Sarah Bennett

  1. The Insane Clown Posse Is Suing the FBIBloods, Crips, Latin Kings … Juggalos?
  2. the future
    New York State Senator Proposes Crime-Reporting AppIs it really snitching if it’s on your phone?
  3. movies
    Bourne Tops the Weekend Box OfficeBourne’s legacy remains one of success.
  4. lawsuits
    Woman In Napolitano Suit Admits to Making PastaThe only comment Dora Schriro will make on the record is, “The geese are honking.”
  5. music
    Beastie Boys Sue Energy Drink Company for Using Their Music Who knew MCA’s wishes would have to be honored so soon?
  6. George Soros to Marry for the Third TimeWhat do you get the billionaire who has it all for his 82nd birthday? A third bride.
  7. vulture reads
    Long Reads: Oldham, North Carolina Comedy, LynchAnother excuse to stay indoors.
  8. tv
    Tonight’s Breaking Bad Is When Landry Gets EvilI mean, Jesse Plemons. But still.
  9. nypd
    Police Shoot and Kill Knife-Wielding Man in Times Square Tourists got a window into the Times Square of yesteryear.
  10. clickables
    Check Out This Leaked Spice Girls Reunion PhotoThey’re rehearsing for their performance at Sunday’s Olympics Closing Ceremony. 
  11. Dead Artist Hoarded Socks, Warhols’Hoarders’ expert Matt Paxton is in shock.
  12. NBC Makes Pilot Commitment With CleopatraAs if there wasn’t enough drama in Egypt these days.
  13. sexism
    Second Employee Suing Janet Napolitano Over Charges of Reverse SexismJason Mount says he was passed over for a promotion because he is a man.
  14. clickables
    Unoriginal Answers On The Actors StudioWho knew so many actors’ favorite word is “daddy”?
  15. the oscars
    Lorne Michaels Isn’t Producing the OscarsABC rejects Jimmy Fallon, Lorne Michaels rejects ABC.
  16. movies
    Joan Didion and Todd Field Are Co-writing a ScreenplayThey’re partnering up for a political thriller.
  17. movies
    John Logan (Hugo) Writing Jersey Boys Screenplay From writing the new Bond to “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”
  18. movies
    Tickets for Dark Knight Rises Already on SaleAvailable for purchase in NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.
  19. music
    Jay-Z Is the New Duracell SpokespersonMakes about as much sense as 50 Cent shilling for Vitaminwater, right?
  20. clickables
    Watch the First Five Minutes of HaywireA.k.a., five minutes of coffee and kicking.
  21. movies
    Lily Collins to Play Lead in Evil Dead RemakeFrom Snow White to the Necronomicon.
  22. movies
    Benedict Cumberbatch Joins Next Star TrekYay, another excuse to say Benedict Cumberbatch!
  23. movies
    Jerry Garcia Documentary in the WorksAfter a long, strange legal battle, music rights have been secured.
  24. movies
    Amanda Seyfried and Taylor Swift Offered Roles in Les MisérablesTheirs is some casting on a cloud.
  25. music
    Madonna and Kylie Minogue to Duet (at Last)For Australians and gay dudes, Christmas has come a little late this year.
  26. clickables
    Watch a Taiwanese News Recap of Todd Margaret’s First SeasonFeaturing a decreasingly accurate computer rendering of David Cross.
  27. clickables
    See Jemaine Clement As a Biker Bad Guy in Men in Black IIIWatch out, SAMCRO.
  28. tv
    Jack White Will Be on American PickersBecause The Antiques Roadshow is just too edgy.
  29. clickables
    Watch A 15-Year-Old Korean Girl Channel AdeleShe does “Rolling In The Deep,” the other contestants angrily roll their eyes.
  30. clickables
    Create Your Own Star Wars Hanukkah ‘Droidel’These are the droidels you’re looking for.
  31. clickables
    See The Poster For Portlandia’s Battlestar Galactica EpisodeThey have a plan, they have a poster.
  32. clickables
    Watch A Tribute Montage Of Shows We Lost In 2011Even Outsourced is gone but not forgotten.
  33. clickables
    Watch Zach Braff and Donald Faison’s Reunion DuetThe Scrubs “Guy Love” duo sing again, for the holidays.
  34. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for Bad Ass, Decide If It’s RealReal or not, Danny Trejo wears a fanny pack.
  35. music
    Van Halen Is Touring Again With David Lee RothFor real this time!
  36. movies
    Abel Ferrara to Make Film Based on DSK ScandalGérard Depardieu might star. Zut alors!
  37. movies
    Baz Luhrmann Injured on Great Gatsby SetIt’s just a flesh wound.
  38. movies
    Alan Taylor to Direct Thor 2The Game of Thrones director steps in.
  39. clickables
    Watch Florence and the Machine and Billy Bragg’s Xmas DuetNothing says Christmas like the Pogues’ “Fairytale of New York.”
  40. clickable
    Watch Videos for 2011’s Best Pop Hits From EuropeYes, there’s an “Italian Bruno Mars.”
  41. clickables
    Watch Musicians Analyze Scott Wieland’s ‘Winter Wonderland’At least the dude from Mumford & Sons likes Weiland’s scarf.
  42. clickables
    Watch David Letterman ‘Cowboy Up’ and Live-TweetIt’s the best way to communicate with the brotherhood of late-night talk show hosts.
  43. music
    Phil Spector Taking Appeal to the Supreme CourtInsert wig joke here.
  44. tv
    CBS and Fox Buy Family Sitcoms From Big NamesPeter Farrelly at CBS, Chelsea Lately’s Josh Wolf at Fox.
  45. tv
    The Ponds Are Leaving Doctor WhoMo’ companions, mo’ problems.
  46. tv
    Leonardo DiCaprio to Produce Series for HBOSurprise: It involves the mob.
  47. music
    Madonna Signs With InterscopeInterscope will work with Live Nation to keep Madonna Inc. running.
  48. tv
    Sterling Archer, Author For those who love FX’s Archer so much, they want to read it on the toilet.
  49. clickables
    Watch ‘Sh-t Gay Guys Say,’ the Latest in the Spoken Sh-t Series“Julia Sugarbaker.”
  50. movies
    Natalie Portman Isn’t Happy With Patty Jenkins Leaving Thor 2Marvel Studios answers to no man (or Portman).
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