Sarah Miller

  1. second acts
    Call My Agent’s Liliane Rovère Makes Me Yearn to Be OldI got the 88-year-old actress on the phone to ask her how to live.
  2. coronavirus
    ‘Don’t Worry’ Is an Act of SelfishnessWhat happens when coronavirus hits an area where worry is considered unfashionable?
  3. first person
    The Great Ghosting of 1985I was in high school, and I had no idea what was happening.
  4. first person
    I Almost Died on the Way to Mr. Darcy’s EstateAn accidental journey to an unexpected destination.
  5. first person
    I Love Only Six Things, and I Lost One of ThemAfter less than a year with a beloved object, I seem to have cast it about on the street.
  6. relationships
    Darkness on the Edge of CougartownWhat no one tells you about dating a younger man.
  7. aging
    Gray Lady Among the Gray BabiesI went gray because I’m old. What’s your excuse?
  8. experiments
    A Marxist Hack to Spice Up Any RelationshipGetting paid for chores is not just for kids.
  9. first person
    The Best Abortion EverIn the rural county where I live, it used to be impossible to get an abortion. The year I was 41, I needed two of them.
  10. spreadsheets
    There’s a New Google Doc of Media MenThe Mild-Mannered Men in Media List has been revealed.
  11. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Cat Refrigerator Scene in The Secret Life of PetsChloe the Cat’s relationship to roasted chicken is a mirror of my relationship to all desire.
  12. movie review
    Sing Is Charming Enough, But Is There a Reason It Has Animals?It’s another formulaic Illumination film.
  13. challenges
    Could You Go 40 Days Without Being Mean?An experiment in being nice — or, as the yogis call it, “medium-soft.”
  14. college week
    Meet the Man Telling Colleges How to Fix Their Rape ProblemAttorney Brett Sokolow has been busy lately.