Sean Fennessey

  1. SNL and The Curse of the Transitional SeasonSomething isn’t quite right on Saturday Night Live this season. It’s not that the first three episodes of the 36th season have been bad, per […]
  2. chat room
    Piranha 3D Director Alexandre Aja on Using 80,000 Gallons of BloodThe director talks about getting so many famous actors in his movie, using 3-D for a wet T-shirt contest, and the challenges of making something both funny and scary.
  3. sample size
    It Takes a Special Talent to Fuse Cypress Hill and Crosby, Stills, and Nash: A Jim Jonsin PrimerA trip through the oeuvre of Jim Jonsin, classic-rock-sampling hip-hop producer.
  4. vulture lists
    10 Horrifying Horrorcore RappersGuess who inspired the Insane Clown Posse!
  5. art candy
    Neil Kellerhouse on The House of the Devil’s Arty, Retro PostersFive freaky posters, and their horror-flick inspirations.