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  1. Suspensions in New York City Schools Are Down by a ThirdIt has become a lot harder to send a kid home for talking back. 
  2. Cocky FBI Is Now Helping Local Authorities Hack Into iPhonesWith its still-secret method.
  3. Bushwick Fire Destroys Homes, Pigeon CoopFive buildings were wrecked last night on Dekalb Avenue.
  4. Obama Just Shortened 61 Drug Offenders’ Prison SentencesMore than a third of them were serving life sentences. 
  5. The Clinton-Sanders Throwdown in Brooklyn Is Likely to HappenHottest ticket after LCD Soundsystem. 
  6. What’s Killing Religious-Liberty Bills? Big-Money Sports.Specifically, the sports-industrial complex.
  7. The ‘Watcher House’ Is Back on the MarketComes with six bedrooms, three and a half baths, and a Watcher.
  8. The Murder Rate in Chicago Is Up 84 Percent This YearThe number of shootings has nearly doubled. 
  9. Trans Woman Says She Was Raped at Stonewall InnAssault at a gay-rights landmark.
  10. U.S. Raid in Syria Takes Out ISIS’s Second in Command Haji Imam was the Islamic State’s CFO.
  11. Last Year, New Yorkers Paid a Record Amount in Traffic FinesVision Zero is pretty lucrative. 
  12. Contractor Sent NY State Records to IndiaIt’s only on the other side of the world — what could go wrong?
  13. Who Brought Zika to the West?The hunt for patient zero finds the outbreak started a year earlier than thought.
  14. Radovan Karadzic Jailed 40 Years Over GenocideHe was “instrumental” in the mass killings of Bosnian Muslims during the 1990s Balkans war.
  15. Two ISIS-Controlled Cities Just Got Closer to LiberationMosul in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria are getting put on the road to freedom. 
  16. The U.S. Justice Department Just Rounded Up More Than 8,000 FugitivesJohn Wayne would be proud. 
  17. Mailman Cuffed for Criticizing Cops’ DrivingAdd “road rage while black” to the list of punishable offenses.  
  18. New York Students Keep Bringing Loaded Guns to SchoolThree loaded guns have been confiscated in the past week.
  19. ‘Operation Cutting Edge’ Seeks to Slow SlashingsOperation Cutting Edge. Get it?
  20. Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Has DiedFord was 46 and the mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014.
  21. Cuban Dissidents Continue to Be Detained Throughout Obama’s Historic VisitOne was detained on his way to an interview with CNN.
  22. accusations
    Report: Trump’s Top Aide, Corey Lewandowski, Drunk-Dials Female ReportersLewandowski is reportedly known for his late-night calls to women in the press corps.
  23. MTA Wants Hollywood Profits From the Train ManThe movie Train Man stars Julia Roberts as McCollum’s defense attorney.
  24. The U.S. Is Sending More Troops Into Iraq After a Violent WeekendThe war that isn’t over.
  25. Hubble Finds ‘Monster Stars’ Bigger Than the SunTake that, sun.
  26. A New Jersey Lawmaker Wants to Fine People for Texting While Crossing the StreetIt would be treated as jaywalking. 
  27. American Defector Says Living With ISIS Is Kinda LameSame-old same-old: prayer, sharia, terror.
  28. Conspirator in Muhammad Cartoon Exhibit Shooting Found GuiltyHe trained the gunmen in the desert and got them firearms.
  29. Watch the Public Lashing of Michigan Governor Rick SnyderSnyder testified before Congress on Thursday. It didn’t go well.
  30. SeaWorld Will Stop Breeding Orcas and Is Phasing Out Shamu ShowsBlackfish changed a lot of people’s minds on the sea-theater company. 
  31. the internet
    The FCC Wants to Let Us Choose What the Internet Knows About UsEver wonder why you get travel ads after you visit
  32. Jared Fogle, the Former Face of Subway, Got Pummeled in a Prison YardCouldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
  33. Merrick Garland Will Be Obama’s SCOTUS NomineeThe president is announcing his pick at 11 a.m. 
  34. Police-Union Survey Claims That Cops Hate Mayor de Blasio and Their JobsWhen asked what they like most about the mayor, 66 percent said “nothing.”
  35. travel
    The White House Is Making It Even Easier to Get to CubaWant a ‘58 Impala, cheap?
  36. Half of People Killed at the Hands of Police Are DisabledWhy don’t we talk about this more? 
  37. An American ISIS Member Was Detained While Trying to QuitKurdish forces at first thought he was attempting a suicide bombing. 
  38. James Bennet Moves to Times Editorial PageA replacement editor has yet to be named. 
  39. Amtrak Train Derails in Kansas, Injuring DozensNobody was killed, and the cause is still unknown. 
  40. Port Authority Wants a ‘Deliverable’ TerminalCalatrava need not apply.
  41. The Chicago Cell-Phone Jammer Is a Folk Hero and a FelonHe does what we only wish we could.
  42. California Will Begin Physician-Assisted Suicide This JuneIt joins five other states that support the right-to-die movement. 
  43. The Wounded Warrior Project Fired Its CEO and COO Over Extravagant SpendingA troublingly familiar nonprofit problem: too much spending on stupid stuff.
  44. Paul Ryan Tells ‘Draft Ryan’ Super-pac to Cut It OutThe speaker is not changing his mind. 
  45. Bronx DA Announces Largest Gang Takedown in Bronx HistoryShe called the four-gang conglomerate an “alliance of evil.” 
  46. Misspelling Foils Hackers’ $800 Million CyberheistBut they still got a lot of money before the theft was detected.
  47. ISIS Defector Leaks a Lot of Terrorist PaperworkThe documents reveal 22,000 ISIS recruits from 51 countries. 
  48. 30 Newark Schools Shut Down Their Lead-Contaminated Drinking Fountains While Schumer proposes $100 million for New York schools to do their own testing. 
  49. 7 Things We Learned From the FEC Data MapLots of Bernie supporters, but way less money going to him from New York than you might think.
  50. Paranoid Idaho Shooter Caught at White House With a manifesto. 
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