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  1. A Huge Gas Explosion in Seattle Flattened Buildings and Injured 9 FirefightersThe explosion could be heard ten miles away. 
  2. Baltimore Officer Made to Testify in Gray CaseNothing he says will be held against him. 
  3. World’s Least Efficient Thief Steals $200,000 in QuartersHe took 787,000 coins and replaced them with beads. 
  4. Virginia Votes for Electric Chair As Last ResortGoing medieval to clear the backlog. 
  5. SCOTUS Reverses Lesbian Adoption Court OrderStates have to recognize other states’ laws, says the Constitution. 
  6. A Slashing, a Stabbing, and a Man on Fire in Astoria Crime SpreeTwo officers are in the hospital after being splashed with an unknown chemical. 
  7. Manhattan Co-op Ordered to Pay $120,000 to a Woman Affected by Secondhand Smoke“Livable conditions” is starting to mean carcinogenic-toxin-free.
  8. Spanish Authorities Seized 22,000 ISIS and Al-Nusra UniformsNow what are they going to wear?
  9. An All-Refugee Team Will Compete in the Rio OlympicsHigh-performance athletes get the chance to compete for the refugee diasporas.
  10. The Officer Who Arrested Sandra Bland Has Been FiredHe is also facing misdemeanor perjury charges.
  11. New Video Shows Baltimore School Cop Slapping and Kicking StudentThe chief of the school police has been placed on administrative leave.
  12. People Were Desperately Googling ‘How Can I Move to Canada’ Tuesday NightCanada’s website was experiencing major delays. 
  13. New York Court Says Trump University Lawsuit Will ContinueTrump has said that, on principle, he won’t settle.
  14. China Makes Domestic Abuse an Actual CrimeThere are still dozens of countries where domestic abuse is totally legal. 
  15. The First Birther Lawsuit Against Ted Cruz Will Be Heard TomorrowHow can a Canadian run for president of the United States?
  16. Google’s Self-Driving Car Crashes Into a Bus, Very, Very SlowlyGoogle says this is the first collision for which the car (and the company) bears any responsibility. 
  17. Bad-Luck Cruise Ship Can’t Catch a Break, Cuts Another Trip ShortHeaded back to Bayonne, after another storm and norovirus outbreak. 
  18. Vatican Treasurer Testifies Over Sexual AbuseHe is the highest-ranking church official to ever testify on the subject. 
  19. Tennessee Gets a State Gun and It Is HugeThe Barrett .50 caliber rifle joins the raccoon, the cave salamander, and the tomato.
  20. B&H Sued by Labor Department for DiscriminationThe DOL accused the Manhattan retailer of making Hispanic workers use a separate “unsanitary” bathroom. 
  21. Hookah Bars May Soon Be a Lot Tougher to Find Non-tobacco shisha might be going the way of the e-cig pretty soon. 
  22. L Train Crisis With No Good Solutions Receives Its Worst Idea YetBuild another tunnel?
  23. The Smell Map of Gowanus Is HereSo glad they didn’t map my bedroom. 
  24. In New Video, ISIS Targets Twitter and Facebook CEOsAfter the two platforms purged themselves of terror-linked accounts.
  25. Johnson & Johnson Ordered to Pay $72 Million in Talcum-Powder Cancer LawsuitIs talcum powder this year’s asbestos?
  26. Trying Out CompStat 2.0, the NYPD’s Yelp for CrimeI now know how many cars are stolen in my neighborhood on Thursdays. 
  27. Staten Island Hospital to Pay Eric Garner’s Family $1 MillionParamedics and emergency technicians were suspended at the time. 
  28. Jury Awards $183 Million to ‘Black Sunday’ FiremenEighty percent of the blame is being placed on the city.
  29. Gates: Sometimes FBI Should Access Private DataThe ticking-time-bomb scenario comes to your phone.
  30. Kalamazoo Uber Driver Charged With 6 Counts of MurderHis motive is still unknown. 
  31. Russia and U.S. Have Agreed to a Cease-fire in a Pummeled SyriaDoes not apply to attacks on ISIS.
  32. Dahlia’s Busted Serving Booze to 40-Plus MinorsScandal.
  33. Huge L.A. Gas Leak Finally Gets PluggedSoCal can breathe easier soon.
  34. Times Square Police Station to Get a MakeoverCookie Monsters have replaced Travis Bickle.
  35. Schumer and White House Exchanging WordsChuck Schumer, joined by de Blasio and Bratton, gets shirty about DHS funding.
  36. U of Texas Allows Guns in Classrooms, Not DormsJust don’t go waving it around during your seminar for early American lit.
  37. La Guardia May Allow Longer FlightsBigger planes, longer flights — what could go wrong?
  38. Bad Tinder Dude Pretended Sister Has Cancer, Scammed Women for $26,000Further proof that there are no nice single guys in New York. 
  39. student loans
    U.S. Marshals Are Arresting People in Texas Who Have Outstanding Student LoansAs if those loans weren’t scary enough already. 
  40. Journalists Are Charged and Released After Filming Protest in BahrainThey are headed for the airport. 
  41. 30 Years Later, Missing Amnesiac Finds HimselfOne of the longest-running missing-persons cases ever to be resolved.
  42. Soft-Core-Porn Star Fails to Make Transition Into Mainstream Cruz CommercialThe ad was yanked, tossed, sacked — whatever you want to call it. 
  43. Congress Finally Finds Something to Agree On: Forced Labor, Child Slavery BadClosing an 85-year-old loophole.
  44. MySpace Sold As a Data Mine for Time Inc.You ever go back and check your old MySpace account? Time Inc. does. 
  45. Titanic II, Entirely Sinkable Idea, to Set Sail in 2018“Afraid we don’t serve ice on this ship, sir.”
  46. Obama’s New Tyranny: White House ‘No Guns’ SignsSecret Service to anyone packing heat: You’re on notice.
  47. ‘Happy Birthday to You’ Is Finally Out of CopyrightNo more awkward cut to a character blowing out candles.
  48. Flint Cases Could Yield Manslaughter ChargesAlso, Flint residents got a boil-your-water advisory Wednesday.
  49. The Evanescence of the SAT WordExpurgated from the test.
  50. Mega–Cruise Ship Meets Megastorm for Scariest Super Bowl Party EverThe game played on.
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