Sarah Conly

  1. Fantasy and War PaintThat’s how Pat McGrath sums up her spring makeup.
  2. Fashion Week by the NumbersIt’s like box scores, except it’s fashion, broken down to the minute.
  3. Style Counsel: Tuxes and SuitsDO Choose the wedding party suits based on the season, location, and formality of your wedding.
  4. The New Bridesmaid’s Dress CodeGive your attendants a few parameters and let each choose her dress. Here, three New Yorkers—who, combined, have done the bridesmaid stroll […]
  5. Style Counsel: AccessoriesDO Wear short gloves with short dresses or vintage styles.
  6. Style Counsel: VeilsDOWear a simple veil (i.e., single layer of tulle with either raw edge, pencil, or ribbon trim no wider than one inch) for an outdoor or daytime […]
  7. Style Counsel: Wedding GownsDO Opt for lighter fabrics (linen, organdy, chiffon) in spring and summer; heavier fabrics (velvet, brocade, heavy satin) for fall and winter.