Sarah Owen

  1. Iggy Pop on Fashion Design, Skinny Jeans, and Flip PhonesThe punk icon talked with the Cut about his new fashion collaboration.
  2. party chat
    Kellan Lutz Wants to Be ‘More Than Just the Face’ of His Clothing LineHe’s done a lot of designing in his ‘Twilight’ trailer.
  3. party chat
    David Koch Gives President Obama Zero Credit for Bin Laden’s DeathObama’s a “hard-core socialist.”
  4. pop quiz
    Can You Tell the Difference Between Nicolas Cage’s On- and Off-screen Crazy Talk?“Do you love her? Because if you don’t, I’ll kick your ass!” Movie, or New Orleans freak-out?
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    John Legend Does Not Approve of Donald Trump Right Now“He needs to stop saying that racist bullshit birther shit.”
  6. i love a parade
    On St. Patrick’s Day, Did People Really Care About Mayor Bloomberg’s Irish Gaffe?Nope!