Samuel Anderson

  1. until you can see a professional
    Everything You Need to Get Rid Of CockroachesPlus, how to keep them out.
  2. what do you want
    13 Health and Wellness Fanatics on What They Want for the HolidaysFrom adaptogens and sauna suits to “the Tesla of foam rollers.”
  3. best of new york
    The Best of New York Home & Help 2017Where to find long-lasting dahlias, bespoke lampshades, a cheesecake engraver, and more.
  4. party reports
    Pedro Almodóvar Stans for Female Short-Story Authors, Just Like YouHe loves A Manual for Cleaning Women.
  5. Larry Wilmore on Comedy in the Midst of CrisisWilmore said he hopes to find a balance between levity and real talk.
  6. robin williams
    Billy Crystal Recalls Robin Williams’s Bit About Reagan’s FuneralThe man had a killer bit about Reagan’s funeral.
  7. quotables
    Dinner-Party Queen Jill Kargman Will Bring Up Her Birth Control, Thank You“God forbid I talk about my [uterus] for one minute. It’s not about being irreverent. It’s leveling the playing field.”
  8. party chat
    Cosby Writer on Being the Only Female: ‘Shut Up’“They were pretty sexist.”
  9. tv
    Remember That Time Hollywood Was Racist? Aziz Ansari Does.Ansari dropped major truth bombs Saturday.
  10. nycc 2015
    Seth Meyers Does Comic Con, Tells Trump Jokes“Donald Trump is running as a Republican, which is funny because I had just assumed he was running as a joke.”
  11. vulture festival 2015
    Amelia Bedelia Is One of Tig Notaro’s Biggest Comedic Influences“It’s dynamite.”
  12. best bet
    An EPA-Abiding Showerhead to Upgrade Your Morning WashIts eight-inch current still meets the new standard of two gallons per minute.
  13. gender equality
    Jane Fonda Battles the Friend Zone and Toxic Masculinity in One SpeechThe activist actress speaks at the International Conference on Masculinities.
  14. design
    A New Pop-up Brings Vintage Décor to BarneysAll mid-century, all the time. 
  15. from the archives
    Remembering 3 Critical Moments in Contemporary ArtArt-scene controversies from New York Magazine’s archives that are worth revisiting.
  16. friends countdown
    Friends Countdown: The One With All the BloopersOur Friends countdown continues … 
  17. real talk
    Lena Dunham on How Amanda Bynes Is Like Hannah HorvathShe also wants to adapt Catherine, Called Birdy into a movie.