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  1. properties
    How to Create an Outdoor Shower in the Middle of the CityThe private outdoor shower is one of the rarest — and least practical — amenities. That hasn’t stopped these New Yorkers.
  2. the urbanist
    The Rise of the Franken­mansionMegahouses smack in the heart of the city are sprouting up all over the globe. And they’re not all built for Russian oligarchs.
  3. staten island
    The Case for Living in Staten IslandWhy move there? A massive Ferris wheel and hundreds of new apartments are coming — and so are the Brooklynites.
  4. properties
    The Strangest, and Loveliest, Views in New YorkThat are not necessarily on the 90th floor: gravestones, a trio of camels, and Meg Ryan.
  5. Brooklyn Real Estate Continues to Skyrocket But the rental market is showing some weakness.
  6. The New-Condo Market Went Nuts Last QuarterA sharp rise in prices was fueled by developers’ sales.
  7. real estate
    Brooklyn Real Estate to Manhattan: ‘What’s Good?’As record-breaking sales continue, the borough has become a choice, rather than a priced-out-of-Manhattan necessity — and Queens is rising, too.
  8. real estate
    Buyers Are Getting Priced Out of Manhattan“I don’t see any relief, outside of a recession where people have to sell.”
  9. Brooklyn Is Basically As Expensive As ManhattanAnd prices keep rising in Queens. Maybe it’s time to take another look at the suburbs.
  10. real estate
    Manhattan’s Real-Estate StalemateAs prices hit record highs, buyers aren’t willing to shell out — and sellers aren’t budging. 
  11. real estate
    Brooklyn’s Housing Market Beats ManhattanThe borough’s prices continue to break records.
  12. youth
    The Kids of P.S. 205 Share Their Favorite Yoga PosesChild’s pose, in class.
  13. Manhattan’s Real-Estate Market Is Finally Cooling OffBut does it mean you can actually afford an apartment?
  14. memoirs
    What It Was Like to Be Filmed by Albert MayslesHe came to record my children talking—and then, two years later, came back for more footage.
  15. real estate
    Brooklyn Real-Estate Prices Are at Record HighsAs Manhattan goes, so goes Brooklyn.
  16. real estate
    Manhattan Real-Estate Prices Are at Record Highs — and They’re Only Going UpUltra-high-end luxury condos are helping to fuel the madness.
  17. dividing the assets
    The Hell of Selling a House With an Ex-Spouse “It all comes down to one word: power.”
  18. love lessons
    How Separating From My Husband Saved My MarriageWe learned it’s not the origin story that matters.
  19. real estate porn
    This Is What $28.5 Million Gets You at Luxury Tower One57A photo tour of the model apartment on the 58th floor.
  20. kid critics
    Playing Critic With Schoolchildren at MoMA’s ‘Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs’ “I think those are hearts. And that might be seaweed.”
  21. famous real estate
    The Funeral Home From The Sopranos Is for SaleThe setting of the show’s major farewells is listed at $1.8 million.
  22. consumer psychology
    3 Ways Real Estate Messes With Your HeadBidding wars and other examples of real-estate quirkiness, explained.
  23. consumer psychology
    3 Ways Real Estate Messes With Your HeadBidding wars and other examples of real-estate quirkiness, explained.
  24. real estate
    Brooklyn Home Prices Hit a Crazy New RecordAbove pre-financial-crisis levels.
  25. real estate
    Buyers’ Market in Manhattan Growing for the RichInventory is up, but only for large, expensive places.
  26. real estate
    You Can’t Afford BrooklynThe price of real estate in some of its neighborhoods easily surpassed Manhattan’s median sale price.
  27. real estate
    A Look Inside the Accidentally Preserved 5 Beekman StreetThe building’s trajectory parallels the story of downtown’s history.
  28. real estate
    Stop Saying Brooklyn Is Cheap. It’s Not.The average and median prices for a Brooklyn property have hit all-time highs.
  29. real estate
    Manhattan Real Estate Isn’t As Hot As It LooksThough it’s still strong.
  30. oh brooklyn
    Buy a Park Slope Condo, Get a Free TeslaFor only $6 million.
  31. surreal estate
    Someone Just Bought the Fancy Glass House From Ferris Bueller’s Day OffFor $1 million, after five years on the market.
  32. real estate
    Speed Dating for Roommates Just Rolled Out in Brooklyn“You put your best foot forward, but hey, you don’t have to sleep with him — unless you want to.”
  33. real estate porn
    Watch This Video Tour of a $14.9 Million Soho ApartmentButler’s pantry! Outdoor kitchen!
  34. school daze
    The Backlash Against New York’s Standardized Tests Is Getting SeriousParents, teachers, and principals protested across the city today.
  35. real estate
    Gentrification Is Coming for QueensSales are way up: “Queens is benefiting directly from Brooklyn’s success.”
  36. unreal estate
    Broker Scores $13 Million Deal Using Only Social Media [UPDATED]Sight unseen.
  37. the most important people in the world
    The Best Dirt From 15 Central Park WestFrom the author Michael Gross’s new book on the behemoth condo building.
  38. real estate
    Manhattan’s Crazy Real-Estate Numbers Don’t Tell the Whole StoryTop-tier condos are driving average prices way up, but it’s not all bad news for buyers.
  39. unreal estate
    Insane Hamptons Summer Rentals Hit the Million-Dollar MarkFor the season!
  40. real estate
    Rent Now, Get a Free TV: The Strangest Apartment Perks Offered This WinterLandlords are giving away gym memberships, Kindles, and even gift cards.
  41. super bowl 2014
    Super Bowl Rentals Don’t ScoreLocals hoping to profit from the influx of out-of-towners have been unsuccessful.
  42. real estate
    Now’s the Time to Negotiate With Your LandlordVacancy rates are up in Manhattan.
  43. real estate
    A Decade in Brooklyn Real Estate, by the Staggering NumbersThe borough is an also-ran no more.
  44. real estate
    5 Ways Getting a Mortgage Will Be Harder in 2014New Dodd-Frank regulations take effect on January 10.
  45. real estate
    Forget the Cold: Manhattan Real Estate Is on FireIt’s a very good time to be a seller.
  46. real estate
    Can an Upper East Side Mansion Really Sell for Nine Figures (and Change)?12 East 69th Street is listed for $114.077 million.
  47. real estate
    Who Stayed at This Craigslist ‘Celebrity Loft’?This is like “Washington slept here,” but more impressive. 
  48. unreal estate
    Fame Slept Here: William Randolph Hearst’s Stately Park Avenue Home for SaleA stately apartment in the Ritz Tower. 
  49. real estate
    Manhattan Real-Estate Market As Insane As EverSales are higher than they’ve been since 2007.
  50. unreal estate
    Park Avenue Condo’s Expensive Servants QuartersAnyone want a $3 million studio?
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