Sarah Schneider

  1. The One Where I Watched the ‘Friends’ Porn Parody (NSFW)Sandler tells Moanica he has something to show her back at his apartment, and we’ll give you zero guesses what that something is!
  2. The Dude Abides: Watching ‘The Big Lebowski’ Porn ParodyEver since my friend Jeff Rubin and I interviewed porn parody auteur Lee Roy Myers a few weeks back, I’ve been looking forward to reviewing The […]
  3. Yes, They Gave Slimer a Boner: Watching the Ghostbusters Porn ParodyIt’s a miracle! I finally found a Hustler porn parody that I liked! And not just liked, but fully enjoyed! I laughed, I got turned on…I guess […]
  4. Watching the Inevitable ‘Two and a Half Men’ Porn ParodyThis Ain’t Two and a Half Men XXX is the first porn parody I’ve watched of a show that actually invites a porn parody, which helps to explain […]
  5. Why The ‘Glee’ Porn Parody is the Worst Thing EverIn theory, there was no way the This Ain’t Glee XXX porn parody wouldn’t be terrible. Cheesy singing, wholesome student-teacher relationships […]
  6. Watching the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ Porn Parody: Pretty, Pretty, Pretty BadWhat better way to celebrate the show’s triumphant return than by reviewing a porn parody of a show with basically no sexual figures?
  7. What’s the Deal With the ‘Seinfeld’ Porn Parody?You guys, straight up, Seinfeld: A XXX Parody is great. Maybe I’m just becoming more and more enamored with the genre as I go, but I feel like […]
  8. It Was All Yellow: Reviewing the Simpsons Porn ParodyThe Simpsons porn parody should, by all accounts, be the worst film ever made. Which is why I consider it both miraculous and slightly alarming […]
  9. Watching The Office Porn Parody as a Parody, and as a PornThe Office: A XXX Parody is by far the finest porn parody I’ve seen to date, and that’s saying something, since by this point I’ve watched two […]
  10. Watching the ‘30 Rock’ Porn Parody as a Parody, and as a PornThis odd parody within a parody successfully set the tone for our first foray into the weirdest genre in existence: comedy parody porn.
  11. Why More Women Should Write Comedy: A Mathematical (But Not Boring) StudyThe notion that women aren’t funny is as old as the people still bringing it up. These days in comedy, funny women are everywhere. And yet the […]