Stacia Thiel

  1. Viola PlayerThrough May 15, the James Cohan gallery offers a chance to see the video work of Bill Viola as he stages an avant-garde Tristan at […]
  2. Every Picture Tells a StoryThese photographers— one a documentarian, two devoted to staged work—discover narrative in frozen moments.
  3. Works on PapersTwo artists exploit yesterday’s news while a third capitalizes on the discarded notes of others.
  4. Black-Tie ExtravaganzaAlthough Haley and Matt were together for two years before they married, their courtship required a commitment from the very start: Haley, a tel […]
  5. Loft ReceptionThere was never an ‘aha’ moment,” says Ellie, about when she and Mike knew they were meant to be together. “It was more of a realization that we […]
  6. Restaurant Dinner PartyTheirs is a love story unique to New York, a modern-day fairy tale of romance and real estate that began with Richard, a hedge fund manager, hun […]
  7. Waterfront CelebrationWe were going to elope,” Wonda says. “Then our parents got wind that something was up and they begged and pleaded, so we stayed in New York.”
  8. Lakeside SoiréeTechnically, Drew and Andy married in a Massachusetts courthouse in May 2005. But the couple, for whom it was “love at second or third sight,” k […]
  9. Country Affair
  10. Variations on a ThemeA week of single-minded group shows.
  11. Foreign AlternativesThree simultaneous shows mark the U.S. debut of Brussels-based Pierre Bismuth.
  12. Pre-Registry ReconnaissanceYou’re going to live with them forever, so take a weekend to see your future heirlooms in 3-D. We map out the fastest route (and where to brea […]
  13. Receiving AdviceBergdorf Goodman’s Marien Klushin answers your gift-getting questions.
  14. Things to Do After ‘Dinner’Judy Chicago’s The Dinner Party dominates the Brooklyn Museum’s new feminist-art wing (opening March 23)—but there’s far more to see ther […]
  15. I’ve Seen These BeforeEccentric art that comes—in a variety of ways—from ordinary objects.
  16. Let’s Go to the VideotapeThree female artists explore identity in video installations—one as impartial observer, two placing themselves in the spotlight.
  17. Bright Young ThingsTwo galleries transformed by illumination, a third by alliteration.
  18. An Hour in ChelseaWhen it’s windy and icy, it’s best to look for three strong shows within two blocks.
  19. Return of the Power BrokerEight decades after he took power, and a quarter-century after his death, Robert Moses’s work affects every New Yorker every single day. Three e […]
  20. Photo OpsFour photography shows provide fresh looks at vintage material.
  21. The Final CountdownAs 2006 wraps up, so do many of the season’s blockbusters.
  22. Holiday HappeningsWhich museums stay open while you have guests to entertain?
  23. Alternatives to Art Basel MiamiChelsea’s a lot closer, and at least three participating artists have shows in town.
  24. A New Yorker’s View of the World, RevisitedTwo museums and a gallery celebrate the master draftsman and illustrator Saul Steinberg.
  25. An Hour in ChelseaThree photographers show their stuff within a one-block radius.
  26. Putting It TogetherTwo shows by artists known for their work with found objects—and one from an unexpected source.
  27. The Fine PrintMuseums and galleries celebrate New York’s Print Week.
  28. The Artistry of Music MakersBringing his unconventional style to design, Byrne transforms everyday furniture into something surprising (among other things, a file cabinet […]
  29. An Hour in SohoTwo up-and-coming artists and one of-the-moment director.
  30. An Hour in MidtownThe Public Art Fund’s latest high-profile projects are more than worth a lunchtime visit or two.
  31. Insta-Latins in Manhattan�Bienvenidos, gringos! El Museo del Barrio reaches out.
  32. The Penny-Pincher ExpressCheap fresh fish, $30 totes, vintage that’s still affordable; the F train runs right down the middle of Good Deal Alley.
  33. RevolverJohn Lennon was shot 25 years ago with this gun. Unearthing a relic of a violent time.
  34. The Last-Minute Pro-Am Shop-OffA professional and an amateur shopper go head-to-head: Who can find the best presents in under seven hours?
  35. Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Your Kid’s Sex LifeAn expanded version of the 100-teen-vs.-100-parent promiscuity poll.
  36. Everything You Don’t Want to Know About Your Kid’s Sex LifeThe 100-teen-vs.-100-parent promiscuity poll.
  37. Remember the ‘Alamo’?After eight months in rehab in Connecticut, the cube is coming home to Astor Place.
  38. Seven Ways to MakeoverWhat “give me a new look” means, at a selection of cosmetics counters around the city.
  39. Urban RenewalsThree classic luxury brands undergo renovations and expansions.
  40. Let’s Hail . . . a Rickshaw?More primitive than a pedicab. Some say “degrading”; others tip big.
  41. Fashion SchoolKids pick back-to-school outfits—and then their parents take a turn.
  42. The Ways & Means of New York KidsA mini-poll on allowance.
  43. TimeIn the spirit of the New Year: How to measure, save, spend, and fritter away your hours.