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Shawn McCreesh is a features writer at New York, covering media, politics, and power. Previously, he worked at the New York Times.

  1. stop the presses
    Biden’s Star-Studded, Triple-President Radio City Unity BlowoutJust please ignore the protesters, and Trump’s law-and-order stinkbomb ploy.
  2. stop the presses
    President Biden Marks St Patrick's Day
    Can the Irish Get Biden to Change His Policies on Gaza?St. Patrick’s Day at the White House and the president’s luck was running low.
  3. stop the presses
    The Media ApocalypseCondé Nast and other publishers stare into the abyss.
  4. stop the presses
    Movie Mogul Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Starring Role in Biden vs. Trump IIHollywood snarks about his Iowa screen test.
  5. stop the presses
    Snowed in at Trump’s Iowa HotelSharky operatives, bored reporters, and a MAGA Shining mood as victory looms.
  6. stop the presses
    George Santos Knows He Deserves to Be a Star“There’s a short-term leaning into the mockery thing which seems to be working for him,” says Anthony Weiner.
  7. stop the presses
    Trump Reassures His Loyalists That He’ll Do Better Next TimeAt the New York Young Republican Club gala, there was rapture about the coming restoration — and how terrified that makes the “libs.”
  8. stop the presses
    The Centrists Cannot HoldIn D.C., Ritchie Torres is full of conviction, while the journalistic Establishment show passionate intensity about the second coming of Donald Trump.
  9. stop the presses
    Who’s Going to Get Tucked Next at The Wall Street Journal?As Emma Tucker pushes out the paper’s old guard, meet Sarah Ball, editor of WSJ. mag.
  10. stop the presses
    Masthead Gladiators at the New York TimesAdam Nagourney’s new book chronicles the last 50 years of epic ego battles at the paper where he works.
  11. stop the presses
    The Journalist and the BillionaireWalter Isaacson, schmoozy icon of the Old Media elite, has written a biography of Elon Musk, who despises all of those things.
  12. stop the presses
    The Old Guard Is Out at Penguin Random HouseA generational shift means a prestige purge.
  13. the city
    Jordan Williams on Why He Fatally Stabbed Devictor Ouedraogo on the J Train“My instinct was just to injure.”
  14. stop the presses
    Was Everybody Always Out to Get CNN’s Chris Licht?Zuckerites might be rejoicing, but Zaslav is still the boss.
  15. stop the presses
    David Zaslav and Graydon Carter’s Cannes Buddy MovieWarner Bros. is a hundred years old, Hollywood is paralyzed by a strike, and the Dom Pérignon is flowing by the pool at the Hôtel du Cap-Eden-Roc.
  16. stop the presses
    When Fox News Turns on Its OwnTucker Carlson’s allies can’t believe this is happening to them. “We’ve always felt that there are spies on us in the building.”
  17. stop the presses
    Tucker Carlson and Don Lemon’s Same-Day DemiseTwo cable-news divas finally get kicked to the curb.
  18. the it girl issue
    Lizzie Grubman Was the Original PR Power GirlBut she doesn’t want to be defined by that night in the Hamptons.
  19. stop the presses
    The End of Buzzfeed News Isn’t Very Surprising News“You learn the lesson of the thing you did before,” says Ben Smith.
  20. stop the presses
    The New Wall Street Journal Editor Emma Tucker Has to Save Evan GershkovichHer boss Rupert Murdoch just imported her from Britain.
  21. stop the presses
    George Santos, MAGA ‘It’ GirlVish Burra, the congressman’s “director of operations,” met me on Staten Island to explain the plan to make Santos … president?
  22. stop the presses
    Get Me Risa Heller!If you’re Jeff Zucker or Mario Batali or Jared Kushner and you’re trying to survive a bout of very bad press, she’s the one you call.
  23. stop the presses
    Markus Dohle’s Big FlopWhat Penguin Random House’s failed bid to eat Simon & Schuster means for publishing.
  24. the year of the nepo baby
    These Magazines Ran on Nepo BabiesRevisiting the golden age of celebrity magazine interns — from a Springsteen at Rolling Stone to a Hanks at Vanity Fair.
  25. stop the presses
    D.C. Was Full of Hot, Happy Gays Celebrating the Respect for Marriage ActBut not everyone got invited.
  26. stop the presses
    Just What Did the Times Walkout Change?Some employees have said they are ready to vote on a strike authorization as soon as tomorrow. Others worry this has all gone too far.
  27. stop the presses
    The New York Times Newsroom Gets Ready to Walk OutIt’s a frosty winter for the media business.
  28. sbf: the virtue was the con
    Why Didn’t More Reporters See This Coming?How SBF sweet-talked the media.
  29. stop the presses
    Politico’s German Owner Mathias Döpfner Is Part Murdoch and Also Part Musk.Axel Springer’s CEO wants to be an old-school press baron for the digital age.
  30. stop the presses
    Is Trump Finally Too Boring to Reelect?Fox News wonders if it’s safe to have a crush on DeSantis now.
  31. stop the presses
    Would Joan Didion Have Liked her Memorial Service Much?As those who would claim her legacy convene, she’d likely just roll her eyes.
  32. stop the presses
    Everybody Wants a Raise at the New York TimesAnd they might just strike if they don’t get it.
  33. stop the presses
    What Will the London Press Do Without Boris Johnson?They party on. And secretly mourn a little, too.
  34. stop the presses
    Lis Smith Loves Politics (If Not All Politicians)The fearless political operative on Mayor Pete, Andrew Cuomo, Bill de Blasio, Joe Biden — and her new book, ‘Any Given Tuesday.’
  35. stop the presses
    Among the Media Billionaires in Sun ValleyReading one of the world’s most exclusive gatherings from the reporters’ pen.
  36. stop the presses
    How Leslie Wexner Helped Create Jeffrey EpsteinA new documentary traces the relationship between the predator, his benefactor, and the New York media.
  37. encounter
    Tribeca Festival’s Post-Film RebootJane Rosenthal has run it from the start and now has Murdoch money. And yes, it still shows movies.
  38. stop the presses
    Why is the Financial Times Trying to Hide the Wealth Porn?How To Spend It, the house organ of the golden calf, has suddenly lost its sybaritic nerve, rebranding itself HTSI.
  39. stop the presses
    The Most Powerful Person in Media Missed the Media Power Person PartyBut his model mom, Maye Musk, was there.
  40. stop the presses
    Despite Everything, Anna Wintour Will SurviveWe probably still need her to.
  41. stop the presses
    Everybody Isn’t In On the (Same) Joke in D.C. AnymoreExcept maybe Kim K.
  42. the internet
    The Best Moments in Twitter HistoryWhat makes Twitter great? Chaos, madness, hilarity.
  43. the media
    CNN Minus CNN+Nope, you weren’t going to watch it either.
  44. the media
    The Inside ManMeet Joe Kahn, the enigma who will now run the Times.
  45. stop the presses
    Graydon Carter Hosts a Vanity Fair Ancien Régime ReunionAt Dana Brown’s book party for Dilettante, Carter came out as pro-union and said he wouldn’t have let Will Smith into his Oscars after-party.
  46. magaudacity
    Has Goldman Sachs’ Dina Powell Finally Gone Too Far?She’s helping her husband, David McCormick, run a shamelessly Trumpy campaign in Pennsylvania. Some of her insider pals are appalled.
  47. encounter
    Hollywood’s Cancel-Culture ConsultantLacey Leone McLaughlin is hand-holding anxious execs afraid of their young assistants.
  48. stop the presses
    Of Course Taylor Lorenz Welcomed Herself to the Wash Post With a Twitter FeudShe goes after Maggie Haberman. Meanwhile, the Times considers a crackdown on brands on its payroll.
  49. iron curtain call
    The Met’s Big Breakup With the Bolshoi“Even at the height of the Cold War, artistic exchange was possible. But now all bets are off.”
  50. stop the presses
    Manhattan’s Maskless Machers Love The Music Man — and The MayorEric Adams is getting raves: “Hot, compassionate, strong, determined” — Diane von Furstenberg; “Pitch-perfect” — Barry Diller.
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