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  1. 8 Google Street View GIFs That Show How Much NYC Has Changed Since 2007Time-lapsed glimpses of a changing New York City, from One World Trade Center to Williamsburg.
  2. The Best of Twitter Interrupting Cameron’s Phone Call With ObamaTwitter trolls the two leaders by dialing-in with toothpaste and baby wipes.
  3. the way we tweet
    The 2013 Twitter Glossary: Tabs, Hatereads, Doge, and MoreRemembering why we tweeted the way we did in 2013.
  4. The 20 Best Tweets From the Burlington Coat Factory Weird Twitter AccountThe tweets from @BurlCoatFactory are insane or genius, or both.
  5. Read President Obama’s Speech on SyriaThe president’s remarks on the situation in Syria, from the White House.
  6. Business Insider CTO Forced to Resign Following Twitter Firestorm [Updated]Tech bro bites the dust after a string of tweets bashing feminism and women in tech.
  7. The Origins of DerpDerp goes mainstream.
  8. old economy steve
    Meet the Real-Life ‘Old Economy Steve’The man in the popular photo meme is a 48-year-old graphic designer.
  9. the internet
    Fired Social Media Editor Gets Another Social Media Editor FiredEx-Reuters employee Matthew Keys got one of his friends fired today.
  10. 82 Things That Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Tweeted AboutFrom Nutella and Breaking Bad to death and Islam. 
  11. mysteries
    Would Anne Frank Have Been a Belieber? An InvestigationWe weigh the evidence.
  12. the internet
    Indictment Probably Wasn’t a Surprise for Reuters Social Media Editor The FBI searched his home in October.
  13. the internet
    Reuters Social Media Editor Charged With Aiding Anonymous Hack [Updated]Twitter machine Matthew Keys has gone silent.
  14. the internet
    Marty Rudolf, Twitter’s Cult Sensation, Speaks Out for the First TimeMaybe you know him as @Marty2634?
  15. paulitics
    Every Book and Article Mentioned During Rand Paul’s FilibusterAll the pieces that got a shout-out during Rand Paul’s filibuster.
  16. By the Way, It’s Really Called ‘the Sequestration’“Sequester” is more of a verb.
  17. Twitter Names Tim Geithner’s New Book“50 Shades of Pay.”
  18. the final frontier
    McCain Compares Ahmadinejad to Iranian Space Monkey; Twitter Unamused“[L]ighten up folks, can’t everyone take a joke?”
  19. photo op
    Photos: Water Main Bursts, Flooding Flatiron District [Updated]The 23rd Street station is evacuated as water pours in.
  20. overreactions
    Conservatives on Twitter Impeach ObamaA predictable reaction from Twitter’s darker corners.
  21. blog-stained wretches
    The Atlantic Pulls Sponsored Scientology StoryThe ad has since been pulled.
  22. terrorists of the skies
    Eagle Snatches Baby … in 1901Evidence that eagles are still awful baby-hunters.
  23. How Twitter Responded to the Newtown MassacreA familiar reaction in the face of tragedy.
  24. Twitter Parody Accounts: Where Are They Now?Remember @BronxZoosCobra?
  25. Newsweek’s #MuslimRage BackfiresTwitter mocks latest ‘Newsweek’ cover on “Muslim rage.”
  26. frank rich
    Frank Rich Takes Your Questions Tomorrow on RedditGet those upvotes ready.