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  1. the picket line
    Big Labor’s Next Big FightThe Teamsters’ new leader promised an age of militancy. UPS will test his mettle.
  2. student loans
    The War on Student-Debt Forgiveness BeginsRepublican-led states sue over Biden’s plan to free millions of people.
  3. early and often
    The Space Force Has Its Own Theme SongAnd it’s pretty bad.
  4. early and often
    Glenn Youngkin Is a Country-Club RadicalThe supposedly moderate Republican governor of Virginia campaigns for an election-denier in Arizona.
  5. early and often
    What Happens When a Party Rejects Humanity?Republicans like Ron DeSantis are unleashing forces that can’t be put back in a box.
  6. life after roe
    Lindsey Graham Caught the Garbage TruckThe senator thought he was doing his party a favor with his abortion ban.
  7. the picket line
    The Magic of Barbara EhrenreichThe preeminent journalist, who died last week, understood there were fights worth waging.
  8. extremely online
    Twitter’s Edit Button Is for CowardsThis website sucks. Somehow, it’s going to get worse.
  9. the picket line
    An Act of Mercy Ignites the Class WarElites are outraged over Biden’s student-debt cancellation.
  10. the picket line
    The Truth Behind ‘Quiet Quitting’Workers are reclaiming their time from the boss.
  11. student loans
    Biden’s Student-Loan Forgiveness Is Good. It Could Have Been Revolutionary.Some federally held student-loan debt is being forgiven, which will be life-changing for many people. Meanwhile, a predatory system remains in place.
  12. early and often
    Transphobic Utah Parents Launch Witch Hunt Against TeenWhen their daughter lost to another girl, the parents asked the teen’s school to investigate whether she was transgender.
  13. early and often
    The Culpable Liz CheneyThe hard-line politics she used to pursue power, including Islamophobia, gave rise to Trump and eventually her own downfall.
  14. books
    Trump’s FathersTwo recent books demonstrate the GOP’s long descent from reason and a country in serious danger.
  15. what is elon musk?
    SpaceXCadetsIf you want your child to become the next billionaire industrialist, Astra Nova might be a good place to start.
  16. life after roe
    The Right to the Ballot and the BodyKansas shows why the anti-abortion movement has to win power by undemocratic means.
  17. early and often
    Shilling for ThrillsIn Lis Smith’s new memoir, principles are for purists.
  18. politics
    Andrew Yang’s Third Party Is Going NowhereHe has run for office twice but still doesn’t understand politics.
  19. life after roe
    The False Piety of the Anti-Abortion MovementThey preached about a moral crisis and were unprepared for what they unleashed.
  20. life after roe
    An Ohio Girl’s Pregnancy From Rape Is Not a HoaxThe right’s telling reaction to the story of a 10-year-old girl denied an abortion after the end of Roe.
  21. life after roe
    Defending a Soho Abortion ClinicHow one reproductive rights collective directly confronts the religious anti-abortion group trying to interrupt Planned Parenthood
  22. life after roe
    Birth-Control Pills Should Be Available to EveryoneThe FDA may make a contraceptive pill available over the counter, which would help protect reproductive freedom at a time of considerable uncertainty.
  23. life after roe
    Biden’s Abortion-Rights Message Falls ShortAn executive order won’t reverse the perception that the White House is out of touch.
  24. elon musk
    Is Elon Musk Trying to Populate Mars Himself?The mogul fathered twins with a Neuralink employee.
  25. the group portrait
    Abortion Is Still Legal in Trigger-Law States, Thanks to These LawyersThe post-Dobbs fight has just begun.
  26. life after roe.
    Women Aren’t SaviorsLiberation requires collective struggle.
  27. life after roe
    This Is Not an Abortion StoryPregnancy felt like a choice, now it feels like a trap.
  28. life after roe
    ‘Get in the Streets and Stay in the Streets!’Abortion-rights protesters channel their rage in Washington Square Park.
  29. the picket line
    The National Labor Relations Board Takes On StarbucksFederal labor regulators are seeking a broad court order against the chain for its anti-union push.
  30. gun violence
    The Hardening of AmericaFrom schools to Starbucks bathrooms, a pernicious idea gains ground.
  31. the picket line
    Elon Musk Wants Free Speech for Himself, Not SpaceX EmployeesWorkers were fired for daring to criticize the king.
  32. early and often
    Democrats Need a Vision. Fast.It’s not enough to say the other side is evil.
  33. just asking questions
    White Christian Nationalism ‘Is a Fundamental Threat to Democracy’A conversation with Philip S. Gorski and Samuel L. Perry about their new book, The Flag and the Cross.
  34. gun violence
    The Christians Who Make Little Martyrs Out of Uvalde’s VictimsA nihilistic religion worships the gun.
  35. early and often
    Debtors Can’t Wait for Biden to DitherIt’s been almost two years without permanent relief.
  36. life after roe
    Ending Roe v. Wade Is a War on Women and ChildrenThe right offers nothing but more suffering to the people it purports to help.
  37. life after roe
    The Anti-Abortion Christians Who Became Pro-ChoiceWhy did we change our minds?
  38. early and often
    Why Are Conservative Men So Scared of Cat Ladies?Matt Gaetz and J.D. Vance appear to feel threatened by single female cat owners. They’re not the first.
  39. life after roe
    The Supreme Court Is a Tool of TyrantsAmerica has a pro-choice majority that is going to be overruled by a minority embodied by a few conservative elites in robes.
  40. organized labor
    Amazon Labor Union Loses Follow-up Election on Staten IslandWorkers at a sorting facility voted against joining the union a month after a historic win at the JFK8 warehouse.
  41. the culture wars
    Mallory McMorrow: ‘If I’m Going Down, I’m Going Down Swinging’The righteous anger of the Democrats’ newest star.
  42. religious freedom
    The Supreme Court May Sanction Teacher-Led Prayer in Public SchoolThe justices seem poised to side with a coach who led students in prayer, dealing a serious blow to the First Amendment and religious minorities.
  43. power
    Can Nail Techs Win Better Working Conditions?Nail-salon workers in New York pin their hopes on legislation that would establish standards for safety and determine wages and benefits.
  44. the group portrait
    Amazon Labor Union’s Next Big TestOrganizers are angling for a second historic victory.
  45. conservative extremism
    How Much Does Trump Still Matter to the GOP?In the eyes of his party, Trump may have already served his purpose.
  46. scammers
    J.D. Vance and Donald Trump Were Meant to BeTrump endorsed Vance on Friday. The two have more in common than it might have seemed.
  47. labor
    The Woke Corporation Is Dead. Good.Workers are showing that a benevolent dictator is still a dictator.
  48. the christian right
    The Christian Right’s War on LGBTQ People Never EndedFrom same-sex marriage to trans schoolchildren, they won’t give up a fight they believe has supernatural stakes.
  49. intelligencer chats
    Why Is the Christian Right Bringing Back Anti-Gay Talking Points?A febrile Republican base is fired up for the midterms and ready to continue a fight that, in their eyes, never really ended.
  50. just asking questions
    ‘Russia Is Completely Depoliticized’A sociologist from Moscow explains how the nation learned to deny reality, in Ukraine and at home.
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