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  1. life after roe.
    Women Aren’t SaviorsLiberation requires collective struggle.
  2. life after roe
    This Is Not an Abortion StoryPregnancy felt like a choice, now it feels like a trap.
  3. life after roe
    ‘Get in the Streets and Stay in the Streets!’Abortion-rights protesters channel their rage in Washington Square Park.
  4. the picket line
    The National Labor Relations Board Takes On StarbucksFederal labor regulators are seeking a broad court order against the chain for its anti-union push.
  5. gun violence
    The Hardening of AmericaFrom schools to Starbucks bathrooms, a pernicious idea gains ground.
  6. the picket line
    Elon Musk Wants Free Speech for Himself, Not SpaceX EmployeesWorkers were fired for daring to criticize the king.
  7. early and often
    Democrats Need a Vision. Fast.It’s not enough to say the other side is evil.
  8. just asking questions
    White Christian Nationalism ‘Is a Fundamental Threat to Democracy’A conversation with Philip S. Gorski and Samuel L. Perry about their new book, The Flag and the Cross.
  9. gun violence
    The Christians Who Make Little Martyrs Out of Uvalde’s VictimsA nihilistic religion worships the gun.
  10. early and often
    Debtors Can’t Wait for Biden to DitherIt’s been almost two years without permanent relief.
  11. life after roe
    Ending Roe v. Wade Is a War on Women and ChildrenThe right offers nothing but more suffering to the people it purports to help.
  12. life after roe
    The Anti-Abortion Christians Who Became Pro-ChoiceWhy did we change our minds?
  13. early and often
    Why Are Conservative Men So Scared of Cat Ladies?Matt Gaetz and J.D. Vance appear to feel threatened by single female cat owners. They’re not the first.
  14. life after roe
    The Supreme Court Is a Tool of TyrantsAmerica has a pro-choice majority that is going to be overruled by a minority embodied by a few conservative elites in robes.
  15. organized labor
    Amazon Labor Union Loses Follow-up Election on Staten IslandWorkers at a sorting facility voted against joining the union a month after a historic win at the JFK8 warehouse.
  16. the culture wars
    Mallory McMorrow: ‘If I’m Going Down, I’m Going Down Swinging’The righteous anger of the Democrats’ newest star.
  17. religious freedom
    The Supreme Court May Sanction Teacher-Led Prayer in Public SchoolThe justices seem poised to side with a coach who led students in prayer, dealing a serious blow to the First Amendment and religious minorities.
  18. power
    Can Nail Techs Win Better Working Conditions?Nail-salon workers in New York pin their hopes on legislation that would establish standards for safety and determine wages and benefits.
  19. the group portrait
    Amazon Labor Union’s Next Big TestOrganizers are angling for a second historic victory.
  20. conservative extremism
    How Much Does Trump Still Matter to the GOP?In the eyes of his party, Trump may have already served his purpose.
  21. scammers
    J.D. Vance and Donald Trump Were Meant to BeTrump endorsed Vance on Friday. The two have more in common than it might have seemed.
  22. labor
    The Woke Corporation Is Dead. Good.Workers are showing that a benevolent dictator is still a dictator.
  23. the christian right
    The Christian Right’s War on LGBTQ People Never EndedFrom same-sex marriage to trans schoolchildren, they won’t give up a fight they believe has supernatural stakes.
  24. intelligencer chats
    Why Is the Christian Right Bringing Back Anti-Gay Talking Points?A febrile Republican base is fired up for the midterms and ready to continue a fight that, in their eyes, never really ended.
  25. just asking questions
    ‘Russia Is Completely Depoliticized’A sociologist from Moscow explains how the nation learned to deny reality, in Ukraine and at home.
  26. crypto
    Miami’s Wall Street Bull Is a Crime Against GodIt has laser eyes and probably consumes human souls.
  27. amazon
    First Amazon Warehouse Has Unionized in Staten IslandWorkers will be represented by the independent Amazon Labor Union.
  28. politics
    Madison Cawthorn Will Get Away With His Orgy ClaimsWhen the Republican Party adopted Donald Trump, it discarded accountability for its own kind.
  29. the right
    The Problem With Compact MagazineA new contrarian venture critiques a world that doesn’t exist.
  30. cringe
    Ukraine Doesn’t Deserve Bono’s Terrible PoemThe country has suffered enough.
  31. abortion
    The Pseudoscience That Could Kill WomenA Missouri anti-abortion bill is a symptom of an increasingly extreme movement.
  32. academic freedom
    Mississippi Educator Fired for Reading Kids a Silly BookAssistant principal Toby Price read I Need a New Butt to second-graders in Hinds County. Now he’s out of a job.
  33. ukraine
    Ukraine Is Too Woke for Madison CawthornThe North Carolina representative called Volodymyr Zelenskyy a “thug” at a campaign stop.
  34. the left
    Russia’s Invasion Tests the American LeftWhat’s so hard about condemning Vladimir Putin?
  35. ukraine
    Xenophobia Is the Wrong Response to RussiaExpelling Russian students from the U.S., as Representatives Eric Swalwell and Ruben Gallego suggested, is a bad move morally and strategically.
  36. politics
    Household TyrantsThe Republican push for “parental rights” comes at the cost of children.
  37. rebrands
    The World’s Smallest Violin Is Playing for J.D. VanceThe Senate candidate’s pivot to Trump diehard isn’t going all that well.
  38. cringe
    Dear CNN, Please Calm DownSo your boss got fired. It’s not the end of the world.
  39. inequality
    Will Rotterdam Make Way for Jeff Bezos, Lord of the Seas?The billionaire and his oversize sailboat may be no match for a historic Dutch bridge.
  40. education
    School DazeThe pandemic has burdened teachers like never before, and many don’t know how much longer they can take it.
  41. socialism
    Beto, Stop ThisYou can’t convince Texans that Governor Greg Abbott is a socialist.
  42. politics
    The Right Has Mastered Cancel CultureGlenn Youngkin’s anti-CRT hotline exemplifies an illiberal trend.
  43. questions
    Can I Eat M&M’s Without Having to Think About Their Personalities?Corporate America has gone too far.
  44. labor
    Miners vs. VulturesA lengthy strike calls attention to the practices of private equity.
  45. education
    We’re Having the Wrong Conversation About SchoolCritics of teachers and their unions are repeating attacks from the early pandemic, and not paying attention to the real culprits of the crisis.
  46. omicron
    The City’s Teachers Confess They Want to Go RemoteBattered by Omicron, many feel hung out to dry by the city and even their own union.
  47. politics
    Thanks for Freezing Student Loan Payments. Now Cancel the Debt.The president can’t evade this problem forever.
  48. politics
    The Truth About Joe ManchinHe says he has to explain his opposition to “the people.” That’s not who he’s serving.
  49. omicron
    Nihilism Is the Other VariantWe’re all tired, but we can’t surrender.
  50. politics
    Nancy Pelosi Is Wrong About Trading Stocks in CongressPublic office is about service, not self-enrichment.
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