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  1. What to PlantFirst, a few basic tips from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Melanie Sifton: When planning a New York City garden, assume it’s getting less sun th […]
  2. The Law of Your LandJust because you own a yard doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want there.
  3. 1/100th of an Acre of HeavenEven the most urban soul has a little homesteader fantasy of a cozy back garden.
  4. Pimp Your YardA crib sheet for outdoor décor.
  5. On the MarketThe headaches of owning a Manhattan house are obvious. No super when a pipe bursts. No doorman to sign for deliveries. Trash cans that spill. Cr […]
  6. Fame Slept Here“You’ll never guess who used to live in our house.”
  7. Can I Paint My Door Pink?And other questions for individualists.
  8. A Rowhouse Spotter’s GuideKnow your fancy architecture.
  9. How to Buy a Wreck …Five rules for fixer-uppers.
  10. LavalletteBarely two miles separates Lavallette from Seaside Heights, but it’s far, far away from Snooki-land.
  11. StanfordNothing stays undiscovered when it’s close to two top destinations and New Yorkers have been taking notice.
  12. Ocean GroveAmong northern shore towns, Asbury Park is by far the best known because of (1) a certain Jersey rock god and (2) its disintegration and revival […]
  13. GreenportIts wineries have been successful for years, and it’s a go-to for carless New Yorkers because it’s walkable and close to the train.
  14. MargaretvilleWoodstock and Bethel get all the love, but nearby Margaretville offers a lot of the same weekend pleasures with less patchouli.
  15. SoutholdThis is a place for people who’d rather avoid the scene of Hamptons-land. It’s full of relaxed charm—“People love the history here,” says Corcor […]
  16. Not the HamptonsForget Rhinebeck, East Hampton, and Long Beach Island: In these six towns, you actually can get away.
  17. On the MarketWhat’s up there? Listings in the city’s 18 tallest residential towers, every one above the 40th floor.
  18. The Sky-DwellersGreg Boyd Attorney, 8 Spruce Street, 51st floor
  19. How High Does the Rest of New York Go?The tallest residences, by borough.
  20. What Price Height and Light?Figuring value, floor by floor.
  21. HigherFrank Gehry’s new building at 8 Spruce Street is the tallest residence in town, and taller ones are coming. A look at sleeping 800 feet in the air.
  22. The AchievablesThree evolving neighborhoods that strike the perfect balance between affordable and desirable.
  23. KingsbridgeKingsbridge wins no beauty contests, but looks aside, “it’s a diverse, well-established idea that has room for growth.”
  24. Ditmas ParkDitmas Park looks less like Brooklyn than it does the inner-ring suburbs of another city: Bethesda, say.
  25. Inwood
  26. Life Swap: What If You Left?The median price of a Manhattan one-bedroom co-op is $555,000*. What’s its trade-in value?
  27. Making the Most of ItSix starter apartments that squeeze more square footage from fewer dollars.
  28. The Homestead CalculatorLive where the numbers lead you.
  29. What I Wish I’d KnownFirst-time buyers share what they learned the hard way.
  30. Start HereHot zones for your first apartment search.
  31. The Starter ApartmentThe moment for first-time buyers may be right now.
  32. On Your Feet, MisterAfter West Side doormen are barred from sitting down on the job, tenants offer a seat.
  33. Fame Slept HereThis was the home of George Voskovec, who played juror No. 11—a European watchmaker—in Sidney Lumet’s 12 Angry Men.
  34. Life Swap: What If You Left New York?Trade Broadway for the Beltway.
  35. Hey, Wanna Rent My Couch?Short-term rentals have officially become illegal—and sneaking around the law has officially become epidemic.
  36. Homes for the 99%There are still plenty of ways to buy on the cheap—if you qualify.
  37. 2BR, 2BA, With SofasFurnished flats used to be generic spaces of last resort. Not anymore.
  38. The 30-Minute MarathonIt’s less prestigious than hammering out 26.2 miles, but the new rage in running hurts less, tones more, and saves you a whole lot of time.
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    Pricey Properties Buoy Hamptons Real EstateThe North Fork, though, isn’t doing as well.
  40. Doubling UpHere are eight duplexes stocked with amenities.
  41. So I Just Click and Show Up?A primer for first-time vacation renters.
  42. Fame Slept Here16 Greene Street, Apartment 1NThe Facts: A 2,923-square-foot loft with two bathrooms. Asking price: $2.5 million. Maintenance: $2,020 per month. […]
  43. The DealbreakersIf you discover a real bargain, the co-op board may not let you get away with it.
  44. The New New ThingHere are seven apartments in projects that opened within the last six months.
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    Wealthy New Yorkers Keep Buying Real EstateEconomy be damned!
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    Upper East Side Condo Taps Into Private-School AgitaFancy building courts fancy moms.
  47. Fame Slept HereThis apartment in the Chelsea Mercantile Building has had more than its fair share of power dwellers.
  48. What Glut?Williamsburg, once plagued with too many condos for too few buyers, appears to be a hot sell again.
  49. The Starter JackpotFor buyers, the big opportunity is in smaller apartments.
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    Depeche Mode Founder Vince Clarke Buys $2.8 Million Dumbo LoftNow he “Just Can’t Get Enough” unobstructed river views.
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