Rosa Lyster

  1. podcasts
    Patrick Radden Keefe Hopes Scorpions Fans Can Still Enjoy Wind of ChangeThe author and podcast host discusses his journey through espionage, power ballads, and the cultural Cold War.
  2. rants
    How Dare Logan Roy Wear Such an Awful Cardigan?The shawl cardigan is from the devil and no one should wear it under any circumstances.
  3. everything guide
    The Sick-Day Mascara TrickIn every woman’s life, there comes a day where she must fake being sick in order to get off work.
  4. provocations
    You Don’t Have to Read the Book Before You Watch the MovieIt’s not necessary.
  5. tactics
    How to Make a Hater Like AstrologyFirst, try negging.
  6. i don’t
    Why Weddings in Books Are Always TerribleIf a novel begins with a happy wedding, it is only to serve as harrowing contrast to whatever it is that comes next.
  7. recommendations
    The Destination I Cannot Stop Thinking (or Talking) AboutWelcome to Froggyland.
  8. magical thinking
    Drugstore Beauty in Other Countries Is the BestShopping is more fun when you don’t know what you’re buying.
  9. first person
    Other People’s Clothes Are the Best ClothesMy own clothes are so dreary in comparison.