Seth Mnookin

  1. sequential art
    Dear DC Comics: ‘Hush’ Is Bad, Stop Republishing ItTwenty years and 13 rereleases later, the popular Batman story remains as empty and nonsensical as ever.
  2. vulture lists
    Batman for Real (and Aspiring) NerdsThe new Batman film takes us back to his early years. Here are the comics that are actually worth reading — in chronological order.
  3. The Kingdom and the PaywallSome people thought that on Arthur Sulzberger Jr.’s watch, the New York Times could actually become extinct. They might need to issue […]
  4. How Harvey Weinstein Survived His Midlife Crisis (For Now)A bitter struggle with Disney CEO Michael Eisner over Fahrenheit 9/11. Miramax teetering on the brink. A separation from his wife. A […]
  5. The New NaturalYale Law School–trained, Rhodes Scholar, gifted Democratic politician, at ease with everyone from the highest to the lowest. Sound familia […]
  6. EnronathonYoung Fortune reporter Bethany McLean broke the Enron story first, right? Not so fast, says the Wall Street Journal.
  7. A Death in the FamilyOn September 11, the Wall Street Journal lost its newsroom. This is infinitely worse.
  8. Hard RainesThe New York Times’ Howell Raines issues some tough marching orders.
  9. Caveat VendorsIf Giuliani made quality of life a do-or-die issue for his successor, Bloomberg has been in nonstop do mode – announcing zero-tolerance policie […]