Sean Kennedy

  1. ask … tell!
    DADT Repeal: The Long and Winding RoadAt the beginning of the gay rights movement, opposition to the military was taken for granted. Now the right to enlist in it is a milestone on the way to full equality.
  2. don’t ask don’t tell
    The Next Steps for a ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ RepealThere was a setback for gay-rights advocates this week. What next?
  3. chat room
    Kele Okereke Takes Manhattan“I thought, ‘Wow, if Olivia lives in Dumbo, I gotta go check it out.’”
  4. don’t ask don’t tell
    ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’: The Technicalities of RepealWhat happens if this bill passes?
  5. intel
    The Ballad of Uptown Gerry, City ChickenTwo writers, Elyssa East and Susan Orlean, tried to save it.
  6. gays
    So What Happens Next for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’?Five potential avenues of progress.
  7. party lines
    Byrne, Close, and Short at Damages PremiereEspecially when you lose an award.
  8. chat room
    Jerry Seinfeld on Curb’s Seinfeld Reunion“Just get the fish! You know you’re going to get the fish!”
  9. the schnabulous life
    Lola Schnabel Once Woke Up With Grace Jones Outside Her Bedroom WindowJust another morning at the Chelsea Hotel.
  10. a rare post on sports
    Chris Benz Would Cheer Serena Williams Up With a Flirty Tennis DressPlus, the designer is a bit of a tennis nerd — at least on Wii.
  11. just pants
    Taylor Momsen’s Pants Sit the Night OutThe Gossip Girl star performed with her band, the Pretty Reckless.
  12. hats
    Sean Paul, Hat Designer, Takes Fashion Week by Storm“I’ve done a couple of designs, and I’m planning to do some hats for next year.”
  13. party lines
    Mischa Barton: Taylor Momsen Fan, or Stalker?Why was the adult television actress hanging around outside the teen starlet’s trailer last night?
  14. Gay MathRunning the marriage numbers in Albany.
  15. inaugur-nation!
    Gays Look Forward, Try Not to Dwell on Rick WarrenIf Obama delivers on his policy promises, the pastor will be an afterthought.
  16. great moments in rnc history
    RNC ‘Almost Like a Hitler Rally,’ Actor Flown in for the Occasion SaysTalking to ‘Sopranos’ star Joe Pantoliano and actor Giancarlo Esposito at the RNC makes us realize there’s a reason the GOP doesn’t like celebrities much.
  17. Taking It Off for the KidsHow a biweekly party for undressed gay men saved a children�s puppetry theater.
  18. Underground Musician�Please stand clear of the closing record deal!� Susan Cagle busked for five years in the subway, recorded her album there.
  19. All the Cubicle’s a StageEvery New Yorker seems to think his or her life is a movie; the Actors Institute helps its corporate-world clients learn to play their roles better.
  20. Identity CrisisNew state regulations will make it a felony for many therapists to call themselves therapists. Anyone up for getting on the couch with an “emoti […]
  21. Last Call at the CockAt least for now. How the sleaziest, smokiest East Village gay bar managed to survive Rudy and Bloomberg.
  22. Edie Falco Takes Back ’night, Mother“I feel very safe exploring some of these darker places, because I’ve been there,” says Edie Falco of her role in ’night, Mother. Though the Sop […]
  23. Where Can I Get My Linen Jacket Dyed? I love the cut of my old linen jacket, but I’m tired of the color. Is there anywhere I can get it dyed for spring?
  24. Child SupportRory Kennedy’s new documentary follows a young boy in trouble—a subject the filmmaker finds particularly agonizing now that she̵ […]
  25. What You Can Buy for…$750,000$250K | $500K | $750K | $1 Million | $2 Million | $4 Million | $8 Million
  26. Who Can Rebind My Rare Book?Q: Who can rebind my mother’s ancient copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales without charging a Rumplestiltskin-size pile of gold? —Stephanie, Chelsea
  27. Survey CourseWho? New Yorkers sound off on art-world denizens.
  28. In Search of Vintage TeesQ: Where can I find a selection of vintage T-shirts—the kind with ironic iron-ons? Used is okay; smelly isn’t. —Cinthia, West Village
  29. Teen BeatFannypack’s three young rappers just want to have fun—and rid the world of “cameltoes.”
  30. Click CliqueLike there aren’t enough “friends” in your life already …