Stephanie Vallejo

  1. school daze
    Cathie Black Was the Exact Right Person for Schools Chancellor, Except for When She Wasn’tBloomberg went to Harlem educator Geoffrey Canada first.
  2. awful things
    Police Question Boyfriend in Soho House DeathNicholas Brooks hasn’t yet requested the presence of a lawyer.
  3. first responders
    GOP Filibuster Defeats 9/11 Responders Bill in the Senate“A tragic example of partisan politics trumping patriotism.”
  4. school daze
    Columbia Professor Charged with IncestPolitical Science Professor David Epstein is now on administrative leave.
  5. the industry
    Latest Star-Filled Holiday Rom-Com Adds More StarsNew Line is in negotiations with Sofia Vergara and Jessica Biel for ‘New Year’s Day.’
  6. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Denies Presidential Run, Gives Most Obvious Stump Speech Ever (Updated)“When did success become a bad word in America?”
  7. politics
    House Passes DREAM ActAnd the Senate may shoot it down.
  8. the industry
    Los Angeles Film School May Not Get You That Hollywood Job You Always WantedYou may want to hold off on that application.
  9. politics
    Spending Bill Means Congress Gets to Keep the Lights on in the CapitolHouse passes bill to give the government $1.1 trillion to run on for the rest of the fiscal year.
  10. the industry
    Keanu Reeves Samurai Epic: Now in 3-D!Ridley Scott protégé Carl Erik Rinsch will direct.
  11. feuds
    Now Tell Us What You Really Think of Her, Aaron SorkinAaron Sorkin is angry about ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska.’
  12. the industry
    Alan Cumming Joins James Franco in MaladiesThis is the project that gave us Franco as “Franco” on ‘GH.’
  13. wikileaks
    U.S. May Have to Beg Sweden for a Piece of Julian AssangeIf Assange is sent there, he could avoid extradition to the U.S.
  14. the industry
    Shia LaBeouf and Tom Hardy to Play Bootleggers in Prohibition-Era DramaNick Cave wrote the screenplay.
  15. barack obama
    Now Let’s Speculate About a Primary Challenger for Obama in 2012Progressive Democrats are grumbling.
  16. sam zell
    Tribune Lenders Expected to File Lawsuit Against Sam Zell by MidnightThe suit will allege that Zell’s leveraged buyout made the company go broke.
  17. kudos
    Carrie Underwood Wins More Country Music Awards at Another Country Music Awards ShowUnderwood takes top honors at Fox’s new American Country Awards.
  18. the industry
    Starz Picks Up Sixties-Era Drama Magic CityBecause we all know ‘Mad Men’ will end someday, and then what will we watch?
  19. citigroup
    U.S. Treasury Will Sell Remaining Citigroup SharesCiti doesn’t need us anymore.
  20. wesley snipes
    Wesley Snipes Won’t Be Home for ChristmasHe begins his three-year jail sentence for tax evasion Thursday.
  21. death and taxes
    Congress May Finally Be Getting Somewhere on Tax CutsRepublicans could get their way and extend the cuts for all income levels.
  22. wikileaks
    Julian Assange Warns He Might Have to WikiLeak AgainThe international man of mystery has “insurance” files he’ll release if he’s detained.
  23. aol
    AOL Considers Plan to Break Up Operations and Seek Merger With YahooAOL may break up operations to get in shape for a Yahoo union.
  24. dane cook
    Dane Cook’s Former Manager Must Pay Him $12 Million
  25. cosmopolitan
    Cosmo Launches Another International Edition, Lives Up to Technical Definition of Its Name’Cosmo’ goes to Mongolia.
  26. rangeling
    Being Publicly Censured Means Never Having to Act Like You’re SorryCharlie Rangel hits the Kennedy Center Honors red carpet in D.C.
  27. party chat
    Marlon Wayans Believes Leno Is Actually an Edgy ‘Jay Pryor’Conan may disagree.
  28. kumar goes to washington
    Kal Penn Definitely Maybe Getting Back to Politics After Harold and Kumar 3After he finishes ‘Harold and Kumar 3,’ the actor says he’s done with movies for a few years.