Shyama Patel

  1. Eclectic Slides2000 options: The new century’s coming, and you haven’t a thing to wear? Step into the new millennium with a little sparkle.
  2. Bloomin’ MiracleA rose by any other florist: How to find a chic little arrangement that will brighten your holiday table – and won’t wilt your checkbook.
  3. Costume JewelThe Met’s Richard Martin is remembered by those he worked with and influenced.
  4. Fair and WarmerGet ‘em while they’re hot! If prices for the runways’ best have left you frozen out, these stylish stand-ins won’t leave you in the cold.
  5. Light FantasticIsland travel lets you leave your emotional baggage on the mainland. With these carry-ons, you can ditch the rest of your luggage, too.
  6. Dry, With a TwistA blowout blowout: For just $20, these style-setters will straighten, sleeken, and iron your locks in time for party season – and this deal isn […]
  7. The Skin TradeHide in plain sight: This season, you must have black leather – and these budget picks will satisfy your inner (and outer) animal.
  8. Gimme SoleTired of burning up precious shoe leather searching for the perfect pair? Consult our directory of the city’s hottest stores.
  9. Toast, No BreadPour, little rich girl: Millennium-worthy sparkling wines that won’t make your budget pop.
  10. Knit PickingHead ponchos: This year, dyed-in-the-wool trend-surfers need a funky, snuggly country knit. Here, a few that even a real hippie can afford.
  11. Pony ExpressYour furry friend: This season’s bags don’t all come at hair-raising prices – head for these stores at full gallop.
  12. Parting WordsTress is more: Orlando Pita spent last week tousling models’ hair – but S&B cornered him and took him shopping for beauty products.
  13. Bevel HeadsPicture-perfect: Get over that mounting anxiety with these expert corner-cutters whose prices won’t make you feel framed.
  14. Back BreaksKnead relief? Try these cheap Chinatown massages, where you can rub shoulders with the masses.
  15. Grab BagsGet a handle on your inner teenager: These smart satchels for back-to-school season will never leave you tote-bored.
  16. Line in the SandPeople come to the Hamptons to do nothing. These days, they seem to do nothing but wait.
  17. Nothin’ but NetLast year’s laptop may be a bit slower than an iBook – but it’s half the price. A trip down (random-access) memory lane.
  18. Upstate DowntimeGet into Columbia! Columbia County, that is, just three hours up the Taconic and a world away from the city and the beach.
  19. Make Your BedWhat’s your thread count? A celebrity linen consultant (no kidding) seeks out backroom sources for super-luxe bedding. But at these prices, you […]
  20. Net GainsThe ball’s in your court: Great prices abound on racquets, accessories, clothing, and even court fees. But you’re on your own about that backhand.
  21. That’s a WrapSarong, good to know ya! From Nairobi to Bali, broiling summers are a way of life. So take a cue and try the insider’s way to beat the heat: Tie […]
  22. Blame It on RioYeeeegaaaah! You have to suffer to be beautiful, Mom always said – but at least our Brazilian-bikini-wax deal won’t leave you feeling ri […]
  23. Don’t Sweat ItFreeze without getting burned: One-room air-conditioners at blowout prices that won’t send cold shivers up your spine.
  24. Save Your SkinHere comes the sun: A top beauty editor heads for the drugstore before heading for the Hamptons – and finds protection from the elements withou […]
  25. Garden VarietyTired of bland backyard-party-wear? These grown-up rompers will get you through clambake season without making you look like a stuffed (oxford) shirt.
  26. Splendor in the GrassLet the Knicks mind their own baskets for now. With the weather this good, it’s time to find one for yourself and make a date with Mother Nature.
  27. Play It AgainGet those seedy CDs back into circulation – and bring your music collection up to date – at these independent-minded swap shops.
  28. Secrets of the Far EastA South Fork summer without Dallas rent: Stay in Montauk – a few minutes from the glammier houses to the west – and you get a lot more […]
  29. Take a BikeFor the tire-less shopper: At these pedal pushers, you won’t get shafted when you’re shopping for gear(s). But you’ll have to supply your own be […]
  30. The Duchess of CorkBring your own bargain: Pick up one of this oenophile’s recommendations on your way to the party, and no one will know it cost you less than the […]
  31. Bohemian RhapsodyGypsy chic returns – but this time around, Deadhead fringes won’t do. A SoHo style-setter unearths import cheapies that’d pass in Saint-Tropez.
  32. Fancy FootworkSnip the coupon below for a polished pedicure and let your feet be the only ones getting the callous treatment.
  33. Home BodiesCrunch time: The original supermodel sculptor spills a sackful of take-home tricks that’ll keep you strong – and let you bag the gym.
  34. Screen SaversThey’ll make any studio apartment into a movie palace – but the silver screen’s stylish vintage graphics won’t require all your silver. Hooray […]
  35. The Common ManLooking to acquire big-label Wall Street style on a bear-market salary? An hour up the Thruway, Woodbury Common is the outlet for your ambitions.
  36. The Wet LookSpring showers needn’t dampen your style: See these rainbow-colored storm stoppers.
  37. The Paper ChaseS&B’s ink-stained wretch takes her gig very literally: Top-quality stationery and pens to bring out your inner writer.
  38. Showing Your FaceHow can you achieve that runway-ready look without bingeing on beauty supplies? Behind the catwalks at New York’s fall Fashion Week, the pros sh […]
  39. Lots for LittlePark prospects: When drive-to-the-Hamptons season approaches, you don’t have to choose between your summer share and paying your car’s rent.
  40. Respect the UniformFor spring, fall in with the fashion ranks as olive turns anything but drab: Canvas boots, helmet bags, and even parachute pants return to earth.
  41. Boutique ChicFrom cool local designer shops, urban high style – with prices that don’t always match.
  42. Love BitesThis Valentine’s, stick with the tried-and-true – but not the expensive or stodgy. Chocolates plain and fancy that’ll ensure a mouthful of kisses.
  43. Steeling HomeMetalheads unite! The brushed-steel kitchen fixtures you see in every design magazine, custom-built in Chinatown at Home Depot prices.
  44. Peachy CobblersHave snow and sleet left your Blahniks battered? Careful craftsmen can render them almost immortal. A visitation with the city’s saviors of the sole.
  45. Out, Damned SpotTea on your tie? Coffee on your cashmere? Don’t send those items to the cleaners’ when you can scrub them yourself: We got a professional to spi […]
  46. Don’t Sweat ItBudget stretching: Undo holiday damage to wallet and waistline – without freezing your assets.
  47. The Last Reduction’Twas the season: And now, savvy shoppers, is the real time to be jolly. From cashmeres to Manolo Blahniks, take home what wasn’t under the tree.
  48. That Pixieish LookDesigner Pixie Yates reveals where to shake off seasonal stress – without spending a week and a fortune – and how to stock a spa-quality cabinet.
  49. Package DealsYour presents may look too pretty to unwrap – but these bulk prices on ribbons and papers will keep you smiling as your loved ones do it anyway.
  50. Patchmaker, PatchmakerA stitch in time: Where do you run when you’ve snagged your favorite threads? To Manhattan’s haberdashery heroes, who make the world safe for sw […]