Sarah Jones

Senior Writer, Intelligencer

Sarah Jones is a senior writer for Intelligencer who covers politics and labor. She has written for New York since 2018. Jones was previously a staff writer for The New Republic and is the author of The Sin-Eaters, forthcoming from Avid Reader Press.

  1. palestine
    Biden Should Quit Hiding From the ProtestersMorality and American democracy require the president embrace rather than dismiss pro-Palestinian voices.
  2. life after roe
    House GOP Leadership Holds Post-Meeting Press Conference
    Republicans Can’t Be Trusted to Protect IVFThe party’s rhetoric about protecting the unborn can’t work both ways.
  3. health care
    The Fight to Pay for Gene TherapyThere is new hope for seemingly incurable diseases, but the treatments will be truly revolutionary only if they are available to everyone.
  4. life after roe
    The Right to a Private Life Is Under AttackConservative activists want to control our most personal decisions.
  5. politics
    The Anti-Feminist Backlash at the Heart of the ElectionAn unrepentant misogynist leads a movement bent on controlling women’s bodies and futures.
  6. evangelicalism
    Whitewashing EvangelicalismA recent Atlantic piece says that critics oversimplify Evangelical Christians.
  7. taylor swift
    Why Is The Right So Weird About Taylor Swift?The pop megastar’s fame, and relationships, have melted brains.
  8. life after roe
    When a Rapist’s Logic Is the LawNew research offers further proof that abortion bans are a tool of abuse.
  9. media
    Billionaires Are Journalism’s False SaviorsRecent layoffs at the Los Angeles Times and other publications are ideological decisions.
  10. dei
    The War on DEI Is About HierarchyThe intellectual right and fringe are much closer to each other than it seems publicly.
  11. child hunger
    The Class War on KidsWhy do so many Republican governors oppose feeding hungry children?
  12. 2024 iowa caucuses
    Ron DeSantis Is Becoming a Punch LineTrump makes voters feel powerful in ways the Florida governor does not.
  13. life after roe
    Death Panels for WomenAbortion bans give conservative lawmakers the power over life and death.
  14. life after roe
    Who Gets to Be a Person?The case of Brittany Watts, prosecuted after a miscarriage, shows a pernicious ideology at work.
  15. parental rights
    Hypocrisy Isn’t the Problem With the Parental-Rights MovementScandals involving alcohol for teens and a threesome reveal what the leaders truly want.
  16. things people say
    John Fetterman Is the Status Quo in Gym ShortsAfter running as a progressive, the senator says he’s not one. It turns out that he’s a typical politician.
  17. life after roe
    The Anti-Abortion Movement Is Anti-HumanTwo recent cases show women are regarded as vessels, not people.
  18. gaza
    Don’t Lose Sight of GazaThe controversy over free speech on campus shouldn’t distract from horrors abroad.
  19. early and often
    Nikki Haley’s Gender TrapConservative women accept and reject feminism all at once.
  20. bully pulpit
    America’s White Evangelical ProblemTim Alberta traces the debasement of his church, which has revolutionized politics for the worse.
  21. religion
    The Infidel Turned ChristianAyaan Hirsi Ali’s latest conversion is all about politics.
  22. israel-hamas war
    Listen to the Dissenters on IsraelBlank-check support for the war in Gaza will only further debase America’s reputation.
  23. moms for liberty
    The Anti-Trans Backlash Failed Last NightMoms for Liberty’s results are a decidedly mixed bag.
  24. israel-hamas war
    Republicans for War CrimesEliminationist rhetoric from conservatives meets cowardice from Democrats.
  25. christian nationalism
    Mike Johnson’s Old-Time ReligionChristian nationalists have a champion in the new Speaker.
  26. israel-hamas war
    The Palestinian Blood on America’s HandsUnconditional support for Israel’s war devalues innocent lives in Gaza.
  27. student debt
    Student Debtors Deserve More From Their GovernmentAfter a three-year pause, loan repayments are back with a vengeance. Biden can — and should — do more.
  28. feminism
    Dianne Feinstein Blazed a Trail to RuinThe senator’s death leaves behind a complex legacy.
  29. labor
    The Media Falls for Trump’s Labor LiesHis pro-worker spin has always been bogus.
  30. education
    There’s a Homeschooling Boom. Should We Worry?According to a new poll, homeschooling is becoming more diverse.
  31. labor
    The Strikes Are WorkingFrom Hollywood to Detroit, unions are telling a story that Americans need to hear.
  32. religion
    The Dark Side of CourtshipShannon and Joshua Harris’s relationship was held up as a model for millions of Evangelicals. Now, she’s reclaiming her story.
  33. the senate
    Dress Code or Not, the Senate Is a Bunch of Empty SuitsThe Senate is a grotesque institution. Who cares how it dresses?
  34. parental rights
    Parental-Rights Extremism Is on the MarchTrump’s education proposal is a revealing document.
  35. the picket line
    The UAW Takes on the Billionaire ClassThe union’s Stand Up Strike will have ramifications for all workers.
  36. children
    The Enemies of America’s ChildrenAs child poverty increases and child-care funding expires, the status of children says much about our political priorities.
  37. abortion
    ‘Pro-Life’ or ‘Pro-Baby,’ Republicans Can’t Outrun AbortionVoters know what they stand for, whatever label they use.
  38. cop city
    The Cop City Indictment Prosecutes DissentGeorgia uses RICO to tar activists as dangerous anarchists.
  39. parental rights
    School Vouchers Are Dysfunctional by DesignFlorida’s program pays for theme-park trips and big-screen TVs.
  40. power
    ‘The First Thing I Did Was Text My Priest’A lay leader in the Anglican Church of North America sexually abused a child. The victim’s family says the institution protected him.
  41. higher education
    What Is a University Without Liberal Arts?Proposed cuts at West Virginia University may portend a dark future for higher education everywhere.
  42. education
    The Latest Battle in the Conservative War on the American MindFar-right trustees at the New College of Florida are trying to ban gender studies.
  43. labor
    Labor Summer Comes To The AirportExploited contractors who push wheelchairs and clean cabins are making themselves seen and heard.
  44. ivy league
    What Ending Legacy Admissions Won’t FixElite-college admissions reflect deep problems with the state of higher education.
  45. hollywood
    Walking Out of the Dream FactoryThe strike is in Hollywood, but its lessons apply to workers all over.
  46. the picket line
    The Next Strike Is ComingIn days, the Teamsters plan to walk off the job at UPS.
  47. snowflakes
    Why the Bud Light Boycott WorkedMany such protests fail, and I predicted this one would too. Here’s what I’ve learned since.
  48. abortion
    What Abortion Bans Mean for Religious FreedomIn harming women, they harm democracy, too.
  49. foreign policy
    Why Is the Biden Administration Rewarding Elliott Abrams?A new Biden appointment sends the wrong message to the world.
  50. child care
    A Child-care Crisis Is LoomingIf the pandemic-era welfare state is allowed to vanish, lawmakers will have abandoned families.
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