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  1. pfw fall 2021
    A Collection in Three MovementsHermès Tryptic, simultaneous performances in France, Shanghai and New York, show off the designs of Autumn 2021.
  2. style
    No Sleep Till SidetalkTwo NYU students host the city’s best 60-second talk show.
  3. new yawk style
    Thank You, Dr. ZizmorThe newest fashion trend in New York is — unironically, hyper-specifically — New York itself.
  4. afterimages
    Those Guillotines Are Awfully Close to Your NeckA punk niche for this violent moment.
  5. afterimages
    Our Shared UnsharingInstagram couldn’t handle 2020 either.
  6. zdi
    Jerking Off Midday Is … Work-Life Balance?Only for some people.
  7. who were the 2010s?
    Instagram’s Co-Founder on Creating the World’s FilterKevin Systrom talks truth, scale, and influencers.
  8. editor’s letter
    Running the Blind Marathon of AdulthoodSmall interventions to cope with change.
  9. big wins
    Skateboarders Saved a Part of NY CultureThirty-two thousand people who love skateboarding mobilized around a sacred stretch of asphalt on the Northwest corner of Tompkins Square Park.
  10. how i get it done
    Hearst Chief Content Officer Kate Lewis Recommends Throwing Out Your To-Do List“I figure everything I can remember is what I really have to do, and everything else is kind of bullshit.”
  11. travel
    Hermès Induces a Waking DreamTwenty-four surreal hours in the land of perpetual daylight.
  12. work
    How I Get It Done: Amy Sherald on Life After Painting Michelle Obama“The one thing I’ve had to do is just let go of my Virgo-ness.”
  13. editor’s letter
    The Half-life of AmbitionFor some of us, the urge to accomplish things never quite dies.
  14. editor’s letter
    Less This, More That in 2019A new style of making changes in a new year.
  15. editor’s letter
    The Devastating Illusion of ControlThoughts for the end of 2018.
  16. shopping
    A Woman Falls in Love With a Celine BagAn erotic play in one act.
  17. work
    How I Get It Done: Robin RobertsThe Good Morning America host on practicing optimism, being a better boss, and what she would tell her younger self.
  18. editor’s letter
    This Terrible, Queasy FeelingDrifting away from the kind of engagement that demands instant approval or disapproval.
  19. editor’s letter
    Summer Is Not EternalTime to buck up for fall.
  20. hard conversations
    Trying to Process the Asia Argento Situation A conversation, a debate, a lament.
  21. summer blooms
    How to Give a Flower Arrangement a Second LifeFreakebana 101.
  22. editor’s letter
    It’s Time to Find Your Summer SongAugust is a dream, without the isolation of sleep.
  23. interview
    Marisa Tomei Knows What She’s WorthA frank conversation on money, beauty, and sticking with work you love.
  24. editor’s letter
    July, Ride OnSome thoughts while biking in New York and remembering people we’ve lost.
  25. tributes
    Remembering the Magic of Kate SpadeWorking in her store felt like being invited into a dreamed-up world.
  26. editor’s letter
    ‘Skinny Privilege’ and Who Deserves FashionThoughts about something I’ve never fully articulated.
  27. now open
    Hermès Brings Some Needed French Chic to Silicon Valley“I’ve never seen so many stylish people in one place in this town.”
  28. friends in high places
    Who Is Anna Wintour Asking Us to Forgive in Her Editor’s Letter?This is deeper than it seems.
  29. editor’s letter
    Motherhood and the Great River of VomitThis month on the Cut we celebrate motherhood, and all the physical degradations that come with bearing children.
  30. what is happening
    I Think I Might Want a Bolo Tie?A new fashion taboo.
  31. editor’s letter
    I Keep Wondering When I Will Become InvisibleThis month on the Cut, we’re talking about beauty a lot.
  32. The Best of New York Health & Self 2018Pregnant workouts, a keratin alternative, and a tell-it-like-it-is astrologer.
  33. how to raise a boy
    I Love Conversations With My Son, Even If He Doesn’t Really Hear MeI live in dread of what one of my colleagues once described to me as the “silent years,” when boys descend into an impenetrable muteness.
  34. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter March 2018: Beautiful StrangersAnd one very beautiful dress.
  35. style
    Fashion Images Often Come at a Human CostGlamour is predicated on transgression.
  36. editor’s letter
    I’m Certain That Certainty Is the EnemyWhat if everybody could just admit that they are probably wrong a lot of the time?
  37. get a hobby
    12 Chic, Basic Tools for the Beginner CookThink about it like building a capsule wardrobe, but for your kitchen.
  38. the reckoning
    Everyone Loses When We Widen the Feminist Generation GapDaphne Merkin’s perspective is not a way forward.
  39. editor’s letter
    How to Win at New Year’s ResolutionsSome advice for 2018.
  40. goals
    This Photo of Phoebe Philo Is My Platonic Ideal of ChicThis image dominated the style of my 30s, a decade when a woman typically begins to define what she will look like as an adult.
  41. editor’s letter
    This December, Burn the RecipesAnd drink all the wine before the guests arrive.
  42. it’s a thing
    Freakebana: The New, Ugly-Cool Style of Arranging FlowersIt’s pronounced “freak-eh-ba-na.”
  43. reckonings
    Being on the Right Side of History in 1998 SuckedDefending Monica Lewinsky did not make me any friends.
  44. editor’s letter
    This November I Want. I Want. I Want.“This is some renegade ’70s-era feminist shit going on — I’ve never lived through anything like it.”
  45. Alt-Right Blogger Posts Names From ‘Shitty Men in Media’ ListMike Cernovich, a man charged with rape himself, has begun outing men from the once-secret list.
  46. editor’s letter
    Editor’s Letter October 2017: Fighting Cynicism As a Daily PracticePlus, what’s going on this month on the Cut.
  47. always shopping
    We’re in Milan for Fashion Week and All We Want to Do Is ShopThe Italians are making us literally crazy.
  48. editor’s letter
    The Cut Has a New DesignThe old one has been … eclipsed.
  49. editor’s letter
    Here’s a Secret: August Is One of the Best Months in New York CityAnd it’s going to be even better over at the Cut.
  50. treat yourself
    This Nontoxic Hair-Straightening Process Is Saving Me From Summer FrizzNo more blow-dryers on 90-degree days.
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