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  1. Bag LadyThe Black Candy laptop bag has an integrated removable padded sleeve and three zippered interior pockets.
  2. Split DecisionPosted May 14, 2009It is, of course, completely maddening to not have enough USB ports on your laptop, which basically always happens if you’ve […]
  3. The Waif PhoneFor a phone that you can score for under $100, it’s surprisingly equipped with all the gadgets you need.
  4. Eco PowerPosted April 30, 2009Honestly, we like the idea of being ecoconscious—except when it costs a lot more money (e.g., overpriced organics and “natu […]
  5. Spring FlingPosted April 23, 2009Here at Best Bets Daily “Tech Thursday” headquarters, we’ve been in love with tech-accessory maker Incase for a while now, […]
  6. Smile!The MinoHD shoots high-definition footage, and this month the company launches a way for you to customize its look.
  7. Good ImpressionPosted April 9, 2009A certain subset of cell-phone users will never, ever warm up to the iPhone, because they just don’t like the keyless, onscr […]
  8. Seoul FoodThe latest additions to MoMA’s “Destination: Seoul” collection combine cool finishes, cuteness, and cheapness.
  9. Chill FactorUSB-powered with a whisper-quiet fan, Logitech’s Cooling Pad N100 is the chillest laptop chiller on the market.
  10. Gold StandardPosted March 19, 2009The Canon Digital ELPH has been a Best Bets “Tech Thursday” favorite since its introduction. Over the years, every camera i […]
  11. Small Audio DynamiteBoost your desktop boom box with the new Elecom Subwoofer system, which used to be only available in Japan.
  12. The $4 eBookstandMake videos easier to watch by using this tiny piece of plastic to prop up a video-enabled cell phones.
  13. The $10 Green PhonePosted February 26, 2009Despite all the hype about smart phones, most people want their cellies to do just one or two things well: make calls an […]
  14. Eeeeek!This comfortable compact mouse touts laser tracking, an on-off switch, and a four-way tilt scroll wheel.
  15. The $100 LaptopPosted February 12, 2009If you’ve been tempted to get a mobile broadband card—a compact wireless modem that lets you connect a laptop to the int […]
  16. Meow RemixPosted February 5, 2009Forget the iPhone. This might be the best gadget ever: the Control-a-Cat. Originally sold in Britain (where cats are know […]
  17. Brush With GreatnessPosted January 29, 2009You may have heard of the Clarisonic skin-care brush, which has racked up raves from tons of women’s magazines and scored […]
  18. Discount DentalPosted January 22, 2009Over the years in Best Bets Daily we’ve raved about various versions of “sonic” toothbrushes—from the original Sonicare t […]
  19. Radio Ga GaPosted January 15, 2009Last spring, when a new iPod competitor called the Slacker Player came out, we raved about it, calling it a “powerful, po […]
  20. Brush OffA toothbrush holder that uses ultraviolet light to murder 99 percent of the germs that camp out on your brushes.
  21. Movie StarRoku’s new and improved Netflix Player is one of the most recession-friendly entertainment options around.
  22. Stocking Stuffers Under $20Posted December 24, 2008Need some last-minute stocking stuffers for the dorks, overgrown boys, or actual men in your life? We can’t think of a b […]
  23. Wine and ShinePosted December 18, 2008Wine openers—particularly those heavily hyped Metrokane Rabbit models—have been a default Christmas gift for years now. […]
  24. Sound ChoicePosted December 11, 2008Here’s an awesomely useful $50 stocking stuffer for anybody who still has a moldering collection of vinyl and/or cassett […]
  25. Pretty FlyPosted December 4, 2008You may have heard about a new type of laptop bag that’s “checkpoint friendly.” The idea: the bag isolates your laptop in […]
  26. Downsized DellPosted November 26, 2008Last November, Best Bets Daily reviewed the U.S. debut of a then-revolutionary new laptop: the Asus Eee PC, a teeny, two […]
  27. TV GuidePosted November 20, 2008Got digital content on your computer—say, video you’ve downloaded from Internet, or photos from your camera or cell phon […]
  28. Paper TigerPosted November 13, 2008We first covered a new product called NeatReceipts—a mobile scanner equipped with ingenious OCR (optical character recog […]
  29. Keen GreenPosted November 6, 2008You might know Keen as an ecoconscious maker of comfortable shoes that are stylish enough to appeal to design snobs (e.g. […]
  30. Driving ForcePosted October 31, 2008Over the years in Best Bets Daily we’ve repeatedly preached the gospel of backing up your computer files—because sooner o […]
  31. Tiny TownPosted October 23, 2008A lot of people love USB drives—also known as flash drives—because they’re a convenient way to back up your computer file […]
  32. Box ScorePosted October 16, 2008When it’s closed, the new wall-hung Ikea PS Laptop Workstation—part of Ikea’s 2009 line, which is officially debuting in […]
  33. Totally TrippyPosted October 9, 2008There are a lot of MP3-player transmitters on the market, but the new iTrip Universal from Griffin is not only one of the […]
  34. Cold CasePosted October 2, 2008You got a new fall jacket in time for the cool fall weather—maybe your laptop wants one too? We’ve been fans for years of […]
  35. Hot ShotPosted September 25, 2008Polaroid broke a lot of hearts earlier this year when it announced it was phasing out the production of its signature P […]
  36. Hot TypePosted September 18, 2008Over the years, computer-accessory maker Logitech has made various improvements to its sleek, sexy wireless Logitech di […]
  37. Teeny GreenyPosted Sept. 11, 2008There are a bunch of nice things about the new Asus Eee Box PC: It’s tiny (nine inches high by nine inches long, and roughl […]
  38. The ‘Gossip Girl’ CameraPosted September 4, 2008More and more digital-camera manufacturers these days are releasing what you might call Gossip Girl models—pocket-size s […]
  39. Bar ServiceDe-clutter your desk with the new SpaceStation laptop dock by using it to tuck away all your stray cords.
  40. Oh, Snap!Posted August 21, 2008Hands down the awesomest iPhone app? The Bubble Wrap game, which gives you a virtual screen of Bubble Wrap to pop—a great […]
  41. Pyramid PowerThis space-saving gadget will fit under any desk and accommodate bulky transformer blocks as well as regular plugs.
  42. Use the Force!A new series of officially licensed ‘Star Wars’ Mimobots flash drives pack up to eight gigabytes of your data.
  43. Rise and ChimePosted August 1, 2008 At last! A perfect (very affordable) gift for the sleepy, retro-minded dork in your life. The DIY MP3 Alarm Clock, new at […]
  44. Tapes ‘n TapesPosted July 24, 2008Ion Audio is famous for its line of USB turntables (previously featured in Best Bets Daily), which let you digitize old viny […]
  45. Oh Shoot!Posted July 17, 2008The original Flip Video camcorder from Pure Digital was dismissed by a lot of gadget snobs because it seemed so limited—a te […]
  46. Toy in the HoodPosted July 10, 2008Digital cameras have become such commodity items with such razor-thin profit margins that manufacturers tend to either leave […]
  47. Hub(ba) Hub(ba)Most USB expansion hubs are homely, but the new four-port USB Cube Hub from Brando Workshop is totally sexy.
  48. Chill and ChargePosted June 26, 2008You’re probably familiar with something called a charging station: a pit stop for all your gadgets that keeps them juiced up […]
  49. Sound DecisionPosted June 19, 2008The Jawbone, from San Francisco tech start-up Aliph, has basically been the gold standard of Bluetooth headsets since its in […]
  50. Hey, PlayerThe new Philips Compact Progressive-Scan DVD Player surely won’t last forever, but it’s priced so low you won’t care.
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