Stephen Rodrick

  1. little league world series
    The Baseball Blums of Toms RiverToms River is back in the Little League World Series, and the Blums are a big reason why.
  2. lebron watch
    Is LeBron Slipping Away From the Knicks?Two stories over the weekend suggest that the Knicks are preparing for Plan B.
  3. mets
    He’s Keith Hernandez!Keith Hernandez and ‘Village Voice’ political columnist Wayne Barrett, FIGHTING.
  4. 168 Minutes With CommonHustling Madison Square Garden—and everywhere else—with the rapper, actor, and boyfriend of Serena Williams.
  5. 38. Because Jets Coach Rex Ryan Is Endlessly Entertaining (Even When His Team Isn’t)Rex Ryan cried after the Jets beat the Texans. Fans found this endearing. He bawled after the Jets lost to the Jaguars. Fans found this scary. B […]
  6. lawrence frank
    Lawrence Frank, Swamped No MoreWell wishes for the ex-Nets coach.
  7. last night’s gig
    Secret Show Finds Julian Casablancas Possibly Adrift, Probably Happy Out in L.A.You couldn’t help but think Casablancas was entering the Evan Dando/Alex Chilton stage, where unrealized stardom slides into a “now what?” twilight zone.
  8. 183 Minutes With Heidi Rodewald and StewThey were a couple when they wrote Passing Strange, but split up before it got to Broadway. Now they’ve got a new show … about breaking up.
  9. 127 Minutes With Lou DobbsSuddenly more famous than ever for leaving CNN, the longtime anchor is free at last to crusade for his country (President Dobbs?!?!) and peddle […]
  10. Tea-Vee TimeJohn Stossel, Libertarian newsman, is often anxious.
  11. second-tier football
    Ryan Hoag: Hero, Icon, Virgin.The latest fly-by-night pro sports league comes to New York tonight.
  12. HardballThe grown-up pressures of a little-boy’s game.
  13. The Reintroduction of Kirsten GillibrandAfter a shaky first hundred days, the junior senator from New York is trying to start over.
  14. news reel
    As the Sun Sets on Battlestar Galactica, the Cast Heads to the U.N. to ReminisceIf every generation gets the TV show it deserves, then shows like Battlestar Galactica capture the ethical bankruptcy needed to wage a war on an undefinable enemy.
  15. God & Worshipper: A Rock-and-Roll Love Story, of SortsThe complex bond between the Mountain Goats’ John Darnielle and his sensitive fans.
  16. last night’s gig
    Lindsey Buckingham Tears Up, Plays Guitar With One HandWearing a tight, black leather jacket last night at the Nokia, he resembled a louche Roman oracle.
  17. last night’s gig
    Randy Newman Indulges Spanish Inquisition Fantasy at Carnegie HallNewman slouched at his Steinway and sang about American hypocrisy with more sharpness and poignancy than the combined works of Thomas Frank and Maureen Dowd.
  18. the early word
    So, How Is Elvis Costello’s Variety Show?Not so great!
  19. Spartan Warriors in the YouTube Age. Or, The Legend of Legend, Spider, and Science.In Union Square, a gang of enterprising, mostly homeless youths are pummeling each other for your amusement, a few bucks, and hopes of immortality.
  20. Armed, Yes, But Dangerous?The Mets scored the best pitcher in baseball, but their fortunes this season might rest not on Johan Santana but on Pedro, Oliver, John, and E […]
  21. Dead Man’s FloatThe hedge-funder Seth Tobias was found dead in his pool. His hard-partying wife has been accused of his murder by her Internet psychic, who also […]
  22. The ActorFred Thompson bills himself as a true southern conservative and a plain-ol’-folks regular guy. But is he just playing a part?
  23. Limbaugh for LeftiesKeith Olbermann fumbled his way through sportscasting and talk-show gigs with varying degrees of success. Now he’s found his niche as a truth-te […]
  24. Rudy TuesdayIt’s a long way from 9/11/01 to 11/04/08. New Yorkers may be surprised by how far Rudy Giuliani has come already. But that’s only because we know him.
  25. Because Our Five-Foot-Eight Point Guard Can Block Your Seven-Foot-Six Center’s ShotFortunately, the Knicks have a lovable midget of a sideshow in Nate Robinson. Just seeing Robinson on the court, a David among a gaggle of Golia […]
  26. Because No One, No Matter How Rich, Talented, and Beautiful, Can Win Our Love Until They Earn ItWe can delight in other people’s pleasure as much as we can revel in their pain. Let’s say A-Rod has a monster season next year. Let’s say he hi […]
  27. Three… Two… One...Isiah Thomas has one last shot.
  28. Who Owns New York?Subway Series: The rematch.
  29. Tom QuixoteIs Suozzi’s campaign against Spitzer a profile in courage or self-destruction?
  30. And an Idiot Shall Lead ThemJohnny Damon may or may not deliver the Yankees to the promised land, but he’s their most likable savior in years.
  31. Running WeldThe quixotic candidacy of the partying patrician who wants to be governor, again.
  32. Average JoeNew York is suddenly brimming with Dunkin’ Donuts stores. And with a Starbucks on every corner, a coffee class war is brewing.
  33. Surf’s UpEx-goofball act Nada Surf has a tight, eloquent new album and an O.C. moment.
  34. Gary Sheffield is the Yankees’ MVP.Just ask him.
  35. Cheerio!Mike Burns lived and breathed Saatchi’s Cheerios account for twenty years. But when Kevin Roberts, Saatchi’s smooth-talking, sloganeering, black […]
  36. The Coney Island KidSebastian Telfair’s cuddly image and his basketball pedigree have won him a place in the NBA and a multi-million-dollar Adidas contract. B […]