Ryu Spaeth

Features Editor, New York Magazine

Ryu Spaeth is a features editor at New York. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, The Nation, The New Republic, and elsewhere.

  1. torn up and apart
    Israel, Gaza, and the Fracturing of the Intellectual Left“A segment of the left’s moral compass seems to have broken.”
  2. book review
    Teju Cole, Reluctant CosmopolitanIn his first novel in 12 years, the author is at odds with himself.
  3. the discourse
    Cancel Culture Grows UpHave we figured out how to separate the repugnant from the merely unlucky?
  4. early and often
    What If Vivek Ramaswamy Is the Future of Politics?He has emerged on the national stage as some unholy amalgamation of Obama, Trump, and Musk.
  5. foreign interests
    Who Are the Japanese in Oppenheimer?Christopher Nolan’s biopic of the “father of the atomic bomb” has trouble defining the enemy who bore the brunt of that terrible weapon.
  6. upsets
    Carlos Alcaraz’s Wimbledon Victory Announces a New Era in TennisThe 20-year-old Spaniard beat Novak Djokovic in a classic final that felt like a changing of the generational guard.
  7. dynasties
    What Succession Gets Wrong About Rupert MurdochThe Dominion lawsuit has complicated the narrative of Murdoch as an all-powerful agenda setter.
  8. world cup
    The Best World Cup Final Ever?Wow, what a game.
  9. games
    The Last World CupAfter Qatar, soccer may never be the same again.
  10. books
    Hua Hsu Is True to the GameHis new memoir is both a coming-of-age story and an evolutionary step for Asian American literature.
  11. ear-bleeding country
    Confessions of a Dinosaur Jr. GuyWhat it means to be a fan lies somewhere in the fraught dynamic between these three men.
  12. early and often
    Farewell, My Hot de Blasio SummerThe former mayor was everywhere in Park Slope as he campaigned for Congress. Maybe that wasn’t a good idea.
  13. foreign interests
    The Martyrdom of Shinzo AbeHis shocking death is of a piece with Japan’s history.
  14. the internet
    The Best Moments in Twitter HistoryWhat makes Twitter great? Chaos, madness, hilarity.
  15. getting around
    The Subway Is New York’s Safety NetIt’s not merely a picture of who any of us might become but of who we are right now.
  16. foreign interests
    When Metallica Took MoscowIn 1991, a massive heavy-metal concert seemed to usher in a new era.
  17. ukraine
    Is Vladimir Putin Sane?The Russian leader, now on the brink of starting a war, has reportedly undergone some dramatic personality changes during his pandemic isolation.
  18. plant-based rhetoric
    Eric Adams Eats FishThe mayor finally admits it.
  19. tennis
    Rafael Nadal Is the GOAT for NowThe old guard of tennis continues to dominate the field.
  20. tokyo olympics
    The One Limit Simone Biles Wouldn’t BreakHow the sports world’s obsession with mental toughness hurts athletes.
  21. sports
    The National Psychodrama of England’s Euro 2020England is on the brink of exorcising its soccer demons. Can victory bring a hopelessly divided country together?