Sara Schaefer

  1. reality tv
    Kara From Lego Masters Is My Favorite Reality-TV Contestant EverHer short ride on the Lego train was enough to last me a lifetime.
  2. first person
    What I’ve Learned Performing Comedy at Over 50 College Campuses“When I started touring universities, my first impression was not Wow, these softies can’t take a joke! It was Oh dear God, they are so young!
  3. conversations
    What Hannah Gadsby’s Nanette Means to ComediansTwo stand-ups discuss why Hannah Gadsby’s Netflix special is so important.
  4. The German and the Robot: My Awkward, Addicting Leap Into ComedyTwelve years ago, I had just moved to New York City. I came here with a friend from my college sketch group. Her name was Alana and we had big […]
  5. street style
    Watch: Comedian Sara Schaefer Talk Etiquette With the Fashion Week Crowds“What does a front row say about you?”
  6. scene stealers
    Sara Schaefer Talks Trends at Fashion Week“How do you feel about solar-powered nail polish?”
  7. scene stealers
    Sara Schaefer Talks Street Style at Fashion Week“How much did you spend on that outfit?”
  8. Things to Consider When Submitting to Write For a Late Night ShowThis piece was originally published on It’s republished here with permission. This past fall, I had the amazing privilege of […]
  9. Top Ten Sexiest Up-and-Coming Funny Young Underrated Comics with Genitalia […]Steve Martin Hollywood take note: Steve Martin’s fresh take on everything from jerks to ancient Egypt is a goldmine just waiting to be […]