Rumaan Alam

  1. book review
    The Magician Resists the Shallow Gestures of the Hollywood BiopicColm Tóibín’s new novel about Thomas Mann reaches for depths in its subject that mainstream film wouldn’t bother with.
  2. reasons to love new york
    Farewell to My Go-toRuth Reichl, Rumaan Alam, Jiayang Fan, and more on losing the place where they were a regular.
  3. just browsing
    Novelist Rumaan Alam’s Week in Zillow Saves“Listen, I’d probably do bad things to get this house.”
  4. celebrity shopping
    What Author Rumaan Alam Can’t Live Without“It tastes like candy, but it also tastes like virtue.”
  5. reasons to love new york
    The 8 Million Reasons to Love New YorkA tribute to those inspiringly singular New Yorkers who wouldn’t — probably couldn’t — live anywhere else.
  6. money
    What Else Is There to Talk About Besides Money?I know that we have enough, even if it doesn’t free us from accounting that reminds us of that.
  7. it’s all relative
    A Family in 6 ActsThe writer Rumaan Alam answers the prompt: What is a family?
  8. profiles
    The Singular Magic of Maira KalmanAt home with the beloved writer and illustrator.
  9. Pining for Gucci in Trump’s New WorldAlessandro Michele has made life just a little bit brighter.
  10. mansplaining
    What Happened When I Tried to Have It AllOne man confronts the impossible.
  11. design hunting
    A Miami Beach Apartment That Matches the OceanArchitect Luca Andrisani brought a bit of Positano to Miami.
  12. school of life
    Working at Lucky Magazine Taught Me All About WritingRemembering the early days of the world’s best shopping magazine.
  13. design hunting
    Tour a Surprising Family Home in FlushingO’Neill Rose Architects had a tall order: to create a single home in which three branches of the client’s family could live comfortably.
  14. that old house
    Check Out This Brooklyn Brownstone That Feels Like a LoftSome brownstone dwellers make a fetish of period detail. Not the owners of this Cobble Hill home.
  15. design hunting summer 2014
    Great Rooms: Inside Designer Tia Cibani’s Chelsea HomeArchitect Winka Dubbeldam erases the borders between rooms and blurs the line between indoors and out.
  16. Then: Cobble Hill in 1968Forty-six years later, architect Dennis Holloway’s modular Superstairs system still looks ahead of its time.
  17. An Eclectic Family Compound in QuiogueWhere an architect couple turned the volume “up to 11.”
  18. Three Architects on Their Earliest WorksRichard Meier on the Lambert House, Zaha Hadid on the Peak Leisure Club, and UNStudio on the Karbouw.