Sam Jewler

  1. kvetching about shvitzing
    Does the New York Subway System Really Need to Be This Hot?Things were actually better in the summer of 1904.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Hugh Grant and Chris Noth Do Shots With Fans; Ralph Lauren Tours WilliamsburgAnd more, in our weekly roundup of celebrity diners.
  3. fascination with the macabre
    2009 Is Officially the Summer of Death™If it feels like famous folk have been dropping like flies this summer, it’s because they have been — more than any other summer in recent history, it turns out. Research turns up grim facts.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Oprah’s Appetite for Junk Food Knows No BoundsYour weekly roundup of where the pretty people went to eat.
  5. Celebrity Settings
    Dennis Haskins ‘Subdued’ Over Drinks; Katie Couric Eats ItalianSee which sparkly people were seen wining and dining in our weekly roundup.
  6. Celebrity Settings
    Rihanna Is Everywhere, From the Griffin and Golden Krust to Shanghai SquareIt’s our weekly roundup of where the sparkly people were seen wining and dining.
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    The Long, Tortured History of the Second Avenue SubwayLooking back at 80 years of delays.
  8. One Day on the StoopWhat sold when, and for how much, at actor-writer Joe McCarthy’s July 18 sale in Park Slope.
  9. Staging for SuccessHow to turn your paperbacks and costume jewelry into good scratch.