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  1. storytime
    Gangs of Californian Children Are Not Actually Stealing BallotsIt’s storytime with President Trump.
  2. millennials
    Yes, Millennials Really Are That ScrewedBut will Democrats help them in time?
  3. labor
    Walmart Workers Are Dying From Coronavirus. Now They Want a Seat at the Table.Associates are lobbying investors for the right to be considered for seats on the company’s board of directors.
  4. tara reade
    High-Profile #MeToo Attorney Will No Longer Represent Tara ReadeDouglas Wigdor said his decision to drop her as a client is not a judgment of her claim’s truthfulness.
  5. bad ideas
    Just Give People HandoutsSometimes it’s not that complicated.
  6. inequality
    McDonald’s Wants to Reopen Its Dining Rooms. Workers Say Not So Fast.Workers in 20 cities went on strike to protest the chain’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  7. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Class WarWorkers aren’t the ones clamoring to reopen the economy — they’re protesting against bosses who take away hazard pay while they’re still dying.
  8. aliens
    The Truth Is (Still) Out ThereAre aliens among us? Let’s examine the evidence.
  9. coronavirus
    Americans May Have Liked Their Health Insurance, But They Couldn’t Keep ItAccording to a new report, about 27 million people may lose their employer-provided health insurance.
  10. civil rights
    The Woman at the Center of a Major Trans Rights Case Has DiedAimee Stephens, whose life was at the center of a case currently being heard by the Supreme Court, died at home on Tuesday.
  11. coronavirus
    A Brief History of Elon Musk’s Bizarre Pandemic BehaviorThe alleged tech genius is reopening Tesla’s factories in defiance of a Bay Area stay-at-home order.
  12. vacations
    I Have No Desire to Board a Floating Death TrapA travel agency reports a spike in cruise bookings, but cruises were already bad pre-pandemic. They’re worse now.
  13. the media
    Hearst Loses Big at the National Labor Relations BoardThe media giant waged a hostile anti-union campaign last year.
  14. coronavirus
    Workers Are No Longer Heroes, Kroger ConcludesThe grocery-store chain is ending “hero pay” nationwide.
  15. coronavirus
    A Call Center Giant Is Responding to COVID-19, But Not Its Own EmployeesA federal contractor is making millions off the pandemic while workers struggle to stay safe.
  16. tara reade
    Tara Reade’s New Lawyer Represented 6 Weinstein VictimsIn an email to reporters, Douglas Wigdor announced that he’s now representing Reade.
  17. coronavirus
    Kids Are Going Hungry Because of the CoronavirusAs many as 23 percent of families may not be able to provide enough food for their children, due to the high unemployment caused by the coronavirus.
  18. coronavirus
    Stop Letting Jared Run ThingsIt’s no surprise Kushner’s coronavirus response team is as dysfunctional as anything else he’s been in charge of.
  19. coups
    Don’t Tweet About Your CoupThe mercenaries from Silvercorp USA, who allegedly tried to topple Venezuela’s government, decided to tweet about it in advance.
  20. coronavirus
    CDC Coronavirus Draft Suggests Trump Is Ready to Gamble With American LivesA draft showing up to 3,000 could die each day by June 1 underscores the danger of reopening the country too early. But don’t expect Trump to care.
  21. joe biden
    Here’s What Women’s Groups Are Saying About Joe Biden and Tara ReadeReade’s story creates a dilemma for feminist groups.
  22. coronavirus
    This May Day, Honor Labor by Compensating ItLabor is entitled to the wealth it creates. It deserves more than temporary hazard pay.
  23. coronavirus
    Amazon Walkouts Are SpreadingWorkers in Minnesota walked out last weekend, and other protests are planned.
  24. joe biden
    Feminism Should Make You UncomfortableWe shouldn’t ignore the lessons of Me Too for the sake of Joe Biden.
  25. coronavirus
    Trump Is Ready to Let Tyson Foods Work People to DeathThe president wants to keep meatpacking plants open no matter what.
  26. tara reade
    New Sources Corroborate Timeline of Sexual Assault Accusation Against BidenTwo more women say that Tara Reade told them she’d experienced sexual harassment in Biden’s Senate office.
  27. politics
    New Evidence Suggests Tara Reade’s Mother Knew of Allegations in 1993Reade said that her mother called Larry King about her sexual-misconduct allegations against Biden. A call that fits her description has been found.
  28. coronavirus
    Columbia Graduate Students Are Going on StrikeMany have also said they’ll stop paying rent to the university over its handling of COVID-19.
  29. coronavirus
    What Is the Deal With Mark Warner’s Haunted SandwichBehold the depravity of man.
  30. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus CrusadesTrump’s diehards are useful stooges for other interests.
  31. coronavirus
    Amazon Workers Protest: ‘They Don’t Care Enough About Us’Activists say over 300 workers called out of their shifts nationwide to protest Amazon’s handling of the pandemic.
  32. coronavirus
    The U.S. Postal Service Needs Help Now: ‘The Situation Is Absolutely Dire’A conversation with Mark Dimondstein, the president of the American Postal Workers Union.
  33. coronavirus
    Customer Behavior Is Making Life Even Harder for Grocery Store WorkersStores and customers alike could do more to keep essential workers safe.
  34. vision 2020
    In a Joint Livestream, Bernie Sanders Endorses Joe BidenWhether the democratic socialist’s supporters will follow his lead is an open question.
  35. coronavirus
    Workers Are Trying to Avert a Deadly COVID-19 DisasterCOVID-19 has life-and-death stakes. Workers know that.
  36. faith
    Did My Fundamentalist Upbringing Prepare Me for Coronavirus?I was raised to believe the End was near. Then came the pandemic.
  37. coronavirus
    The Coronavirus Is Radicalizing WorkersThe working class was already in crisis before the coronavirus. Now they’re angrier than ever.
  38. coronavirus
    Dear Rich People: Please Stop Hoarding ThingsCoronavirus is reinforcing social divisions that have existed for a long time.
  39. coronavirus
    Our Health-Care System Is Killing PeopleA heavily privatized system is no match for a major public-health crisis like the novel coronavirus.
  40. coronavirus
    Sick Worker Says UPS ‘Puts Profits Over People’Warehouse workers and delivery drivers are carrying the American economy on their backs. Are they getting the working conditions they deserve?
  41. coronavirus
    ‘I Feel Like the Safeguards Have Failed’: A Q&A With a Nurse on the Front LinesA nurse tells us that when she tried to quarantine herself, her bosses told her to come to work anyway.
  42. coronavirus
    Eugenics Isn’t Going to Get Us Out of This MessThe elderly and sick are not expendable.
  43. coronavirus
    The New York Philharmonic, Closed Till September, Is Winding Down Musicians’ PaySalaries will be cut back gradually through May 31, and the summer is under negotiation.
  44. coronavirus
    There’s No Such Thing As Unskilled LaborLow-wage work matters, and so does every low-wage worker.
  45. opera
    The Metropolitan Opera Is Furloughing Its Orchestra, Chorus, and TradesThey’ll retain health and instrument insurance, but not their salaries.
  46. coronavirus
    For Some Diabetes Patients, the Coronavirus May Turn a Crisis Into an EmergencyThe cost of insulin already forces some people with diabetes to ration their medicine. What will they do during a pandemic?
  47. democratic primaries
    In a Bright Spot for Progressives, Marie Newman Defeats Dan Lipinski in IllinoisAn anti-abortion representative lost to a pro-choice, pro–Green New Deal Democrat in the primary for Illinois’s third district.
  48. coronavirus
    Homeschooling Your Kids Because of the Outbreak? An Expert (My Mother) Has TipsTake your kids to the local cemetery for a history lesson. Or don’t.
  49. coronavirus
    Come On, You Live in a SocietyBelieve it or not, your actions affect other people.
  50. coronavirus
    As Coronavirus Panic Spreads, So Do the ScamsSorry, but essential oils, vitamins, and “nano-silver” aren’t going to protect you from COVID-19.
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