Rosecrans Baldwin

  1. The Cost of a DogHere, the range of prices for a canine companion, from the local shelter to the toniest puppy producer (bear in mind, if you’re buying a purebre […]
  2. The Pound or the Purebred?Two paths to bringing home Fido.
  3. Ten City-Friendly DogsGiven enough walks (at least three daily) and play (minimum half an hour of toy toss), almost any breed will be okay in an apartment. Here, ten […]
  4. What to Get, Pre-Puppy• Gimborn Natural Beef Bone A behavioral pacifier ($3.19 at Pet Central, 247 W. 23rd St., nr. Seventh Ave.; 646-486-1662).
  5. Getting AroundUnless it’s a service animal (e.g., a Seeing Eye dog), only small dogs in closed containers can board a subway, bus, or LIRR train.
  6. A Year of Kibble-and-Playdates Calculus ROUTINE EXTREME FOOD Six 37.5-pound bags of Purina Dog Chow Complete Nutrition Formula ($17.49 at Petco, 1 […]
  7. Ask the Expert: Dog Trainer Andrea ArdenOn puppy mills, chew-a-holics, and why you should wait a month to name the new dog.
  8. Getting a DogBringing a pooch into your life—and your apartment—requires careful planning, a healthy budget, and lots of plastic bags.
  9. Bohemian ArchaeologyLooking for signs of the old downtown, full of visionary artist-scumbags.