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  1. frontlines
    Covid Is Surging, But There’s No More Hazard Pay for Retail WorkersEmployees say they’re practically being forced to risk their lives by working during a busy and dangerous holiday season.
  2. now tell us who funds you
    To the Salt Mines With Ye, Ben DomenechYou can’t threaten your employees with hard labor for unionizing, even if you’re the boss of the Federalist.
  3. appalachia
    What to Read, Watch, and Listen to Instead of Hillbilly ElegyIf you’re curious about the Appalachian region, there’s a world of books and films beyond the Netflix movie.
  4. 2021
    What Organized Labor Wants From BidenAfter years of fiery activism, unions won’t be satisfied with returning to the pre-Trump status quo.
  5. hunger
    America’s Hunger Crisis Won’t Take a Break for ThanksgivingNew data from the Brookings Institution shows persistent levels of food insecurity, just in time for the holidays.
  6. covid-19
    NYC Public Schools Ordered to Close Tomorrow Due to VirusA sudden, crushing blow to the city during a new wave of the pandemic.
  7. holler aunts
    Who Is Netflix’s Hillbilly Elegy For?The streamer’s piece of Oscar bait, based on J.D. Vance’s controversial memoir, is an exercise in elite arrogance.
  8. monopoly
    Amazon Will Sell PrimeInsulin for Your PrimeDiabetesMonopolies helped cause a health-care crisis. Another now steps in to profit.
  9. higher education
    Student-Loan Debt Is ImmoralIf you’re angry at the idea of relief, you should be furious at the system.
  10. the new kids
    The Squad Is Bigger Than EverHouse progressives grew their ranks, but you wouldn’t know it from how the rest of Democrats talk about them.
  11. first person
    COVID Took My Grandfather. But It Wasn’t What Killed Him.His death, six months into the pandemic, is as political as it is biological.
  12. first person
    COVID Took My Grandfather. But It Wasn’t What Killed Him.His death, six months into the pandemic, is as political as it is biological.
  13. the fight for the future
    The Left Isn’t Going Back to Brunch After TrumpJoe Biden may be the next president, but he can’t be trusted to deliver progress. That requires remaking the Democratic Party.
  14. infamy
    Say Good-bye to Trump’s Lesser GhoulsYou might not remember these people, but you should.
  15. wolves in wokes clothing
    Uber and Lyft’s Proposition 22 Win Is a Warning Shot to DemocratsCorporations co-opted the language of social justice to screw workers, and the party is too comfortable with it.
  16. the economy
    The Child-Care Crisis Could Erase 25 Years of Women’s ProgressIt could also cost the economy billions.
  17. feminism
    Trump’s Base Isn’t Housewives, It’s TradwivesThe president has provoked an internal gender war.
  18. politics
    Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation Is Proof That Norms Are DeadEven if he loses next week, Trump got his third justice. The only question is: What are Democrats going to do about it if they gain power?
  19. politics
    Jared Kushner Told the Truth About Republicans and Black PeopleThe president’s son-in-law said what a lot of conservatives really believe.
  20. domestic terror
    Militias Pose High Risk of Election Violence, New Report SaysAntifa isn’t a real threat. The far right is.
  21. politics
    Focus Group Slams Trump for No Empathy in Final Presidential DebateVeteran pollster Stan Greenberg says it was a “disastrous” performance by the president, according to people who watched.
  22. opioid crisis
    OxyContin Maker Will Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges, AgainA new federal settlement holds itself out as justice. Reality is more complicated.
  23. politics
    Trump Donors Blew $1 Billion on the QVC PresidentYou buy garbage, you get garbage.
  24. encounter
    Attica Scott: Dems Didn’t Have My Back After Protest ArrestThe only Black woman in the Kentucky legislature is ready for change, especially after Breonna Taylor. Is her party?
  25. politics
    Fading in Polls, Trump Resorts to Stalking Suburban WomenLadies. Ladies! Ladies? Come back!!!
  26. bolivian election
    Bolivia’s Left Wins Big in New ElectionVoters decisively rejected the party responsible for ousting socialist Evo Morales from power last year.
  27. supreme court
    Amy Coney Barrett Is the Perfect Victim for the Christian RightRepublicans defend her by using the same “religious liberty” arguments that trample over the rights of women and minorities.
  28. politics
    Trump Won’t Debate Unless There’s a Risk of Infecting BidenAfter refusing to participate virtually, Trump proposed delayed, in-person debates. Biden’s team says they won’t bend to his “erratic behavior.”
  29. covid-19
    A Brooklyn Protest Against Lockdown Measures Turns ViolentAt a mask-burning in Borough Park, a crowd beat a man so badly he was hospitalized.
  30. house divided
    Claudia Conway Isn’t Your Hermione GrangerThe #resistance’s quest for a hero takes it into unethical territory.
  31. imperfect specimen
    ‘Owning the Libs‘ Now Means Catching the VirusAnd no one owns them harder than the manliest man to ever walk the planet: Donald Trump.
  32. politics
    The Virus Is Not Justice for TrumpNo matter what happens next, we suffer the unbearable weight of all his destruction.
  33. politics
    Jacob Wohl May Have Screwed Up for Good This TimeThe young dirty trickster and his sidekick, already infamous for false smears, are charged with felonies over alleged robocalls to scare Black voters.
  34. new york city
    Councilmember: De Blasio’s School Reopening Was ‘Designed to Fail’It was obvious from the beginning there wouldn’t be enough teachers for students in classrooms, says a Democratic critic of the mayor.
  35. politics
    Debate Focus Group: White Working Class Men Sour on TrumpEveryone was lukewarm on both candidates, and that’s a big change for the president’s supposedly impregnable base.
  36. intelligencer chats
    Biden Emerges From a Train Wreck Mostly UnscathedThe Democratic nominee wasn’t always sharp on Tuesday night, but he probably did what he needed to do against an especially unhinged Trump.
  37. bill de blasio
    Bill de Blasio Has No Idea What He’s Doing HereHe reportedly proposed “a contest” to come up with a plan to reopen schools. The chaos is so bad that one education union wants him stripped of power.
  38. supreme court
    Amy Coney Barrett and the Triumph of Phyllis SchlaflyConservatives have long understood the power of weaponizing womanhood.
  39. after rbg
    American Women Need a Revolution. It Has to Be Bigger Than RBG.Ruth Bader Ginsburg wasn’t the feminist hero I wanted her to be. If we’re to survive the coming battles, we must be honest about her legacy.
  40. ruth bader ginsburg
    Here’s Who Trump Might Nominate to Replace RBG on the Supreme CourtThe judges and politicians on Trump’s Supreme Court shortlist hold extremely conservative views on voting rights, abortion, and even contraception.
  41. education
    De Blasio Delays NYC School Opening — AgainNew York City’s indecisive mayor has left teachers and parents alike in the lurch.
  42. labor
    NBA Playoffs to Resume, New Social Justice Initiatives AnnouncedGames will resume on Saturday, team arenas will be converted into polling locations this fall, and a new social justice coalition has been formed.
  43. kenosha
    Conservatives Are Defending a White Teen Charged With Killing ProtestersThe argument is basic: All white people can be cops if they want to be.
  44. power
    The Progressive New Face of ‘Boys Will Be Boys’Aaron Coleman won a primary at age 19. He committed revenge porn at age 12. Some progressives think we owe him a second chance — but has he earned it?
  45. education
    Unfriendly Divisions: Union-Busting and Quakerism Collide at Brooklyn FriendsA liberal Quaker school says that having a union violates its beliefs. That’s news to parents and teachers.
  46. the revolution
    The GOP Thinks Marxists Are Taking Over. If Only That Were True.We’re far from achieving the socialist utopia Republicans are warning about at their convention.
  47. usps
    The House Post Office Hearing Was a Clown ShowThere were some bright spots during Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s testimony, but little of value was accomplished.
  48. hypocrites
    Jerry Falwell Jr. Allegedly Approved of His Wife’s AffairA former pool attendant says he had sex with Becki Falwell while her husband watched.
  49. post office
    Louis DeJoy Thinks He’s Doing a Great Job With the Post OfficeThe beleaguered postmaster general told the Senate that there’s nothing to see here.
  50. vision 2020
    Biden the BridgeThe Democratic National Convention showcases a party in transition.
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