Shawn McCreesh

  1. rebuilding
    Some Tree Buffs in D.C. Took It Upon Themselves to Help Rebuild Notre-DameA truss constructed with 12th-century techniques. On spec.
  2. reckonings
    When the Capitol Riot Came HomeA police chief’s words to a reporter on January 6 upended a little New Hampshire town and roiled state politics.
  3. capitol riot
    What the MAGA Mob at the Capitol Had to Say for Itself“This is what Trump wanted,” said one supporter outside the overrun building.
  4. media
    A Visit With Andrew Neil, The Spectator’s Publisher and Boris Johnson’s Old BossThe TV interviewer and chairman of Britain’s ancient conservative magazine is taking a whack at America.
  5. encounter
    Talking Instagram, Trump, and Old New York With Michiko KakutaniFor three decades, hers was the most influential voice in publishing. With the release of The Death of Truth, she now finds herself being reviewed.