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  1. How Do You Solve a Problem Like Pizzagate?“This is a problem that’s not going to be solved, probably, by the law,” one expert says.
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    Could Cops Use Facebook Reactions to Target Criminals?The fraught relationship between law enforcement and social media will only be further complicated by Facebook’s new feature.
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    How China’s Biggest Social Network Works With the GovernmentAccording to a whistle-blowing former censorship employee of Weibo, China’s largest social-networking platform with some 222 million active users, the Chinese government dictates exactly which posts can be published, or not, if they include “sensitive” words. 
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    DA: Shooter’s Phone Contains ‘Cyber Pathogen’Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone may have been “used as a weapon to introduce a lying dormant cyber pathogen,” DA claims.
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    Talking With Twinks4Trump, the Best Pro-Trump Twitter AccountA conversation with the creator of the one bright spot in this election season.
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    The Internet’s New Celebrity Cat Is a Coconut-Oil Addict Called ‘Goal Kitty’You may have seen the tragic pictures floating around the internet: a black cat with a white splotch on her front, her paws awkwardly splayed up and out.
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    Amazon Is Removing Encryption From Its TabletsAmazon has quietly removed enterprise-level encryption from its Amazon Fire tablets, which run its proprietary operating system Fire OS.
  8. Some Doctors Tweeting About Drugs Aren’t Disclosing PaymentsLike the rest of the internet, Doctor Twitter is becoming overrun with sponsored content.
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    Tech Companies Hesitated Before Supporting AppleThe main reason? Worrying that it was bad PR.
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    Headlines From the Future: What If the FBI Beats Apple in Court?Based on conversations with experts, we’ve imagined a set of hypothetical future news stories describing scenarios that could come to pass if the FBI wins.
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    Facebook Exec Arrested and Released in Brazil Over Encrypted WhatsApp MessagesLegal fights over encryption come to Brazil.
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    France to Parents: No More Kid Pics on Facebook!“You can all be proud moms and dads to your magnificent children, but be careful,” someone, presumably a police officer, wrote.
  13. Congress Grills FBI Chief Over Apple ShowdownIf this is the debate we’re having over encryption and security, we’re screwed. 
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    Kanye West Got Caught Torrenting From Pirate BayPSA: Don’t tweet out screenshots when you have illicit websites open in your tabs.
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    Spot the Bot: Watch Google Robot Play With a DogSee Spot Run. See Spot Bark at Terrifying Robot Google Dog.
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    Another Fired Yelp Employee Pens Open LetterAnother week, another open letter on Medium written by a recently fired, low-level Yelp employee detailing mistreatment and a disturbing lack of empathy from Yelp managers. 
  17. Google’s Self-Driving Car Hit a Bus (and Is Still a Better Driver Than You)According to a report filed with the California DMV, the Google car was attempting to avoid sandbags in the road.
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    Did You Know Facebook Is Probably Tracking Your Sleep Habits? Sleep Tight!Facebook isn’t watching you sleep. It just knows when you go to bed and when you get up!
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    Florida Voters: Ted Cruz Might Be the ZodiacNearly 40 percent of Florida voters say they believe it’s within the realm of possibility that Ted Cruz is the Zodiac Killer.
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    Donald Trump’s Boycott of Apple Products Is Giving Him Tech TroubleGive up Apple and you give up autocorrect, too.
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    ‘Katy Perry Is JonBenét Ramsey’ Is Today’s Weird Internet Conspiracy TheoryThe case seems to stem around JonBenét/Perry’s eyebrows.
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    Americans Broadly Back FBI in Apple CaseThe majority of Americans believe that Apple should unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s phone — and that it would worsen device security.
  23. Microsoft, Google, and Facebook Back Apple in CourtApple’s tech peers will file a joint amicus brief.
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    Nice, 69 Cock Lane Is for SaleThe rudest address in Britain.
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    ‘Ted Cruz Is the Zodiac Killer‘ Made the Leap From Meme to Poll QuestionTed Cruz is not the Zodiac Killer.
  26. Sam Pepper Apologizes for His ApologyThe crux of what he says in the video is that really, he’s a great guy who just made some dumb videos and lost his massive fanbase.
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    ‘Damn’ Daniel Lara Back at It Again With a Lifetime Supply of VansDaniel Lara and Josh Holz, the two teenagers responsible for “Damn, Daniel!,” were on Ellen Tuesday, because that is how memes work in 2016.
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    Terry Crews’s Anti-Masturbation Facebook Crusade“You cannot accept any pornography in your man’s life,” he instructs. “Terry Crews! I’m ridin’ around in L.A. with the top down! Woo-hoo!” he yells about a minute later.
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    Report: Apple Labor Practices Still Fall ShortA labor report found that workers at one Apple supplier were working over 60 hours a week, above Apple’s stated cap.
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    Happy Wednesday, Meet Your DoomAs Facebook deploys fun new buttons, Google is building a terrifying robot.
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    The World’s Most Pretentious Coffee-Shop Accessory Will Cost You $500One keyboard. Five hundred dollars.
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    Fired Yelp Employee Criticized for Generally Pleasant InstagramYou don’t get to challenge the assumptions of an entire industry without facing some criticism, after all!
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    Sikh Vine Star Jus Reign Forced to Remove Turban by TSA AgentsThis is the second such incident this month.
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    Unknown Meme Terrorists SWATed Josh Holz, the Creator of ‘Damn, Daniel’“Ever since their video has gone out there, they’ve received a number of what they call strange phone calls and emails,” Riverside police lieutenant Kevin Townsend told KABC.
  35. Feds Want Apple to Break In to at Least 12 Other PhonesProsecutors in all of the cases the DOJ is requesting Apple assist authorities with used the same broad 18th-century law, the All Writs Act.