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  1. put a book on it
    Video: Armisen and Brownstein Pick Obscure BooksJust like their characters Toni and Candace from Portlandia.
  2. video
    The Many Cameos of Politicians in TV and MoviesPlus a few first ladies!
  3. julie klausner
    Playing Pool With RHOBH’s Lisa VanderpumpOur own Julie Klausner challenged her to a game.
  4. 50 shades of cray
    Watch the Awkward Introductions of the Newest Cast of The BachelorAlternate title for the show? Fifty Shades of Cray.
  5. politics
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: The Post-Fiscal Cliff FightsTime for more cuts.
  6. video
    Watch As Julie Klausner Gets a Les Misérables MakeoverShe looks Fantine-stic!
  7. video
    Watch Doctor Who’s Cast Pick Out Christmas Ornaments for Each OtherMatt gets giant Christmas stockings to use as socks and Jenna-Louise gets a stripper merman.
  8. Heilemann on Weak State and Local Gun LawsWeak local gun laws are made weaker still by the absence of federal enforcement, Heilemann said.
  9. jazz it!
    Vulture Wrote a Better, Even Jazzier Homeland Theme SongHomeland’s been a lot less jazzy lately, but we have the cure!
  10. downton abbey
    Watch Downton Abbey’s Mr. Carson Juggle on The ViewThere’s a circus happening at Downton!
  11. zero dark thirty
    Edelstein on Hardball: Zero Dark Thirty Torture“I don’t think friendly interrogation frankly is quite as cinematic.”
  12. inside the models studio
    Crystal Renn Is Addicted to Astrology“If I go on a Scorpio shoot, I know it’s going to be an intense day and you better come there to work.”
  13. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012Grab the tissues!
  14. vulture chat
    Video: Slattery and Gilford on In Our NatureThey play a father and son in In Our Nature, opening today.
  15. models with wings
    The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: A Two-Minute Video RecapWith Justin Bieber, Rihanna, and circus panties.
  16. homeland
    Watch As Homeland’s Sad Chris Brody Is Always Asked to Leave the RoomThink he and Dad will ever finish that game of hearts?
  17. it’s a girl!
    Video: Vulture’s Baby Registry for The Walking Dead’s New ArrivalThis baby’s gonna need more than a Diaper Genie to survive.
  18. supercut
    Video: The Best Lines From Liz & Dick“I’m bored! I’m so bored!”
  19. politics
    Heilemann: McCain Changing His Mind About RiceSenator McCain has found himself in somewhat of a “cheese stands alone” situation.
  20. Heilemann: Susan Rice Being ‘Hung Out to Dry’“How is this her fault? The intelligence community is telling her what she is allowed to say in public.”
  21. margiela for h&m
    Video Diary: Waiting in Line Outside for H&M’s MargielaThe cold weather was worth it for these sneaker-head guys.
  22. the arousal index
    Watch Vulture’s Twilight Horniness Focus GroupCharting the arousal level of Twi-hards from Twilight to Breaking Dawn Part 2.
  23. stuck in the mittle
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney Was ‘An Unlikely Fit’ for GOP“It’s the era of Occupy Wall Street and the tea party and you’ve got a guy who represents — more than anything — the one percent.”
  24. 2012
    Heilemann: Harsh Realities for the GOPIf Republicans continue to lose Latino voters, the GOP will become “an extinct party.”
  25. the end is near
    Video: A Two-Minute Look Back at the 2012 Election That WasA mere year and a half ago ago, it felt like this day might never come.
  26. hurricane sandy
    Video: Downtown Businesses Operating on Flashlight Power Post-Hurricane SandyTourists buying jeans, locals buying flashlights.
  27. storm porn
    Idiots in the Storm: A Roundup of Those Who Just Had to Hang With Sandy Here they are, experiencing the hurricane!
  28. inside the models studio
    Model Brad Kroenig on His First Time Meeting KarlThe beautiful man (and his adorable son) stop by the Cut’s “Inside the Model’s Studio.”
  29. the shade of it all
    Drag Race All Stars Cast Drag-ify the ElectionWho’s serving up the most shade in the campaigns?
  30. 2012
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Breaking Down the Pre-Debate PollsObama-Romney tied at 47 percent. Ironic?
  31. video
    See Homeland’s Woods Fight Edited As a ComedyFighting in the woods while on the phone with your wife: HILARIOUS!
  32. master debaters
    Video Recap: The Second Presidential Debate in Under Three MinutesAlternate title: Pardon the Interruption?
  33. inside the models studio
    Inside the Models Studio: Charlotte Free Is Addicted to LemonsShe also tells the Cut why she went pink.
  34. master debaters
    Video Recap: The Vice-Presidential Debate in Three MinutesIt was more than just a Joe Biden giggle-fest.
  35. joetorious
    Biden’s Constant Debate Laughter Was Either Delightful or Totally DisrespectfulDepends on whether you found Ryan’s answers hilarious.
  36. master debaters
    Heilemann: Biden Will Get Personal at Debate“If he doesn’t talk about his mother, father, children, grandchildren, and grandparents tonight, I will be shocked.”
  37. seven minutes in heaven
    Closet Tour: Anna Sui’s Elizabeth Taylor CaftanThe designer takes us through her room-sized closet.
  38. 47 percent
    Romney Won’t Explain the Evolution of His ‘47 Percent’ DefenseHe’s still going with “just completely wrong.”
  39. veepstakes
    John Heilemann on NOW With Alex Wagner: The Biden-Ryan MatchupBiden won’t hold back as he did against Palin, Heilemann says.
  40. loud noises
    What Was That Strange Noise During the Presidential Debate?Daily Intel investigates.
  41. master debaters
    Video: The First Presidential Debate in Less Than Three MinutesIn which we learn President Obama actually likes the term “Obamacare.”
  42. master debaters
    Watch As Chris Matthews Grows Increasingly Upset Over Obama’s Debate Performance“I don’t know what he was doing out there.”
  43. master debaters
    Ann Romney and Michelle Obama on Debate AnxietiesAnn shows her “uh-oh” face, and Michelle explains why a debate is the worst way to celebrate a wedding anniversary.
  44. working out
    The Cut Works Out With Hilary RhodaThe model shows us her daily gym routine (and it ain’t easy).
  45. stuck in the mittle
    Heilemann: ‘47 Percent’ Remark Hurt GOP SupportThe comments were “politically toxic,” Heilemann said.
  46. 47 percent
    Romney Remarks More Damaging Than Obama’sJohn Heilemann and Jonathan Chait weigh in.
  47. 2012
    John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Romney’s Candid Camera Moment“He seems small.”
  48. video
    Video: Dina Lohan’s Wacky Dr. Phil Interview“Are we rolling?”
  49. fashion weekap
    The Cut’s 10 Best Fashion Week Videos and What You Can Learn From Watching ThemFashion week is over so you have no excuse not to watch them.
  50. 2012
    John Heilemann: Romney’s Bungled Libya ResponseHeilemann wonders if we will look back on Romney’s response as the moment he lost the election.
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