Simon Dumenco

  1. BRAND X: Cheap TrillBRAND: Priceline.comCAMPAIGN: “The Troubadour” AGENCY: Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos (Boston)CREATIVE […]
  2. Brand X: Air SupplyBRAND: Oxygen CAMPAIGN: Great Reasons AGENCY: Mullen CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Edward Boches
  3. Campaign TrailDark-horse dot-coms spent billions to build their brands – but in the battle to create the year’s best advertising, good old-fashioned not-coms […]
  4. BRAND X: Damaged GoodsBrands:, Nike; agencies: BMP/DDB, Wieden & Kennedy
  5. Digital DelectablesEven if you still can’t program your VCR, these sexy newcomers will put you way ahead of the high-tech curve.
  6. Brand X: Calvin RocksBRAND: Calvin Klein CAMPAIGN: cK Calvin Klein Jeans CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Calvin Klein PHOTOGRAPHER: Steven Klein
  7. Y2ClothingBRAND: Prada; CAMPAIGN: men’s fashion; ART DIRECTOR: David James
  8. Brand X: Plug UglyBrand: MTV Agency: Fallon McElligott Creative Director: Jamie Barrett Art Directior: Paul Malmstrom
  9. AvdertisingBRAND: FCUK; AGENCY: GGT; CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Trevor Beattie; PHOTOGRAPHER: Neil Davenport; WRITER: Trevor Beattie
  10. Take ThatBRAND: Adidas; AGENCY: 180; CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Larry Frey; DIRECTOR: Mike Mills
  11. Nothing’s ShockingIt’s called a Cross Trainer, you see, because you can hop, skip, and jump with this CD player strapped into your ass pack and your music won’t h […]
  12. Take NoteYou touch one of these babies, and you’re going to want one, guaranteed. The Sony VAIO 505G notebook inspired a level of tech lust here at the N […]
  13. You Sexy ThingDesign that breaks out of the box.
  14. James Bond, Phone HomeMost of us are not beeper people. Rarely are we summoned to attend to mothers in labor or strung-out club kids looking for a quick fix. I’m no e […]