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  1. Knit PickingsThis winter, an aunt with knitting needles is your best fashion accessory. But if she’s off skiing herself, try these alternate trails to snow-d […]
  2. Prime CutsShave and a haircut: Okay, it costs a little more than two bits – but these barbers still keep their prices trimmed.
  3. Top CoatsDark winter days don’t demand dark winter wear. This year, classic shapes are fair and warmer in camel, cream, and tweeds (and one amazing Techn […]
  4. Straight TalkNot a lot of hot air: Six bucks for a blow-drying? We combed Chinatown for out-of-the-way salons where you can indulge without blowing your budget.
  5. The Satchel PageThey’ll bowl you over: Forget teeny clutches. These bags – even if you throw in a pair of shoes – still have room to spare.
  6. Trips and FallAutumn in New York – upstate, that is – never seemed so inviting. Especially when day trips are this affordable: Time to take your leave to se […]
  7. Get in StepHeel thyself: More TriBeCa than Texas, this year’s stylish boots are far sleeker than those blocky things in your closet. Time to give your old […]
  8. Tweed KillersMild and woolly: Softer than anything Harris ever imagined, these lightweight tweeds will carry you through the chilly season without a sweat.
  9. Bow HuntingThe silk-stalking district: This year’s tie-neck blouses make the cut as officewear and for evening-out dress-up. Skip the designer versions – […]
  10. Collecting the PurseClutch peddlers: Having hundreds of vintage purses in her collection doesn’t keep Jill Stuart from hunting for more – so we asked where she bag […]
  11. All That GlittersGolden tickets: Head-to-toe gold is strictly for unlucky Bond girls, but polished accents are this fall’s fashion currency – and won’t use up y […]
  12. Pack a WallopTextbook cases: Your label-conscious kids are thinking about school bags. But don’t panic: These colorful packs will take the weight off your sh […]
  13. Watch TheseSave face: Wear your heirloom to job interviews and parties – and these charmers to the beach or on the tennis court. As every athlete knows, s […]
  14. Style SettersThis week’s highlights: A fab haircut doesn’t require a second mortgage or months on a waiting list: These stylists are pros at budget cutting.
  15. Hello, Tailor!Alter boys: Alongside NoLIta’s fashion boutiques, a satellite industry thrives: the local guys who can make those hip-huggers really hug.
  16. Beach Bag BingoStraw votes: Surf, salt, and sunblock won’t wreck these grown-up sand pails – and at these prices, you won’t have to dig too deep.
  17. Frock OptionsLittle nonblack dresses: Though you may wear these sunny summer slips every day, they’re anything but basic. And they’re the best way to show of […]
  18. Get a GripMakeup lessons: Fendi may be beyond your reach, but you needn’t be left holding the bag. These under-$60 pouches perform in the clutch.
  19. Pool ResourcesWater, water everywhere: Swimming and sunning aren’t just for summer sharers. Avoid the crowds at our favorite day-rate dunks, where R&R mee […]
  20. The Inside DishTable for $200: Stefan Beckman sets Calvin Klein’s table (in the ads, anyway). We asked him to do ours, for the summer, on a budget. You provide […]
  21. The Young TurqsAqua culture: Turquoise is everywhere, from runway to desktop. So don’t chase those blues away! A user-friendly guide.
  22. The Flop HouseSole searching: Colorful rubber thongs scream chic, affordable summer style. Whether you go for splashy prints or appliqués, we know you’ […]
  23. The Little PrintsString theory: Why pay a fortune for three triangles of nylon? In these colorful suits, you’ll surely make a splash.
  24. Bead PoetryBody glitter: Shine without shelling out: These sun-catchers are all under $400. Make a brilliant choice.
  25. Finer OpticsFlighty fifties cat-eyes, pink-tinted aviators, and Philippe Starck specials – a glasses menagerie awaits you at these eyewear boutiques.
  26. Bare EssentialsPolish your act: That sleek, pampered look doesn’t have to break your budget. This summer, get trimmed, buffed, and tinted in a top salon at bar […]
  27. Slides ShowMules rule: Flippy, bright sandals are an essential part of this summer’s flirty, feminine look – and won’t leave you strapped for cash.
  28. Tuck and CoverLet’s wrap this up: Spiff up your old sofa or freshen up that drab summer share: These slipcovers are a prescription for economic recovery.
  29. Tint RevivalShades of the seventies: Disco-era shapes and cool colors are back. If you know where to look, even the prices are eye-catching.
  30. Locker-Room TalkSpinning passes: High-style-gym perks (peach-infused ice water!) come at prices that’ll make your heart pound – except with the special deal we […]
  31. Shirting the IssueCollar pointers: Ladylike chic doesn’t require a whole new wardrobe. Add one (carefully chosen) shirtdress to your closet, and learn to love sta […]
  32. Sweden LowdownOpening huge: Another giant-size Scandinavian store full of high-design deals? H&M is the Ikea of fashion – and there’s no assembly required.
  33. Initial OfferingName dropping: Wearing this season’s designer monograms doesn’t mean spending ten Gs.
  34. Dig These TrenchesRain-gear games: Don’t let spring showers put a damper on your style. A flurry of affordable trench coats will let you stay dry and look slick.
  35. Site SeeingE-tickets: Skip town on the spur of the moment with a budget plane ticket and hotel room. Here’s how to join the Internet-tional jet set.
  36. Snake CharmersPretty in python: You don’t need magic to conjure up this season’s hottest skin. For under $300, here’s what you might slither into.
  37. Wool and GraceThe house of seven cables: No longer just for libraries and sororities, this year’s cable-knit sweaters – in preppy pastels – are plenty warm […]
  38. Simon SaysWarehouse of style: With creative director Simon Doonan as a guide to the annual sale extravaganza, any shopper can find gems amid Barneys’ rubble.
  39. Castoffs of Thousands“I only wore it once!” When models and fashionistas clear out their closets, high-end consignment shops are happy to put you in their shoes – a […]
  40. Cheaper ThrillsYes, we can hear the naysayers guffawing at the idea of shelling out the equivalent of a mortgage payment for a bauble that could easily be lost […]
  41. All That GlittersGold pairs perfectly with this spring’s glossy styles, so it’s no wonder New York jewelry designers are catching yellow fever.
  42. Give Yourself a LiftMoguls for non-moguls: Not everyone can make it to Gstaad for the weekend. But you can have a cool day on the slopes without a Swiss bank account.
  43. China From JapanNothing fishy here: Madison Avenue’s taken to minimalist Asian tableware, but the originals are a better deal – and they’re not just for sushi […]
  44. Bolts From the BlueMan of the cloth: Anand Jon knows where to find great material – and shares his secret closeout sources that can let anyone be a designer for a day.
  45. Om ImprovementStrike a pose: It’s a tense town, but the city’s top yoga centers can keep the (inner) peace. And we’ve arranged a special deal to stretch your […]
  46. Filthy PleasuresDenim iniquity: Last year’s crisp, dark jeans are fading fast. And just in time: This year, grimy and greasy is all the vogue. Get the real dirt here.
  47. …And a Deal to BootPositively 8th Street: The downtown shoe-seeker’s mecca, formerly on a downscale spiral, turns on its heel – and we pay its shops a booty call.
  48. Clutch PlayersGet a bead on: Bag your old carryall and tote home one of these spangly, dangly lovelies in time for the big bash.
  49. Next Season’s GreetingsMake spring come early: Amid the Christmas blitz, did anyone notice the fall-collections closeouts? A Saks buyer finds keepers on the sale racks.
  50. Stars From the EastYou’ve got mail: Handmade papers and quirky holiday cards from East Asia that won’t get lost in the holiday paper trail.
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