Roger Parloff

  1. The Memo Justifying Comey’s Firing Is a Shameless LieIts real purpose is to assert naked power and pose the question to Americans, “What are you going to do about it?”
  2. the law
    Jeff Sessions Is Faking His Outrage About the Sanctuary Cities InjunctionHe tells the public one story, while his staff tells the judge another.
  3. The Sanctuary-Cities Executive Order Is Trump’s Next Legal Train WreckIssued two days before the travel ban and now facing a lawsuit, its constitutional flaws appear to be catastrophic.
  4. Judges’ Late Travel-Ban Dissent May Preview Supreme Court ApproachGet to know these phrases: “facially legitimate” and “bona fide reason.”
  5. the law
    This Is How Neil Gorsuch ThinksThere’s a dark side — elitist, cruel — to his “originalism.”