Sam Grobart

  1. Driven to DistractionThe coolest cars on the road this summer give new meaning to the term autoerotic.
  2. Expert Testimony: There’s the BeefEveryone has a favorite place for a hamburger, but how many of us are really qualified to judge? You may eat more burgers than Wimpy, you may be […]
  3. Expert Testimony: High and DryAfter you’ve washed that man (or woman) right out of your hair, how are you going to dry it? Not, we hope, with that five-and-dime-bought hair d […]
  4. Aimless Rider in Topless CarFive swell convertibles that just needed to be taken out for long, long rides.
  5. Dr. Harold Freeman: War on PovertyDr. Harold Freeman arrived at Harlem Hospital Center in 1967, having completed his residency at Memorial Sloan-Kettering and his medical trainin […]
  6. Dr. Roger Yurt: Balm SquadMajor-burn care is uniquely complicated, at once emergency and long-term. You must deal with a body that has lost its primary immune defense (th […]
  7. Expert Testimony: Wheels on FireThere’s something a bit paradoxical about auto racing in New York. We are genetically predisposed to be wary of automobile ownership at all – d […]
  8. Expert Testimony: Four-Wheel JiveThe thing about in-line skates, for all their popularity, is that they’re so, you know, obvious. Not only that, but the beginner skater would be […]
  9. Expert Testimony: Spice WorldWhen it comes to hot sauce, New York usually comes up short. Be it Mexican, Dixie, or Thai, the bad boy of condiments has flourished in many par […]
  10. The Best of New YorkSuperlative pizza, dance clubs, tailors, toy stores, and much more, handpicked for you.
  11. Expert Testimony: Palm TricksYou couldn’t be more chic. Of course you preordered the super-svelte 3Com Palm V personal organizer, so the minute they came off the assembly li […]
  12. Future PerfectI can think of three precise moments in my life when I felt like I was finally living in The Future. The first was walking through a Washington, […]
  13. Expert Testimony: Splendor in the GrassAmong the city’s best-known rites of spring are hay fever, cursing George Steinbrenner, and, of course, picnics. You don’t need help with the fi […]
  14. Expert Testimony: Sweet CharityAfter watching the unfolding tragedy in Kosovo on CNN, you may be thinking of sending a check to an international aid organization. But where wi […]
  15. World PartyThe other Little Italy, Chinatown, and Little Bombay rediscovered.
  16. Expert Testimony: Games People PlayYour nephew Johnny will kill for real if he doesn’t get his hands on the latest in genocidal entertainment for his PlayStation. Being the dutifu […]
  17. Expert Testimony: Buy the GlassYou might think that with thousands of bottles in her care at the Windows on the World wine cellar, and with enough knowledge about them to have […]
  18. Expert Testimony: Top Bottom-FeedersSo you’re determined to cook up some lobsters, and you’ve convinced yourself that you can work through the pangs of guilt that come with murder- […]
  19. Expert Testimony: Letterhead RevisitedWhen you’re a socialite like Nan Kempner, personal stationery isn’t just for the occasional thank-you note – it’s one of your primary means of […]
  20. Expert Testimony: Brush With FameShould you wish to indulge your inner Picasso – in particular, your perfectionist, wildly demanding inner Picasso – make your way to Williamsb […]
  21. Expert Testimony: Name That TuneSay you like to sing. In fact, say you really like to sing, so much so that you warble not just in the shower but on Broadway (winning two Tonys […]
  22. Expert Testimony: Sound ChoiceProblems with your Fender’s fretboard? Is your vintage Moog synth sounding more like a Casiotone? For quality rehab and repair, follow the lead […]
  23. Expert Testimony: Photo FinishWhen your old Vivatar point-and-shoot broke, you just threw it out. But now that you’ve upgraded to an envy-inducing Leica, what do you do if it […]
  24. Expert Testimony: Screen SaversSo you bought an iMac, and you thought it was all going to be so simple. In spite of that warm and cuddly corporate image, you soon realized tha […]
  25. NavigatorQ: I’ve got a bunch of old Super 8 movies and a few old LPs (recordings not available on CD) I just can’t part with. Any suggestions on p […]
  26. Expert Testimony: Hoop DreamsHoops are back, so saith the gods of the NBA. But not so fast. Maybe a lesson needs to be taught here. Maybe we’d do basketball, and ourselves, […]
  27. NavigatorQ: My lovely leather luggage got scuffed up pretty badly during my holiday travels. Suggestions?
  28. NavigatorQ: I scored an amazing antique watch for Christmas. The case and crystal are flawless, but it keeps stopping. Where should I get it repaired?
  29. Expert Testimony: All That JazzThe neighborhood music shop might be a fine place to pick up A Love Supreme or Kind of Blue, but let’s say you’re a bit past that – you’re look […]
  30. NavigatorQ: Where can I get an old-school barbershop shave?