real life.
  7. Is Bobby Shmurda a Gangster or Simply ‘Guilty for Where I Live’?How an Empire-like rise plays out in real life.
  8. What Obama’s AG Pick Could Do in FergusonIn a talk from 2000, U.S. attorney Loretta Lynch outlined her preferred tool for tackling racial injustice in the police force.
  9. How an Assistant Stole Jasper Johns’s WorkJames Meyer worked for Johns for 27 years and pocketed $3.4 million from his scheme. 
  10. tragedies
    8 Stories of NYC Traffic VictimsVictims’ families aren’t convinced de Blasio’s new plan will go far enough.
  11. movies
    What Happens When You Accuse a Major Hollywood Director of Rape?Michael Egan says he was sexually abused as a teen. They say he’s lying and looking for a payout. Now, years later, he’s feeling very vulnerable again.
  12. celebrity poker ring
    Sentences for Celebrity Poker-Ring Organizers, But High Rollers Get Off the HookBut the billionaire ex-boyfriend of Gisele got slammed.
  13. the gig economy
    Bartender Was a Top NYC Airbnb RenterPeter Chen just thought he was making some spare money — he never expected to be named a public enemy.
  14. education
    What NYC Parents Need to Know About Universal Pre-KThe political fight is over; now comes the hard part.
  15. The Boy Who Ran: The Life and Death of Avonte OquendoHis mother tells her story.
  16. obits
    How NBCUniversal Killed DailyCandyA tale of mismanagement and misplaced vision.
  17. Long Island Con Artists Staged Car Crashes in New Insurance Fraud LowThe crew caused 30 “accidents” over four years.
  18. crime and punishment
    How Oscar Pistorius Might Avoid Prison South Africa’s legal system is quite different from America’s.
  19. unsolved mysteries
    Is 19-Year-Old Miranda Barbour Really a Mass Murderer?Weighing the evidence in a perplexing case.
  20. The Rise and Fall of New York City’s Biggest Pill MillThe complex, $500 million operation in the Bronx presented a steep challenge to law enforcement. 
  21. scary internet things
    ‘The Dread Obodai’: Content Farmer From HellYou might call him a copyright troll.
  22. A Dangerous MindWhen do awful thoughts, shared with complete strangers, become criminal actions? The troubling case—in every direction—of the “cannibal cop.”
  23. 52 Minutes With Ray KellyTaking in the vantage from central command with New York’s longest-serving police commissioner.
  24. The Opt-OutersWhat happens if enough New York parents say they don’t want their kids to take tests?
  25. crimes and misdemeanors
    Jasper Johns’s Studio Assistant Arrested for Secretly Selling WorkHe made more than $3 million from his boss’s art.
  26. 5 Ways the Prosecution Messed Up the Zimmerman CaseThey allowed Trayvon Martin to be put on trial.
  27. Manhattan Fold ’EmA high-stakes game that started off at Tobey Maguire’s house launched the career of Molly Bloom, poker hostess. Now the government, on the trail […]
  28. Inside LEGO’s Life-Size Star Wars X-Wing Fighter With a 7-Year-OldThe biggest LEGO sculpture ever made will be in Times Square soon.
  29. Cambridge?Rindge and Latin, in a daze.
  30. q&a
    Now 100, This Teacher Brought Sex Ed to NYC SchoolsAn interview with Jeane Stockheim, who taught high schoolers the actual facts of life before others would.
  31. The Real Limitless Drug Isn’t Just for Lifehackers AnymoreModafinil’s moment.
  32. KaboomThey were young and in love and pregnant and partial to heroin and living in a Village apartment with a lot of heavy weaponry lying about. What […]
  33. Taming Peter BeardThe photographer, playboy, and Warhol pal never seemed to care much about his legacy or making money. Now that he’s 75, his wife, Nejma, wants […]
  34. Death by CarAfter years of Bloomberg-era declines, the number of traffic-related fatalities in New York has suddenly spiked. Why? Inside the imperfect scien […]
  35. a series of tubes
    How Did the MTA Restore Subway Service in Time for Monday’s Rush Hour?Preparation, luck, and some very cool toys.
  36. stories from the storm
    A Hospital Flatlined: Inside the NYU Langone Medical Center Evacuation The evacuation no one would have planned.
  37. Cheating UpwardsStuyvesant kids do it. Harvard kids do it. Smart kids may especially do it. But why?
  38. brigitte harris
    Brigitte Harris Will Be Freed on ParoleThe woman who castrated and killed her father after years of abuse will be released from prison this summer.
  39. A Daughter’s RevengeBrigitte Harris cut off her father’s penis, accidentally killing him in the process, because, she says, he sexually abused her for years. In 200 […]
  40. Police Make a Potentially Crucial Break in Long Island Serial-Killer CasePolice find items that belonged to Shannan Gilbert, whose disappearance led to the discovery of ten bodies near a desolate beach.
  41. A Bronx Science ExperimentWhen principal Valerie Reidy turned the city’s legendary high school into a laboratory, her reforms nearly blew the place up.
  42. Kidnapped at BirthOne day Nejdra Nance realized the woman she had called Mom for 23 years may have been at the center of one of the most harrowing kidnappings i […]
  43. Zazi, NajibullahThe face of terrorism to come?
  44. Stairwell AThe only way out.
  45. The Next Best CrooksWith the masterminds of the financial crisis having escaped justice, United States Attorney Preet Bharara is left to prosecute this generation o […]
  46. Peter King’s Muslim ProblemThe New York congressman says the threat of homegrown terrorism is on the rise and American Muslims aren’t doing enough to stop it. His oppone […]
  47. The Columbia KidHow do you get through college these days? You and four friends, police say, deal pot, coke, Adderall, ecstasy, and LSD. Until you make a few bo […]
  48. UncharteredThe fate of Ross Global Academy shows that charter schools are suddenly susceptible to the rules of political gravity.
  49. 1. Because Pluralism Is Our FundamentalismWhile some in the religious world equivocated over Park51, the leaders here unambiguously defended the project.
  50. the gods must be crazy
    Archbishop Timothy Dolan Elected President of U.S. Conference of Catholic BishopsThis was unexpected.
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