Stephanie Zacharek

  1. The Devil’s DiscipleLinda Lavin and Sarah Paulson tear up the stage, All About Eve style, in Collected Stories.
  2. Retro Without IronyA revived Promises, Promises skips the kitsch and tries for actual sophistication.
  3. Sounds Like a Million BucksThe first blush of rock music, reimagined for Broadway.
  4. The Dude on the $20 BillThe Public’s new alt-rock musical about Andrew Jackson mistakes a hipster-slacker viewpoint for actual, thoughtful irreverence.
  5. What Do You See?A theater critic and an art critic debate a play about Mark Rothko.
  6. A Swingin’ AffairCome Fly Away, Twyla Tharp’s Sinatra dance musical, waltzes right up to the edge of being Vegas schlock. But the supreme dancers, along […]
  7. What’s It All About?Michael Feinstein didn’t stand a chance against Dame Edna. Stephen Sondheim doesn’t do so well, either.
  8. Smaller Than LifeLooped gets glib laughs and kitsch value from Tallulah Bankhead’s outsize life, and not much more.
  9. The Believer and the ApostateOne member of Next Fall’s central same-sex couple is also a heavy-duty Christian. Can this marriage be saved?
  10. WaterloggedWhen the Rain Stops Falling is like getting caught in a spring shower: It’s refreshing at first, but you end up soggy and dispirited.
  11. The Battle After the WarTime Stands Still offers four nuanced approaches to life once the gunfire stops.
  12. Saving Arthur Miller From HimselfA powerful cast animates his wooden Bridge.
  13. best of 2009
    The Best Theater of 2009Broadway rose from the grave once again as producers hunted for provocation and originality alongside the star turns and tourist smashes.
  14. Winter in New OrleansLiv Ullmann brings a northern severity to A Streetcar Named Desire.
  15. The Story of Oh!In the Next Room or the vibrator play is pure pleasure. Plus: The strains of Ragtime.
  16. The BafflerWillem Dafoe returns to the stage in Idiot Savant—and it’s a blast. (So what if it doesn’t make sense?)
  17. CharmedThe first-ever Broadway revival of Finian’s Rainbow is one hot plate of crazy. In a good way.
  18. Everyone’s a ComedianThe revival of Brighton Beach Memoirs tries to transcend its tummler underpinnings.
  19. Femme Very FataleSienna Miller and Jonny Lee Miller heat up the icy After Miss Julie. Plus: The Memphis blues.
  20. Ladies’ NightsIn Oleanna, Julia Stiles transcends David Mamet’s agitprop script; in The Royal Family, Rosemary Harris is just transcendent. […]
  21. Drama RushThe season’s October boomlet, from Hamlet to Princess Leia.
  22. Scott Brown & Stephanie Zacharek’s Want-to-SeesWhat our critics are most eager for this fall.
  23. Waiting for SiennaSome movie stars hint at the potential for onstage greatness. Is Sienna Miller one of them?
  24. CoralineIn Neil Gaiman’s delightfully sinister little novella ‘Coraline,’ a young girl discovers a secret passageway in her house.
  25. The Singing ForestUntil you’ve seen ‘The Singing Forest,’ you can’t believe anyone would be nuts enough to write an epic farce about the lingering scars of the Ho […]
  26. Six Plays in Search of a TonyReviews of late-season awards bait.
  27. Broadway’s Back at the PalaceMining a classic like Mary Stuart for contemporary relevance isn’t as easy as it looks.
  28. Girls, Girls, GirlsLabute’s Reasons to Be Pretty isn’t much to look at; Rock of Ages is in on its own joke, which ruins all the fun.
  29. Hero and KingIrena’s Vow and Exit the King can be insufferable (the plays), sometimes riveting (the performances), and both improve with humor.
  30. The A-TeamActors trump material in the theatrical smackdown God of Carnage and the more muted Impressionism.
  31. Come Again?Revivals of West Side Story and Blithe Spirit work, more or less—more thanks to two performances.
  32. 33 VariationsJane Fonda (accompanied by Beethoven) is not to be missed.
  33. The Waiting GameMercedes Ruehl is a brilliantly monolithic matriarch in The American Plan. Plus, Hedda Gabler.
  34. Emerald GuileThe Cripple of Inishmaan is light of heart—for a pitch-black Martin McDonagh drama.
  35. Clash of the Steel MagnoliasIn Dividing the Estate, Horton Foote takes the southern family drama out for one more spin.
  36. Dirty Rotten ScoundrelsRaúl Esparza steals the show in Speed-the-Plow. Plus: John Patrick Shanley’s musical.
  37. The NaturalA homespun Katie Holmes is the best thing about this bombastic All My Sons revival.
  38. AssassinsThis season’s oddest cultural convergence? A play, two movies, and a novel about killing the president.
  39. The Most Effective Ad So FarBush/Cheney, “21st Century”
  40. Tragic HeroineAmidst the crush, she was alone.