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  1. On the MarketFor sale: Spend between $200,000 and $300,000 and you’re in the sweet spot, says broker David Knudsen. This will get you a house in one of the p […]
  2. Get In on Sullivan CountyNow’s the time to head to the far-west Catskills.
  3. All About the DrivewayLocal real-estate agents on buildings they’d like to grow old in.
  4. From Urb to BurbIf you can’t stomach being outbid on yet another crummy railroad apartment, it might be time to consider heading farther afield.
  5. Covetable Home FAQsHow do I get into an 80/20 or Mitchell-Lama building? Until last year, when the city moved the whole process online, applying for affordable ho […]
  6. On the MarketA garage, a key to Gramercy Park, and an Upper East Side limestone mansion can all be yours.
  7. The CovetablesYes, we’d all like to live in the Dakota. Or 740 Park, the Beresford, or 15 CPW. In addition to those old standbys of lust-worthiness, the city […]
  8. It’s What’s on the Inside (of the Pantry) That CountsDevelopers looking to push their properties on an ever-discerning clientele have taken to curating the cupboards of their model apartments. Belo […]
  9. Home EconomicsDoes renovating your kitchen pay off?
  10. The Kitchen ExposedSome New Yorkers whip up nightly five-course meals. Others use their ovens for storing off-season sweaters. So how much is a kitchen worth, anyway?
  11. “Oh, Marcel!”Sharing the apartment with Marcel Duchamp’s ghost and other tales of historic-home living.
  12. Fame Slept Here—in DrovesTom Cruise, Dave Chappelle, Liv Tyler, Chris Farley …
  13. And … Now It’s a CondoThe storied structures they once were.
  14. How Do I Dig Up My Building’s Past?
  15. Live Where They LivedBarack Obama’s walk-up apartment, Ada Louise Huxtable’s Park Avenue perch, and John Mayer’s bachelor pad are all up for grabs.
  16. A Pool of One’s OwnEight of the city’s most decadent private pools.
  17. A Building With a PoolMeans you never have to pick up a skimmer. Here, options for barbecue-loving Brooklynites and uptown bagillionaires alike.
  18. Ask a Pool GuyJohn Dugan, of Manhattan-based pool-maintenance company American Pool Enterprises, has seen a lot of scum lines, but no drowned rats.
  19. Permits, Costs, and Meddling NeighborsWhat to know before you start digging.
  20. The International ExchangeHow three New York City apartments fare on the global home-swapping block.
  21. Negotiate, Negotiate, NegotiateAnd other steps to take before signing on the dotted line.
  22. Rent Here, Not ThereFor those priced out of—or just bored by—the Montauks of the world, six alternative haunts.
  23. Rent the LifeAn Amish farm, a working lighthouse, an island all to yourself, and other summer-rental fantasies.
  24. Real Estate Déjà VuIs this 2006 all over again?
  25. Total ConvertsInside the former stables, churches, and NYPD control rooms that some New Yorkers call home.
  26. On the MarketA synagogue … or garage … or clock tower of one’s own.
  27. Conversion FAQsMust a church be decon­secrated before you move in? Not if you strip out the godly stuff.
  28. 100-Roommate PollA peek inside the rarely wanted, often strained, and occasionally nurturing relationships of local housemates.
  29. Splitting the Rent, Fair and SquareAppraiser Jonathan Miller calculates how to divvy up the bill based on a typical two-bedroom, $3,200-a-month apartment.
  30. Divide and ConquerAesthetically pleasing alternatives to the standard white wall.
  31. Roommate Case StudiesExploring the world of platonic urban cohabitation.
  32. When Things Get UglyA real-estate lawyer and broker-slash-psychologist weigh in on some common roommate dilemma
  33. Multiples ListingsThree roommate-friendly apartments currently on the market.
  34. Beyond CraigslistBoutique alternatives for roommate hunting.
  35. The Art of RoommatingExploring the world of platonic urban cohabitation.
  36. On FireThe urbanite’s guide to a home with a hearth.
  37. Wood vs. Gas vs. StoveA battle of the fireboxes.
  38. What Kind of Fireplace Do You Get for $8.5 Million?Or $819,000? Or $1,300 per month?
  39. What’s the Price of Light?Appraiser Jonathan Miller conducts an assessment.
  40. Lighten UpIdeas for brightening your apartment, from hardware-store fixes to renovations.
  41. Can You Have Too Much Daylight?Bob Harcharek, mayor of Barrow, Alaska—about 1,200 miles from the North Pole—talks about living without night.
  42. On the MarketThirteen properties for sale, from Tribeca to Brooklyn Heights.
  43. The Light You CraveWhen December’s short days arrive in this crowded city, everyone starts yearning for sun. These apartments—many of them the product of the pas […]
  44. On the MarketSackett Union, 291 Union Street, Cobble Hill Price: $1.85 Million This long-gestating project has finally made it to market: a 32-unit condo […]
  45. Just How Essential Is That Bowling Alley?New developments are often stuffed with perks. Which are the most lavish, and which will you actually, y’know, use? Consult our chart.
  46. What Can I Customize?Not much—at least, not anymore. Buyers in the late nineties and early aughts would regularly order their apartments raw, to be fitted out as the […]
  47. Old vs. NewWhen residential buildings face off, who’s the winner? Here, a toe-to-toe comparison.
  48. Condo Madness ReturnsBuyers are snatching up new developments—again.
  49. On the MarketEleven properties for sale or rent, from the Upper East Side to Park Slope.
  50. Landscape Design 101A crash course.
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