Stephanie Emma Pfeffer

  1. Beyond PinterestSeven apps for registering, tackling seating charts, and color-coordinating your bouquet with the bridesmaids’ dresses.
  2. Running-Store SmackdownA half-marathoner goes undercover to size up the offerings at five local shops.
  3. Catch Them If You CanWho doesn’t love watching the New York marathon? With more than 47,000 entrants, though, good luck keeping track of all those sweaty bodies. Her […]
  4. A Launderer’s Best FriendsSmart accessories for a tedious task.
  5. Do Dry This at HomeAt-home dry cleaning is cheaper than taking your delicates to a professional—but does it work?
  6. If It Were Me Shopping …Fifty-one store proprietors on the new merch they’re most excited to carry.
  7. Soho Becomes the Upper East Side … And Madison Becomes MercerIt’s an uptown-downtown turnaround.
  8. Not a Shot Glass in SightGrown-up gifts for grown-up groomsmen.
  9. Enough With the Wine and CheeseCocktail hour is a time to experiment.